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Don’t Settle For A Man Who’s Already Left You Once

Don’t Settle For A Man Who’s Already Left You Once

Please, don’t fall into that trap once again. Please, don’t be so naive.

You think that things are going to be different, you think he has changed for the better, but deep down you know that’s not true.

What’s happening to you now is you’re lonely. You miss him and you feel rejected, so your heart longs to go back to something familiar and safe.

You want to go back to the phase of your relationship when you were comfortable and happy.

You forgot about the humiliation, about always coming second. You forgot about all the bad things that happened.

You only remember the good times and… you miss them. You suppressed the real reason why the two of you didn’t work out.

Don’t go back to the person who ripped your heart out and stomped on it. Don’t go back to the person who treated you like a doormat.

Don’t once again let yourself feel less worthy, devastated, and betrayed.

Do you remember how long it took you to bounce back? How long was it until you started to feel like your old self again?

I know you don’t want to go there again, but for the sake of preventing yourself from making a terrible mistake, take a trip down memory lane and remember all the things you went through.

Remember how he broke your heart. Remember the tears you shed and the pain in your chest that came rushing in every time you thought of him.

You need to remind yourself of every detail you forced yourself to forget.

You need to stop yourself from going back to the person who hurt you. He did it once, he’ll do it again.

Forget about all the promises he made; they don’t mean squat.

Don’t you think you deserve a man who will at least go through with something he said? Don’t you think you deserve that much?

You are so much more than he convinced you to be. Your bar should be set so much higher than him.

I can’t believe I’m saying this once again, but I have to because it’s true – don’t go back to him, he doesn’t deserve you.

You know he’ll come running back to you for the same reason you miss him, if he hasn’t come already.

He got scared, he’s lonely, and he wants to get back to the last things known to him. He wants to get back to the safer version of life with you in it.

He’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to hear.

He’ll do everything you asked him to do so many times in the past but never did. He’ll show a face you always wanted him to wear.

Don’t believe those fairytales. Don’t believe his lies. Don’t go back.

He has already left you, he has no right to expose you to the risk of getting hurt again.

He had a chance to love you and he blew it. He can’t have another one. You mustn’t give it to him.

Life goes on and out of everything you went through with him, do you really think he is the person who was meant to love you?

Do you really think he is going to be there for better or for worse, in everything life throws at you?

Run away from him, darling. Run away and never look back. Open the doors for the new love coming into your life.

Welcome the new with an open heart and a hope of true love. Don’t let your last relationship make you close inside and never let anyone in.

Don’t let him destroy your chance of happiness. He is not worth it!

You deserve the world. I don’t know you, but if you’re reading this and if you recognize yourself, then you do: you do deserve every single thing I wrote.

This text is not about one person. This text is not about one single broken heart.

It’s about all of us who had that episode in our lives we’re trying to forget.

It’s about us who failed to recover from a broken heart, we who have a hard time letting go and moving on.

It’s for all of us who are on the verge of making a terrible mistake. For us who want to go back, knowing we shouldn’t.  

Please don’t! This too shall pass. It’s just a crisis that you can go through. It’s just another battle fought to win the whole war.

Don’t go back to lies and fake promises. Don’t go back to insecurity and thinking you’re not good enough.

You are good enough. You just have to be patient for the right man to come along.

The right man will see how special you are. He will trust and respect you. He will never doubt you.

And you know what? He’ll never hurt you.

But, I think you already know this.

Don't Settle For A Man Who's Already Left You Once