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8 Powerful Traits That Define A Badass Woman

8 Powerful Traits That Define A Badass Woman

What does it mean to be a badass woman anyway?

Well, most men would say that this type of a woman is most appealing to them because she is independent.

Strong and her own boss. She doesn’t wait for happiness to come to her door but she goes and finds it.

She does whatever makes her happy and she is not afraid to fight for the things she likes. Once she enters the room, all the looks will be at her.

Many women will find her a born leader and they will want to be just like her.

If you are not still sure if you are a badass woman, here are some traits that define one. Do you have any of them?

She runs her life

She is the creator of her own destiny and she never lets herself be down because of something that others do.

She knows that there will be a time when people will disappoint her and that’s why she doesn’t get attached so easily.

She thinks that she is the only person that can make herself happy and that’s why she doesn’t listen to what people have to say.

She makes her own plans, sticks to them and never listens to others. That is what makes her so badass and strong.

When she gets down, she finds a way to get up

She is a born fighter and she will never let anything destroy her. She is aware of the fact that life brings surprises and that some of them can be pretty bad but that doesn’t make her feel down.

Instead, it just gets her going and makes her fight harder for the things she likes.

With a woman like this, life will never be boring and when you think you can’t go forward anymore, she will be there to convince you of the opposite.

She doesn’t waste her time on negative people

If she doesn’t like you, she will be totally open about that. She won’t pretend that she likes you just for the peace.

She will say what bothers her about you and if she doesn’t like you enough, she won’t have any contact with you.

She learned this life lesson the tough way and she knows that some people and things are just not that worthy. That’s why she decides to let them go.

She takes risks

She is aware of the fact that any kind of success won’t just land in her lap. She knows that she needs to go an extra mile to reach her goals but she is not afraid to do that.

Even if she needs to step out of her comfort zone to reach some goals, she will do it. In that way, she will learn how to behave in different life positions and that kind of experience will make her stronger than she already is.

She doesn’t understand why guys are so intimidated by her

Maybe the fact that she behaves like her own boss is what intimidates most men around her. She has her own rules and she doesn’t take care about what people think about her.

Being completely satisfied in her own skin is the thing she wants the most.

When a guy sees a strong girl like her, he gets a little bit cowardly to approach her because he knows that she is not an easy catch.

Caffeine is her best friend

And when I say her best friend, I really mean that. A woman like this is constantly in a time deficit, so she needs lots of coffee to function properly.

When she has tight deadlines or just a bad day at work, she will drink a lot of coffee just so she can think straight and focus on her problems. 

And yes, she likes any kind of coffee, so no matter which one you bring her, you won’t make a mistake.

She can’t stand when people pretend they are someone else

You know that there are some people who pretend that they have amazing lives in public but in reality, they have shitty lives with shitty partners and shitty jobs.

The most irritating thing is when she knows everything about their lives, but they act like everything is perfect and they try to find problems in her life. That can really piss her off and she can go wild.

Just be honest no matter how bad your life is, and a woman like this will know to cherish it.

She knows that she is the whole package

A woman like this thinks that she is an investment and that her qualities are really good ones.

She can be smart and witty and get out of hopeless situations in an easy way.

She never stops learning and reaching her goals and that is what makes her extremely proud of herself.

She doesn’t need a man to complete her but someone who will accept her completely.

In the end, that is what we all seek, right? But only she has the guts to ask for that.