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8 Reasons Why Men Leave The Women They Love

8 Reasons Why Men Leave The Women They Love

They tell us they love us. They keep talking about our future and the moment we believe them… they leave.

Men leave us heartbroken and scarred for the rest of our life and confuse us with the way they treat us and they still decide to leave.

We all know that emotional attachment in the eyes of a man is something difficult but does it really have to be this difficult?

Well, let’s finally resolve this issue and learn why men leave the women they love.

He feels threatened

serious man looking at distance

This happens mostly when you’re more successful than he is.

When you have a job, a career that you’re proud of and he simply can’t keep up with you, he will feel threatened and leave no matter how much he loves you.

This also happens when he feels like you’re outgrowing him, when you’re becoming better than him in any possible way.

Men get intimidated by women’s success even if they don’t want to admit it.

You’re nagging all the time

woman bothering annoyed man

Women go for what they want and they don’t know when it’s enough. Let’s be honest, we do get a little crazy from time to time.

We are mostly right but wanting to control him simply doesn’t work in a relationship.

He might love you with all of his heart but if you’re clingy, if you’re nagging constantly and if you’re needy and don’t allow him any space, no matter how much he loves you, he’ll leave.

Bad sex or no sex at all

angry man looking at woman sleeping

You’ve guessed it. It’s sad but true: men love sex!

But be sure that he’ll leave you and then go have sex with another woman, rather than cheat on you just for some one-night pleasure.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to have sex with him or not, or if you want to improve the act, but it’s just very important for you to know how amazingly satisfying sex is to men and that they crave it like air.


bored couple at cafe

Most commonly, believe it or not, the reason why men leave the women they love is boredom.

Men want action, they want things to be different and full of new things.

When they get stuck in a circle of constantly doing the same things, they get bored and they crave something new that will help them get out of a rut.


worried man looking at distance

Men love to be independent and the moment a man realizes that he has found himself in a codependent relationship, he will tend to walk away slowly.

Even if it hurts him, the thought of depending on someone scares him.

Codependency brings with it a lot of other problems, like stopping spending time with friends and family or simply the lack of time for themself.

If a relationship is about giving up other parts of your life, guys simply aren’t up for that.

You’re trying to change him

angry woman talking to man

He might just not feel like himself again. I mean, we all change once we get into a relationship but to men, losing themself is like losing their pride.

His friends might start to tease him that he has turned into a ‘pussy’ or that he isn’t who he was before because he is now spending too much time with his girlfriend.

Also, if he starts noticing that he’s watched chick flicks with you for five nights in a row, you have a problem.


couple arguing in the living room

Why would he want to be with a woman who constantly compares him with her ex?

You see, the problem might not even be with you.

He might compare himself to your ex without you ever mentioning it.

His mind simply won’t let him have a moment of peace and he continues to think that he’s not suited to you, because your ex was way better than him.

Lack of appreciation

angry woman refuses to talk with man

If a man loves a woman to the point where he is willing to do anything for her, be sure that he doesn’t do it just for fun.

He wants to be appreciated. Just like there’s no woman out there who wants to be taken for granted, it’s the same with men.

8 Reasons Why Men Leave The Women They Love