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8 Signs Your Man Is Loyal

8 Signs Your Man Is Loyal

Loyalty is something we all value and appreciate in our partner and in ourselves.

But being loyal is much more than not sleeping around, so here are some of the signs that your man is truly loyal.

1. He’s not selfish

Cheating is the worst kind of being selfish, so if your man decides to leave you at the last moment or ditches you when you need him the most, maybe he’s not worth it after all.

If he respects your needs, if he’s there for you and gives himself completely into the relationship, he is a keeper.

2. He never tries to hit on other women

He respects you and he has eyes only for you. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone’s boyfriend hitting on random girls in bars or on his girlfriend’s friends.

A real man knows that and he makes sure that you know you’re his choice, not just an option.

3. He never competes with the people he loves

If he competes with you, tries to one-up you no matter what you accomplish, he only truly cares about himself.

He has this need to boost his ego, and who knows how long it will take for him to boost it with some other woman.

4. He checks on you

He makes sure you’re okay, he makes sure you feel loved and safe. If you’re sick he’s there with warm soup, if you’re sad he gives you his shoulder to cry on.

He makes sure you know you’re the only one for him by being by your side through rough days.

5. He stands up for your relationship

A loyal man never talks crap about his loved ones. Even if you guys have a fight, he knows the difference between talking crap and seeking advice.

And even if it’s all fun and games, he cuts all the crap talk about you or your relationship, simply because he respects it too much.

6. He’s constantly working on building the trust between you two

He’s not the type who will leave you on ‘read’; he never forgets to text back or let you know where he is.

He knows that trust is a vital part of a relationship and he makes sure yours keep growing and evolving alongside his.

7. He shows up

He shows up even for the smallest things. He makes you morning coffee, so you can sleep for an extra five minutes.

He buys you your favorite chocolate after a rough day, and he makes you dinner so you don’t have to.

He listens to you when you need him and shows up not because you ask him, but because he loves to show up for you.

8. He genuinely cares about you

He cares about you not because he can get something from you; he truly cares about you because it makes him happy to see you smile.

It makes him happy to be there for you, to be your biggest support and love.

He loves you as you are, because you are perfect for him. He’s done with checking out other women because he’s found his ‘one’.