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8 Signs You Are Jumping Into A New Relationship Too Soon

8 Signs You Are Jumping Into A New Relationship Too Soon

When you end a love relationship, you feel like you will never love or be loved again. But that is just a feeling that comes and goes, as at that moment everything looks so bad to you.

You see no purpose in anything and you would rather crawl into a hole and stay there your whole life. Then when you recover from the shock, you convince yourself that you are okay and that you are ready to meet someone new and start a new relationship.

But that is the worst thing that you can do because neither you nor your rebound partner will be happy. If you don’t know what the signs of jumping into a new relationship too fast are, read further and find out more about them.

Maybe you are even doing some of them now and you are unaware of it.

 You say you love them on the first date

When you tell someone that you love them on the first date, it is a sign that you are rushing into a relationship with them.

That is a bad idea because you haven’t healed from your last relationship and you haven’t had enough time to get to know them yet.

You tell them your darkest secrets immediately

When you start a new relationship soon after finishing the previous one, you immediately share all that you have with your new partner, thinking that he is the one.

You totally open up about everything to them and you think that they will never take advantage of you. But that is wrong because you can’t get to know one person in such a short period of time so it is better to wait for someone who will actually give a damn about you.

You spend all your free time with them

If you catch yourself spending all your free time with your new partner and in that way neglect your friends, it might be a sign that you are rushing into a new relationship.

Maybe you should think about the person you are giving yourself to and consider spending more time with the people who were a part of your life before you met your partner.

You tell everyone that you found the love of your life

If you go around telling everyone that the new man in your life is your soulmate, even though you have only known him for a week, it is a sign that you are getting attached too fast and that you should pump your brakes.

That kind of behavior can just hurt you because you don’t see things in the right way. You are actually still in love with your ex and you are just filling the void after him with a new man.

You ask them to move in with you

The last thing you need after you end a relationship is to go all in with a stranger and start living with him. That can be the best idea of all but it can also be a catastrophe.

You need to get to know someone very well before starting to live with them and you can’t do that by knowing someone for a week or even for a month. So, if I were you, I would rather stay single than settle for less than I deserve by rushing into things.

You feel like you are on cloud nine

You just started dating a new man and you feel like you are on cloud nine. You want to spend all your free time with him, you neglect your friends and you think that you have found the love of your life.

You don’t think realistically anymore because that feeling of false love has overwhelmed you completely. Just know that it is not real and the sooner you realize it, the less you will suffer in the end.

You keep staring at an empty screen, waiting for their message

One sign that you are rushing into a new relationship too soon is that you always want to be in contact with them. So you spend the whole day texting them and waiting for their response.

And even if they ignore you and if they don’t text you back for hours, you still have the false idea of love in your head. That is pretty bad and you can’t be happy with someone who ignores you at the beginning of a relationship.

You know that you are making a mistake but it feels so damn good

The thing is that you feel that he is not the one but maybe at that moment when you are broken and alone, he comes along as someone who can make all the dark clouds go away.

Maybe with him, you feel attractive, worthy or enough and it feels so damn good when he is there. But deep down, you know that it is not real and that it can’t last. So it would be better to be honest with yourself and take some time for yourself only.

After you heal properly, you will be ready for someone new. But now, while the wounds are still fresh, nobody can help you except yourself.