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Keep In Mind That Not Everyone You Lose Is A Loss

Keep In Mind That Not Everyone You Lose Is A Loss

When someone walks out on us, we are so devastated that we don’t see that they actually did us a favor. They gave us an opportunity to live a better life with the sole fact that they are not a part of it.

Sometimes we get so used to things being lousy, bad and hurtful that it all becomes normal.

We stay in a bad relationship, we put up with intolerable behavior, because we keep on thinking that things will look up.

Before we know it, days, months and even years pass by so quickly and nothing ever changes. Things are even worse. Nonetheless, we stay and fight.

Even if it means fighting on our own. Even if it means loving, giving, investing for two. We keep on doing it until we completely destroy ourself.

We maybe didn’t know how to walk away but fortunately they did. They left us while there was still time. While we could still find ourself.

We got a chance to recreate our life. Because all they did was hold us down. Their indecisive behavior, their back and forth and crumbs of affection left us wanting everything we never had.

We were always craving more. More from love, more from life and, most importantly, more from ourself.

The time has come to make ourself happy.

We were love-deprived. We were always alone, even when they were there. We wanted more attention, more warmth, strong shoulders and a listening ear.

We never asked for too much but the problem was that we kept expecting it from the wrong person. From a person who didn’t know the true meaning of commitment.

They didn’t know how to give back everything that they were receiving. Their selfish nature made them take and take and take until there was nothing left.

You see, we didn’t lose anything because of their absence—we actually gained from it.

Our life is more peaceful now. We don’t have to live in that emotional roller coaster anymore.

Our feelings don’t have to fluctuate up and down and depend on the behavior of someone who takes them for granted.

We don’t have to listen to lies and question if there is any truth to them. We don’t have to put up with mind games and emotional neglect.

We don’t look at our phone, waiting for that reply that should have come hours ago. We don’t have to ask anybody to find a moment or two to spend with us. We don’t have to wait anymore.

We waited for things to get better, for him to change, to treat us as we deserved, to be ready for this and that and it all came down to waiting. Living for what could be instead of living for now.

We were caged by all that waiting and now we are free. Free at last to live our life the way we want.

To live for now and not fast forwarding to the future when things may look up in our relationship.

Things are looking up right this instant because we chose them to. We chose to love ourself first this time.

We chose to see all the positive that has come out of all of this mess.

We chose to look at the end of that crappy relationship as the best thing that could have ever happened to us.

We chose to look at our ex as someone who had a temporary role in our life. The role of a teacher who taught us what we don’t want and don’t need in life.