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8 Simple Ways To Get Over A Fuckboy

8 Simple Ways To Get Over A Fuckboy

While we live in an era of fuckboys, narcissists and psychopaths, it is quite hard to find a good guy who will cherish you and treat you right.

Wherever you turn, there is a bad guy in front of you and they all try to get into your panties. In fact, that is their only and ultimate goal.

The catch is that all of them have quite nice stories where they promise you the moon and the stars, and you fall for them like you have never fallen for anybody.

Then they use you, take advantage of you and leave you as if you were nothing.

After something like that happens, it is quite hard to get back on your feet and to get over the man who led you on.

But worry no more because there is a solution for every problem, so there are a couple for this as well. Stay tuned!

Don’t contact him


It is true that he wanted you to be there at some point of his life, but he changed his mind after he got what he wanted.

He doesn’t want you anymore, so don’t beg him for the love you deserve. Save your dignity and move on. Stop contacting him and don’t answer his calls or his texts.

Let him see that you will be quite fine without him and that he lost a precious girl who actually wanted to be his.

Distract yourself

If you constantly think of him, you will never be able to forget him. That’s why you have to distract yourself and do something that you love but that you haven’t done for a while.

Every time the thoughts about him rise, try to remember something bad that he did to you and you won’t have the need to think about what could have happened if you had acted differently.

Be okay with the fact that you are not with him anymore but even if you don’t’ believe it now, it is quite a blessing.

Be the best version of yourself

If you know that you will see him somewhere, make sure that you are dressed to kill.

Act like a girl with high self-esteem and be proud because you’ve started a new chapter of your life. Let him see what he lost when he let you go and make him feel regret for doing so.

He will feel bad and probably want to get close to you again but you are too smart to buy his story, right?

Find a hobby

If you want to stop thinking about a fuckboy who led you on, you should start doing something new.

For example, start going to gym or taking dance classes. Every new change in your life will definitely make you feel much better.

Maybe you will meet someone interesting in one of those classes and you will find the love you have been searching for so long.

Have a girl’s night out

Is there a better way to get over a guy than a girl’s night out? NO! That’s what you should do!

Go out with your friends and be wild as much as you want. You have a right to have fun, so don’t hesitate to dance all night long even if there are people who will look at you in a strange way.

Do whatever fulfills you and makes you happy, and never regret doing it.

Treat yourself with new clothes

No matter what kind of shit happens, every girl will be feeling better if she goes shopping and treats herself with something cute.

So, when you break up with someone you considered a life partner, go to shopping with your friends, talk about girl’s stuff and time will fly so fast.

You will feel better when you wear your new clothes, and changing your clothing style will mean that you are leaving all the old things behind and that you are ready for new changes.

Stop giving a fuck

The truth is that once you stop giving a fuck about someone who didn’t treat you right, you will find the peace you crave so much.

Why should you be the only one to suffer in this situation? Let him suffer as well once he realizes what he lost and in the meantime….don‘t give a fuck!

Move on


The truth is that you won’t be able to move on before you actually accept that. When you say to yourself that it is over and that there is no going back to that jerk who led you on, you will be able to finally start a new chapter of your life.

Just remember that a relationship with him taught you what the wrong way to treat a woman is and that because of that, you will never let any man lead you on.

I know it will be hard to do that, but you should think how your life can be amazing with someone who will know how to love you and cherish you. So, don’t give up!