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Signs You Are Experiencing A Twin Flame Union

Signs You Are Experiencing A Twin Flame Union

Some things in life are simply too divine and unique to be described with words, and such is a twin flame union.

But let’s give it a shot, and try to put into words this special connection and its effects on a person.

The unconditional love upon finding your soulmate and the satisfying and fulfilling karmic love between twin souls is an out-of-this-world experience.

Many people are lucky to stumble upon the one, but only a select few gain the exquisite pleasure of meeting their true love on their twin flame journey.

Loving a true twin is like floating on a cloud of pure happiness, having found the soul connection that has led you to your higher self.

It is an unquenchable thirst for self-love and for the first time ever, you get to experience the spiritual awakening as both a twin flame couple and as individuals.

A twin flame connection never goes unnoticed.

You can feel it in your bones and sense the uniqueness of this bond from the very first second of meeting them.

A twin flame reunion cannot be stopped and it cannot be contained.

Some say fairy-tale romance doesn’t really exist, but that only means they haven’t found the divine love of this karmic relationship.

If you wonder how to further explain the twin flame relationship (as well as figure out if you’re experiencing it), it can be described as a soul level kind of relationship that transcends anything you believed was possible to find in real life.

The feeling is that of past life lovers who keep finding each other in every realm of existence.

And no matter how long you’ve been on your own and how challenging your journey has been, upon falling in love with your true twin, your own life becomes less important to you than theirs.

You start noticing synchronicities everywhere around you and you gain a newfound telepathy with your loved one.

You experience emotions you never knew existed and genuinely feel like this person has been put on earth for the sole purpose of finding you.

Some twin flames experience hardships along the way that will test their soulmate connection and try to break them apart.

There are obstacles on their journey and at times, you’ll feel as if this is the last time you’ll get a true chance at this kind of love.

And that’s what makes true twins fight harder than ever before, and keep holding onto each other through everything life throws their way.

After all, this is what a twin flame relationship is all about.

Perseverance, persistence, and an unconditional love based on faith, love, and belief that once connected, a twin flame union cannot be broken.

It can be tested and it can be challenged, but a karmic relationship such as this one never loses its unbreakable bond.

  • Your intuition about each other is impeccable

More often than not, your intuition lets you know how your twin flame is at any given moment, where they are, and how they’re doing.

At times, it feels like you’re experiencing telepathy; you’re able to successfully guess what they’re thinking and vice versa. 

Their feelings affect you greatly and you find that the feeling is mutual.

Nothing can happen with your twin flame love without you knowing and there is a sense of serenity and peace about it.

Things just seem to be clicking on every divine level, and for once in your life, it isn’t going sideways.

  • Most of your interests collide

You share a bunch of mutual interests. You were thrilled upon finding out that your twin soul shares the same love of ancient history and jazz music, and they were shocked to realize you were into photography and graphic design as well! You couldn’t make this up if you wanted to.

It’s so easy to have a conversation with your twin flame because the level of connection you’ve reached is unparalleled.

Not that you never shared interests with previous lovers, it’s just that it has never been this deep and profound as with your true twin!

  • You often share the same emotions and say things at the same time

If you had a nickel for every time your soulmate connection caused you to blurt out the exact same thing at the same time, you’d be able to buy that house you’ve been eyeing since you were 20!

Karmic relationships will do that to you. Once you’ve found your one true love, everything just falls into place.

You’ll be struggling with certain emotions on a random day, and you’ll find out your twin flame went through the exact same thing.

You’ll be having a conversation and say the same thing at the same time, and no one will even be surprised.

At this point, it’s clear the level of closeness you share.

  • You share an incredibly powerful physical pull toward each other

This goes beyond just mere sexual attraction that can occur to many people.

This is more about the insatiable need to always be in the presence of this person and physically touch them (not in a dirty way, but rather a deeply emotional way).

You cannot stop yourself from needing this person and the feeling is reciprocated.

You’re constantly pulled in each other’s direction, and once you’ve reconnected, everything finally feels in perfect accordance.

When you’re by each other’s side, you feel invincible.

  • Appearing in each other’s dreams

Have you recently had a dream with your twin flame as the main star?

Does it often happen that you dream about them and due to this, wake up peacefully rested and content? If so, know that it’s no coincidence!

Twin flame lovers share a bond so strong that appearing in each other’s dreams is a perfectly common occurrence.

The message of each dream is very clear and consistent every single time you dream about them.

It’s about love, serenity, mirror souls, and the beauty of a selfless connection. Much like the kind of relationship you share in real life.

  • Your communication transcends words

You no longer need words to communicate. Your souls exist on the same wavelength and your twin flame union allows you to understand each other with simple glances.

You always know what your twin flame is trying to relay to you and they have no problem understanding what you mean each time you give them a meaningful glance.

If you’re ever in a situation where talking is not allowed, you just smile, knowing words are overrated.

  • Opening up about your hidden struggles never felt so easy

You never thought that you’d be so open and vulnerable about your deepest secrets and struggles with anyone, until this person came into the picture.

Since you’ve met your twin flame, the unconditional love they’ve showed you has made you put down your walls so easily.

Sharing your soul with them is like a walk in the park. They get you like nobody ever has, and with every shared struggle, you feel lighter and happier.

The thing that used to frighten you, believing it would chase the person away, is now your favorite part of the day, because you’re finally with the right person.

  • Being able to be your authentic self with them

Being able to bare your soul to a person and let them get to know your true self is one of the most challenging things one can face.

You need to be sure that this person is truly your soulmate and that your relationship is karmic and unconditional.

And for the first time ever, it feels exactly like that!

You are finally yourself, in every possible way you can think of.

You don’t shy away from saying anything and you don’t try to appear like someone you’re not.

You know that with your twin flame, all that stuff is irrelevant.

What matters is what you both feel inside and how it makes you feel. And you’re more liberated and authentic than you’ve felt in years.

7 Most Important Twin Flame Stages

We’ve finally reached the most exciting and important part of this twin flame journey. 

After having read all of the signs and symptoms that point to you finally having found your soulmate, you are ready to dig into the vital stages of twin flame relationships.

Here, I will discuss every little aspect all the way from the first stage to the final stage of your twin flame union.

You will be able to find out where you and your soulmate currently stand, and how you can progress and flourish through all of the following stages.

Some stages are incredibly emotional, deep, and serene, while others are concerned with the more intense, troubling parts of a relationship. But don’t worry.

Every soul connection needs to go through a fair share of storms before coming out the other end, stronger because of it.

Here are the vital stages of a twin flame relationship that will shape, transform, and awaken you in ways you never knew possible.

Buckle up, because you’re in for one hell of a karmic ride.

Stage One: The Search

This stage is all about a state of complete awareness and a constant feeling like there’s something profoundly missing from your life.

You cannot shake off the feeling that you’re so close to finding that special someone (who will turn out to be your karmic lover).

It can be best described as a state of constant yearning, searching, and finally stumbling upon the one.

At first, it is likely that you will try to deny this to yourself, but the pull you will feel is so strong and powerful that you’ll soon surrender to it and let it guide you two your twin soul.

One other vital thing to mention is that you’ll be making small yet significant changes to your life at this stage.

You might start going to therapy, writing a journal, or starting an inspirational hobby.

You won’t realize that this is all because of the impending arrival of your twin flame, but in time everything will become clear.

Stage Two: The Awakening

This is the part where you first encounter them and immediately become aware of the incredible connection you share.

It usually starts out as a random encounter that’s filled with tiny coincidences that keep surprising you both and slowly make you see that this bond is not an accident at all.

It will start making so much sense that this is the person you were preparing yourself for in stage one.

This is the reason you’ve been feeling such a strong and urgent pull and their very presence will be all the reassurance you’ll need.

Instead of coincidence, it’s going to feel like destiny brought you two together.

Both of you will be extremely aware of the bond that is being forged and the uncanny compatibility you share on such a deep level.

One thing is for sure; this encounter will shake you to your core. It will be so intense and raw, yet special and unique.

It will be unlike any other encounter you’ve had before and the moment you see them, no matter how brief, is going to be all you need to experience to know that this is a soul connection between twin flames on a journey that is about to rock your world.

Stage Three: The Test

Much like the name itself gives it away, this stage is all about testing the strength and compatibility of your twin flame connection.

It is defined by establishing boundaries, testing your limits, and preparing you for real life that is much more challenging than the blissful part of your union.

The beginning of a twin flame journey is like heaven. Real world ceases to exist.

There is only you and your loved one, basking in the eternal light of a bond so profound that nothing from the outside world can break it. And this stage is about to test that.

Don’t worry, this part comes long after your honeymoon stage where you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your karmic love affair and connect to the point of knowing each other’s souls.

So once this stage comes, you’ll know you’re ready to face it.

It serves a higher purpose, which will probably be lost on you at first.

This stage is going to prepare you for what’s to come, show you the ups and downs of twin flame love, and prove to you that you have what it takes to prosper and thrive after surviving obstacles and challenges that will surely come your way.

And once you’re at the end of this stage, you’ll be grateful for this test, as your karmic love will thrive and your souls will be intertwined and flourishing.

Stage Four: The Crisis

Stage four is about the power of your connection that you’re going to desperately need to channel in order to survive the crisis that’s going to be bestowed upon you.

A twin flame connection is euphoric and exciting, but it’s also not without its pitfalls.

The positive thing about this is that it can forge an even stronger bond if you channel your twin union properly and catalyze a more stable connection with your soulmate.

The crisis can relate to issues of self-love, an inability to help others despite your efforts, and/or struggles with betrayal that will put pressure on your relationship.

Despite your heavenly compatibility, at this point, many twin flames choose to part ways in order to rediscover themselves and figure out where the path is supposed to take them.

The crisis will prove to be too much to overcome at once, and despite your obvious divine love, for now, you may briefly separate.

Stage Five: The Runner And The Chaser

This stage immediately follows stage four. It happens as the aftermath of “The Crisis” and as a result, one twin flame assumes the role of the runner and the other, the chaser.

The runner is usually petrified of the intensity of the bond they have started experiencing and due to their severe fear of facing it, they go on the lam. 

The chaser is convinced that the twin flame union is worth salvaging and isn’t willing to let go of the person they know is the one for them.

The runner tries to distance himself from the chaser, as a precaution not to get hurt, which is their greatest fear.

Be assured, the runner is not doing this to hurt the chaser by any means.

They are scared, feeling defensive, and trying to do the right thing, which they believe is parting ways.

But luckily, the depth and strength of the twin flame union will eventually work its magic and pull them back, making them realize that there is nothing to fear.

A twin flame relationship cannot be escaped and most certainly cannot be denied.

The karmic love always finds its way back to both hearts, as will be the case here, after the runner realizes they’re not in this alone, and never will be.

Stage Six: The Surrender

The surrender is defined by your mutual realization that escaping destiny is an impossible task.

You have both tried to control the relationship, and one of you has even been on the run.

But what you’ve both come to realize in the meantime is the sense of a higher self, which ultimately led to your spiritual awakening.

You no longer wish to fight it. You are done doubting the connection and unconditional love you’ve found in each other.

Now, you surrender to each other’s hearts and make a decision that will change the course of your life.

What is meant to be always finds its way. And that is what has transpired here.

You’ve been through hell and back and you’ve come out stronger as a twin flame union. You’ve transcended the basic relationship phase and now you’re life partners.

You are twin souls with a soulmate connection that is strong enough to overcome the biggest obstacles.

And now, you’re both in the phase of your union that makes you realize the delicate, divine love you’ve found is worth every tear, every sleepless night, and every fear of commitment. As a unit, you are invincible.

Stage Seven: The Reunion

During this stage, the overwhelming feeling of balance being finally restored will give you the peace and serenity you’ve both been craving during your twin flame journey.

At this point, you have gone through the ups and downs to the highest degrees, lost each other and found your way back, and forged a bond so strong that is now truly unbreakable and solidified in the divine love you share.

The reunion is the final stage of your love affair and it is filled with complete balance, a fairy-tale romance and a new beginning for you two as a powerful union.

Your soulmate connection is no longer tested, your karmic love is no longer doubted, and the runner is adamant to stay with you for as long as you’ll have them.

And at this point, it’s clear that forever is in the cards for you.

Now it’s time to enjoy your soulmate kind of relationship, and be at peace, knowing you’ve been through the worst and came out on top.

Final Thoughts

A twin flame relationship is one people yearn for throughout their lifetime. It is divine, profound, and telepathic.

Karmic lovers find each other only if it’s truly in the cards, and if you’ve been so lucky to experience a twin flame union, nurture it and never take it for granted.

As a twin couple, you will be forced to go through a number of stages that will test the depth of your divine love, break you apart, and make you doubt it all. 

But only the strongest twin flame lovers will survive those stages because of their heavenly bond and soulmate connection.

A karmic love never loses its power, it only puts you through tests in order to make you realize your higher self and lead you to a spiritual awakening.

Once you’ve reached this point, you will have realized the power of your twin flame union.

Preserve it and appreciate your struggles because, due to them, you have reached the ultimate bliss with your twin flame that will lead you to your forever.