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8 Spicy Things Men Want You To Do During Sex

8 Spicy Things Men Want You To Do During Sex

If you’re going to do this, do this right.

All men are pretty much the same, and they all want the same things in the bedroom. Maybe some of the stuff you’ve done before are not things he wants you to do.

Of course, no one will be so straightforward as to let you know right away what they like and what they don’t like in the bedroom, so if you have some questions, it’s more than okay to ask.

After all, we are not mind readers.

Maybe men are ashamed of admitting some of the things they like, and that’s why they keep their mouths shut and hope for the best. But, maybe the thing he is ashamed of asking is actually something you like, too.

Just to be sure, here’s the list of the most common things all men like during sex. See if you’re doing some of them, and if you’re not, try some!

Change positions every now and then

When you do only one position for a long period of time, it will most definitely get boring. Your partner won’t be satisfied.

Try to spice things up a bit and try a pose that you’ve craved trying, but you weren’t sure if he’s going to like it. Believe me, he will.

He can’t wait for you to bring some novelties to bed. He can’t wait for you to surprise him with something you haven’t tried before.

You shouldn’t step out of your comfort zone just to please him, but you also shouldn’t keep doing the same thing all over again.

It gets old, and the passion goes away.

Go down on him

Especially if he is returning the favor. Some women hate it, and they do it just because they have to, but guys can feel that.

They know when you’re enjoying yourself and when you’re just faking. Well, at least most of the time they know.

But, even if you are not that good at it, they will appreciate what you’re doing and again, they will return the favor.

Be in charge

If your idea of sex is just lying back and letting him do all the work, then you’re wrong. Men don’t like passiveness.

They want you to sometimes be in charge. They want you to tell them what to do for a change.

Although they won’t admit it, men really enjoy when women tell them what to do—in the bedroom.

They won’t admit it because it makes them less macho.

You have to want it

He wants you to want it. Show him how much you want him. Show him that you want to have sex with him, that he attracts you.

That will turn him on immediately.

If you don’t, he’ll think that you are not into him, and he’ll cool off. He’ll think he is not attractive. To avoid this, try to surprise him with sex. He’ll love it!

You have to moan

Men get turned on by the sound of you moaning. When he hears you, he knows that you are enjoying yourself.

Imagine if you’re having sex and you don’t let a single sound out. He would blame himself right from the start.

So, if you’re having a good time, you have to let him know that.

Let him look and touch you

Why do men love women stripping? Because it turns their imagination on.

When they look at you naked, they immediately imagine all the things they would like to do to you.

So take all of your clothes off, and let him look at you and imagine crazy things. Later on, let him do them.

Let him touch you all around sensually. You won’t regret it later.

Talk dirty to him

If you really want to make him go crazy over you, then talk dirty to him. Tell him all the nasty things you want him to do to you.

That will definitely get him in the mood and turn him on.

Don’t hold back because dirty talk isn’t supposed to be nice. Unleash the beast inside you and let it all out.

It will definitely be worth it because you’re probably going to have the best sex ever.

Touch him all over

Be as sensual as you can. Nibble his ears, lick his neck and kiss him all over. Massage him and stroke his hair.

Touch him wherever you feel like touching.

This will make him tingle and moan in pleasure. It will make him only want you more.