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8 Ways Men Use Fractionation Seduction To Make You Fall In Love With Them

8 Ways Men Use Fractionation Seduction To Make You Fall In Love With Them

Have you ever seen a girl walk out of a bar with a man who was talking to her for just about 15 minutes? Or maybe you have been seduced by a man in this way, where you didn’t even know what had happened to you?

There is a really strong chance that that man, in particular, used this so-called technique of seduction, called fractionation seduction.

A man uses this to literally seduce his way to a woman’s heart. It has been researched by many psychologists, but it was perfected in the 1990s.

Fractionation seduction is used by men who use manipulative psychological methods to make a woman fall in love with them.

The whole process of fractionation seduction takes advantage of information from advanced human psychology and hypnosis.

Not all men know how to use this technique. The reason behind that is that they need to have a certain amount of skills, like leadership abilities, high social skills, confidence and a lot more, which are the predispositions to succeed in using fractionation seduction.

Because of the fact that fractionation seduction messes with a woman’s brain, it’s been referred to as amoral, brainwashing and unethical.

It uses emotionally triggering techniques that make a woman react in ways that benefit the man. Fractionation seduction triggers a roller coaster inside a woman that confuses her to the point where she doesn’t know what she feels or thinks about him.

Ways men use fractionation seduction:

They build an emotional connection


This is the place where good social skills come into place. Men who use fractionation know exactly in what tone they need to speak to you, what body language to use, or if they need to stand close to or a bit further away from you.

They make you trust them with their way of talking and with their gestures.

They are confident

When they see a woman they like, they don’t think about how the woman is too good for them or how she is out of their league.

Instead, he looks at her like she is out of his league. This sounds very arrogant, but in this way he makes her chase him.

Even when he asks a lot of questions about her and about her life, he stays confident and looks at her from ‘above’.

They tend to use nagging

This is extremely weird but men use this technique to grab her attention.

They say something about a woman that they don’t like; they point out her dress or something that isn’t that offensive, simply to start a discussion about it.

It grabs the girl’s attention and if it’s not too offensive it might initiate some kind of silly argument that makes her emotions start to boil.

They make an emotional connection by letting you get to know them better


When they see that the woman is interested and if she’s engaging in the conversation, they tend to say something very personal about themself, maybe even a secret.

It builds trust and studies have shown that people who share secrets are more attractive than those who don’t.

They make you happy

He will most probably ask you about something in your past that made you feel happy, that made you feel excited or something along those lines.

This will, of course, happen the moment when the conversation deepens and when he feels that the moment is right for that.

He will never do it at the beginning, but instead taking into consideration that the entire conversation might last for up to 15 minutes.

This does make you question if you’ve ever been this open with a man before.

They make you sad

When you get excited, he will introduce a topic that makes you sad. He will probably mention a hard break-up, a heartbreak, the death of a loved one or something like that. If it doesn’t work, he will turn to another feeling: anger.

He might introduce the topic of some political issue that you might disagree with and he will joke about that and he will let you convince him of your beliefs, making you happy again.

It’s a constant roller coaster between making you happy and making you sad.

The changing emotions make you believe that you’ve gone through months with this man, when you’ve only been talking with him for minutes.

It’s because of the constant emotions that are going on inside every woman that faces a man who’s using fractionation seduction.

They woo you with their manners

If a man uses a lot of curse words while he’s talking and if he’s rude to you, to the bartender or to his friends, he doesn’t really have a good chance of making it to the heart of a woman.

But if he says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, if he holds the door for you and doesn’t make you feel inferior, that will make you more attracted to him and that’s what makes him so irresistible.

They are unique

He, most probably, has a unique talent, something that makes him stand out from the crowd.

He probably plays guitar or is good at some sport. If he is, believe me, you will know about it.

Does it work? When it’s done right, yes.

Most people who have perfected this technique will say that it takes them even less than 15 minutes to seduce a woman, but because everyone approaches it in a different way, this doesn’t apply to everyone.

This method doesn’t even work if the man doesn’t have experience in flirting or socializing or if he isn’t very confident.

The important thing here is that practice makes the master, right? When a man approaches several womenthat night, trying every one of these steps we’ve listed above and fails, it doesn’t mean that the same thing with even more attractive women won’t work tomorrow.

They might practice at any given time of day, with the waitress, with their boss, with the cashier.

If he uses this technique, he won’t really care about whom he’s using it on, but rather how well it went.

Being attractive does matter to a certain point, but when the man knows how to make the conversations go in his favor, looks don’t play a high enough role in making women fall in love with him.

He will dress appropriately, maybe even with an eccentric shirt in a bright color, but that won’t change much about how he looks; it’ll just be a kind of eye-catcher.