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You Can’t Keep Choosing Someone Who Doesn’t Choose You

You Can’t Keep Choosing Someone Who Doesn’t Choose You

Let me refresh your memory, may I?

You were the one who always cared for him. You were the one putting so much effort into your relationship. You were the one who took all his bullshit. You were the one who did everything you could to make it work! But it didn’t change a thing. I hope he can sleep knowing that.

I get it, there will always be someone better than us. Someone more intelligent, someone more attractive etc, but no one can love him the way you did. No one can do all the things you’ve done for him and yet, he still chose someone else.

You wanted to stay, but you couldn’t see the reason. Because there was no reason besides his lack of effort that made you choose between him and your own happiness. If it comes to these two, always choose yourself.

Because one day you will look back on him and you will smile because you will know that you have dodged a bullet. You escaped a trap.

Imagine if you hadn’t found out about her. The same ‘her’ who ruined your dreams about forever being with that one person. She destroyed your dreams of loving him until the end of days.

And he was the one who shattered your heart into tiny little pieces because he chose her over you.

Why would you even want someone who has to think twice before choosing you? Or the way he did it—he didn’t think twice, he simply chose her.

What was your first thought? That you were never getting him back, right? But then you started thinking and your heart skipped a beat because you realized that you would take him back, because you loved him, because you have a pure soul.

But you shouldn’t.

Too often, love is an excuse to put up with someone’s bullshit, but it’s much, much more than that. Love is knowing that you are worthy of being someone’s priority rather than a choice.

Love is knowing that you are enough for someone who will truly appreciate you. Love is the feeling you get when someone hugs you like they will never let go of you.

That is what love is truly about. True and genuine love will never be anything other than that.

Please remember that she is not easier to love than you are. You will be loved by your soulmate so effortlessly and you need to know that there will be someone who won’t let go of you, no matter how many women there are in line just to kiss him.

There will come someone who won’t think twice, because his ONLY choice will be you. Not like the man you just saw walking away with someone who he thought to be a better option, but rather a man who won’t have options, but a priority—which is you.

You are the person he’s looking forward to meeting, so make space for that man while letting go of your past memories and past experiences.

For the man who left you will never be ready for a woman like you are. You are too kind and generous for him. He didn’t know how to handle you.

He didn’t think that you were good enough, but you will be more than perfect for someone who knows how to appreciate you.

So choose life and love over someone who doesn’t even know what loving someone like you looks like. And be patient, my dear. Be patient.

There will come someone who will blow you off your feet the moment you look into his eyes and see eternity.