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9 Bad Texting Habits That Will Make Him Lose Interest

9 Bad Texting Habits That Will Make Him Lose Interest

You text him more often than he texts you


Texts are like a relationship. They demand reciprocity. When one is going out of one’s way and the other is barely participating, it’s a really bad sign.

Texting him more than you should, will reek of desperation.

He will see that you are already crazy about him, and he will think that he can have you whenever he wants—which will naturally make him less interested.

Kick it down a notch. Give him room to miss you and come after you. It is always a better option.

You should meet each other halfway. If he can’t do that with text, imagine how lousy he would be in a relationship?

You have poor conversation starters

attractive young woman looking at phone

Once you start a conversation on a lousy note, things will only go downhill from there.

Talking about the weather, your daily routines and what you had for breakfast reeks of boredom.

During the initial phases of a relationship, it’s important not to fall into a web of boring conversations that will lead you nowhere.

Think outside the box. Comment on something you previously talked about, mention some shared interests or start by saying how much fun you had at the concert (or anywhere else), and that it’s too bad he missed it. Be creative.

Your replies put a full stop on texting

woman typing a message on the phone

If you are giving short effortless replies like an emoji or a one-word answer such as “Yeah.”, “Sure”, “Maybe.”, “Aha”, don’t expect to get a text back and be prepared that your conversation will not last long.

He probably feels like you really don’t want to participate in this conversation and that you are brushing him off.

Avoid these and put in some effort if you want your texting session to last longer.

You send a follow-up text

worried woman looking at phone

This is never a good idea. First of all, it makes you seem desperate for his attention and needy which is turn off by itself.

Secondly you are lowering your chances of getting a reply.

He might be at work, asleep or otherwise engaged, and if he sees that you sent him a follow-up text, he might decide not to answer because you are being pushy whereas if it was only one text, he would reply as soon as he sees it.

Lastly and most importantly, if a man doesn’t want to reply there is nothing you can do. If for some reason he hasn’t replied to the first text, he won’t reply to a follow-up text either.

You don’t take compliments very well

young worried woman looking at phone

If he tells you you are beautiful, smart, cute, interesting, funny, attractive and you go into debates of why that isn’t true and that you are far from it… you are sending the wrong message.

Right from the start, you are telling him that you don’t think too highly of yourself and that you lack confidence.

Remember that old saying: “Love yourself so somebody else could love you too”? Well, it’s true.

So the next time he calls you ‘sweet’ or ‘super smart’ just say “Thank you.” You can also return the compliment and say what you like about him. Trust me—you will have much better results.

You overshare

happy woman texting on the street

Texting somebody you are just getting to know about some bad and hurtful things that happened to you in the past or problems you have right now is not a good thing.

You can’t burden somebody you hardly know with all of your life issues. There will be time for serious stuff. Start off with casual topics.

Have fun in getting to know each other.

You go over the top with the text-speak

woman sitting outdoor and texting

Once you start things off with somebody, the quickest way for them to get to know you is through texts.

Don’t let them think that you are stuck in your teens or even uninterested in continuing your communication by not sending.

Watch your grammar—at least the basic stuff. You don’t want to give an impression that you are less intelligent than you actually are.

Keep your texting skills on point.

You text him even though you know he is busy

young bussines man looking at phone

Usually, men and women have different texting habits.

For the average man, it’s ok if he hears from his girlfriend or potential girlfriend once or twice a day while most women need more texts through the same time period.

Just because he doesn’t text you every 5 seconds doesn’t mean that he lost interest.

It just means that he is a man and that he has a life of his own..

If he told you that he is at work, hanging out with friends, at lunch, sleeping or doing whatever, leave him be.

Give him some space to miss you, and let him contact you first.

You play hard to get

pretty woman sitting in sofa and typing

This is the opposite of the over-texting we mentioned at the beginning.

Playing hard to get means that you are playing those same games you don’t want anybody to play with you.

This might come across as if you are not really that into him or you are stringing him along.

You don’t have to respond to every text the second you receive it, but replying after six hours or a day just isn’t nice.

The key is in finding the balance and meeting each other halfway.

Textual chemistry is important, and it can really bring the two of you closer—assuming that none of you is playing games.

9 Bad Texting Habits That Will Make Him Lose Interest