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9 Reasons Why Strong Women Choose To Stay Single

9 Reasons Why Strong Women Choose To Stay Single

It’s more and more common to see amazing, strong and fierce women choosing to stay single. It’s nothing surprising there, we just know that we’re better off alone.

Sure, it’s great to feel loved and to have that amazing kind of love that melts your heart and blows your mind but that kind of love can rarely be seen today, so we prefer to be the only One we need.

Here are some other reasons why strong women choose to stay single.

She knows her worth

She already knows that she is amazing and she doesn’t need a man to show it to her.

And she sure as hell knows how she deserves so much more than all these fuckboys, immature men and commitment-phobes can offer her.

She doesn’t feel like giving up her freedom

It’s simple. She loves her freedom more than she loves men.

She enjoys the fact that she can do whatever she wants and when she wants so much, that it would take one hell of a man to change that for her.

The only thing that’s stopping her from climbing mountains every weekend is herself and not someone else. She is her own boss.

She knows she deserves more

She deserves so much more than being half-loved and taken for granted and she knows it. She knows her story, her history.

She knows what she’s been through and she won’t let anyone take it away from her.

It took her too long to stand on her own two feet all alone and there is no way she will let anyone sweep her off of them.

Because she can

There is no way someone can tell her that she can’t do it. She is badass and fierce.

She is fire itself, so good luck with the burning, darling!

Her top priorities don’t include being someone’s arm candy

She worked too hard to build herself up just to be someone’s arm candy.

She is an amazing individual and deserves to be treated as such. She will never settle for being just someone’s wife or girlfriend, because she is so much more.

She is a goddamn warrior who walked through hell and made friends with the Devil.

She is independent

She doesn’t feel like sharing money, because she worked damn hard to make it.

Plus, she is so used to being her own biggest support without anyone to care for, without anyone to slow her down, that she is not ready to sacrifice her opportunity to thrive.

She enjoys her single life

She truly, utterly and madly enjoys being single. She loves the excitement of first kisses, casual hook-ups and the feeling of freedom.

She enjoys the fact that she can dance around her apartment completely naked, that she can be her true self, because she loves herself anyway.

She can burst into tears when she feels like it and put down her guard without feeling vulnerable in front of anyone or without having to be strong for someone else all the time.

She is busy building an empire

She has set her mind on something and to be sure, she will make it happen.

Whether it’s starting her own company, getting a promotion or getting that college degree in no time, she will do it.

She is too busy with building her career and herself, to waste her time on someone who is not worth it.

She is in love with herself already

She already has someone who will love her and support her. She already has that special someone, her other half and her biggest fan.

And it’s all her. She did it for herself, not for some man out there.

She thrived for herself, she fought for and rose by herself and she stands all by herself. She doesn’t need a man to be happy or loved. She has herself.