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9 Signs You And Your Man Are The Ultimate Power Couple

9 Signs You And Your Man Are The Ultimate Power Couple

What Does It Really Mean To Be A Power Couple?

Okay, so you and your significant other may not exactly be Beyoncé and Jay Z , Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, or Trump and Melania, but it is definitely possible that you possess certain traits that make you and your man a total power couple !

Being a power couple in real life is not all about money, looks, and status. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to have all that, but it’s so much more than just these.

It means having that profoundly stable foundation, a healthy mindset, and an “us” outlook on your relationship, which means you’re always looking to be better as a couple, as opposed to just your individual greatness. That’s what makes a supercouple !

Let’s give an example. Say your partner is feeling particularly down on any given day and doesn’t feel much about himself; what do you do?

You lift him up, you listen to him vent, and you show him what a badass dude he is, which propels him to get out of his funk and not let irrelevant shit get him down!

Sure, it’s not always that easy, but you’re always there. When he’s weak, you’re strong. When you fail, he jumps in. And when he needs a word of encouragement, you’re the one he goes to.

That’s what a power couple is all about! As a team, you are the epitome of what everyone else strives to be. Being a supercouple is not about having a fairytale love story, it’s about being strong, powerful, and resilient as a team!

What Makes You A Power Couple?

You’re not the type of couple that throws it in people’s faces. You’re just you, and people love you for your unassuming nature. He is genuinely your best friend and vice versa.

You two understand that nothing good comes with zero hard work, and monogamy is what you both want and work at every single day.

So you don’t rely on hope that everything will work itself out, but you work hard to achieve that harmonious relationship.

You both put in the same amount of effort and your goal is to be that happy, long-lasting couple that will tell their grandkids someday about their everlasting love and the importance of teamwork.

People seem to really like you as a couple, and you’re so proud of each other and how far you’ve come.

All the hardships have only made you stronger both as individuals and a couple, and you can’t imagine anyone or anything breaking you apart. You two are a united front, and ever since your first date , you have been in each other’s corner.

You don’t pay attention to what social media says, what that annoying reality TV show portrays or what celebrity couples are into these days. You do you and pay no attention to the outside noise. And that is what a power couple is in its core.

Who Uses Power Couple?

In today’s world of social media and celebrity couples , being a power couple comes with certain scrutiny. It goes on all over the United States, all the way from New York to L.A.

The likes of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett , Prince Harry and Meghan Markle , Barack And Michelle Obama , and George and Amal Clooney all have to live up to their name every single day under the watchful eye of the world.

Their lives are like a reality show , and it doesn’t matter if it’s Kate Middleton or Selena Gomez , supercouple status comes with certain responsibility, whether they like it or not.

When one is branded a power couple , it means their love has inspired many people; they find that couple almost like the measure of a healthy romantic relationship.

Being a power couple goes all the way back to the days where Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, and Sonny and Cher epitomized the idea of the supercouple .

Jennifer Lopez , David Beckham, and even Hillary Clinton have all been members of this prestigious club, as their love lives have attracted a lot of media attention and interest from the public.

Being a power couple is not something that just happens. It is something you and your partner work hard at every day with lots of mutual love and respect.

Definite Signs You And Your Partner Are A Power Couple

People genuinely admire your relationship

Have you ever heard a friend just get so adorably annoyed at how cute and compatible you and your partner are?

It’s like all they really want is to find what you two have, but it’s impossible!

You two click on every single level and you just radiate that healthy, awesome, badass couple vibe that people can’t help but ask you what your secret is.

If you’ve experienced this, it’s one of the signs that you could be considered a power couple without even realizing it.

Your family members are constantly in awe of your relationship and everybody seems to like your boyfriend almost more than you! If that’s the case, girl, you’ve got it all.

You’re the relationship expert in your friend group

Every time there’s a boy-related crisis among your friends, you’re the go-to person.

This has become such a frequent thing that you’re almost thinking about charging them (just kidding) .

But no, really, all your girlfriends rely on your expert advice, and what you say goes. Nobody questions it and they take what you say seriously.

You’ve probably successfully resolved many a crisis and ever since, you’ve been the designated therapist.

Power couples exude confidence and that secure feeling in their relationship, and your friends admire that a lot.

This is why you’re their go-to girl for any drama or advice, and you should honestly take that as a compliment.

Clearly, they think you’ve got it all, and they’re probably not wrong.

You feel genuine gratitude on a daily basis

You’re aware that not every day is going to be easy.

There will come a time when things won’t go as smoothly and you’ll struggle a bit, and you’re okay with that.

This is exactly why you wake up grateful every single day that you’ve found a person that you know you can go through anything with, and come out the other end together.

You know that every relationship goes through tough periods, but you’re both ready for it.

You know how to pull through, and you’ve found the man who knows how to handle your dark days and will love you through it all.

Your partner has your full support, and vice versa, and you appreciate all those small things that mean the world!

The way he can make you laugh like no other, and your ability to read his mind without even trying.

That’s what makes you you, and that’s what’s going to keep you sane and grounded.

Whenever you share a mutual photo, people swarm you with cute comments!

There are those couples who can’t help but share every annoying detail of their love life , and honestly, it’s a little too much.

It’s like they stage every photo to appear like that ultimate happy couple, but people are just tired of it.

That’s anything but the case for you and your man. You know exactly what to post and what’s meant to be kept private.

You never overshare, and whenever you post a cute couple photo, people absolutely love it.

You get tons of adorable comments on how awesome you look together and how beautiful your relationship seems.

Those little things really mean a lot to you, as people seem truly impressed and happy for you and your partner. And they should be!

You don’t bore your entire friend list with every detail of what you two did that day, so when you do share something, it’s a total win, and those positive comments are what indicates you two are on the verge of becoming a true power couple .

Nobody roots for your partner more than you, and vice versa

It is important to you that your partner is fulfilled and happy as an individual.

You want him to achieve whatever he has his mind set to, and you’re there every step of the way helping him and having his back.

You are his go-to girl for both personal and professional advice and he knows you’ve got him, no matter what.

When he’s struggling, you feel it too, so you never let him go through anything alone.

And just like you are there for him, he’s there for you too.

You don’t know where you’d be without his undying support; he is literally the wind beneath your wings.

Mutual support is what power couples are made of.

When you genuinely prop each other up, with no ulterior motive but genuine happiness for each other, that’s what it’s all about.

You never make important decisions without each other

That’s the thing about you two.

You respect each other and trust that the other one is perfectly capable of making a good decision for you as a couple, yet, you choose to never do it by yourself.

You always run everything by each other and consult on any big decision that concerns you both.

You understand that it’s important you both be included in the decision-making process because it is likely going to affect you both in the long run.

You’re not afraid of serious conversations and deliberations, and you know just how to approach the big subjects so that both partners are equally satisfied with the end result.

This is what power couples understand more than anyone, and if you two are a team when it comes to making big decisions, you’re well on your way.

You don’t worry about things that are irrelevant to your relationship

A little jealousy is apparently healthy, but you just don’t really have any reason to be jealous.

You trust your guy completely. You know he would never risk what you have for a meaningless fling.

He doesn’t give you reason to be jealous at all and the same goes for you.

Even when your ex drunk-texts you or his co-worker seems to have the hots for your man, you just brush it off.

It’s irrelevant, it means nothing, and therefore it does not bother you one bit.

When you don’t let outside influences affect your relationship, you truly have what it takes to be considered a power couple .

You are secure in what you have and there is nothing that can make you question his loyalty.

When he’s happy, you’re happy

It’s very simple. His happiness is your happiness! If something amazing happens at work and he’s overjoyed, you’re even happier for him.

When you see him thriving, there is nothing that gives you more pleasure.

You are a team. So when either one of you have something going for them, you’re equally happy as if it’s your own accomplishment, and that is the most common trait of a power couple .

You two are so close, that your pride is unmatched at his personal and professional achievements and, even if you wanted to, you couldn’t hide it!

When your man is happy, you shout it from the rooftops! And the best part is that he feels the same for you.

Every time something amazing has happened to you, he’s been the proudest boyfriend you could ever have imagined, and that is honestly the only thing better than the achievement itself.

You make each other a priority every single day

Power couples have a lot going on, so it’s easy to get so distracted with everyday things that you forget what’s really important.

But that never happens to you. You always put each other first.

You know how important it is to prioritize each other, no matter how busy your schedules might get.

You see the importance in being present and giving each other the attention you both crave and deserve.

You both understand that even a 20-minute conversation with your partner could mean the world to them, so you always make sure to find time.

They could be going through something tough, so no matter how swamped your day is, you have your priorities straight.

This is what builds that emotional intimacy you two proudly share – the thing that keeps you close and connected even on the most hectic days.

You don’t take your relationship for granted and you would never allow yourself the privilege of doing that.

It’s too easy to get too comfortable and stop making an effort, and that’s exactly what keeps you so invested.

That is what being a power couple is all about.

Having a successful individual career and thriving, and still managing to find time to spend it with the one who matters the most.