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9 Successful Ways To Clear Your Love Energy And Open Your Heart

9 Successful Ways To Clear Your Love Energy And Open Your Heart

For as long as you can remember, you are someone who’s been looking for love. But somehow, you can’t seem to find it. At least, not the type of love you want.

You’ve had many relationships in your life, but you’ve never managed to find your soulmate and the right person for you. Or you can’t understand why you are always single?

Either way, you feel like there is something blocking you from finding your happiness.

You feel like your happiness is in a way locked, but you don’t know how to set it free. You don’t know what to do to let love come into your life.

Well, fear not because you are not alone. The truth is that many people have the same feeling and that they don’t know what to do about it.

The truth is that you are actually full of negative energy and that you need to do something about cleansing your aura and cleaning your love energy.

Here are the ways which will help you in the process of receiving and giving love.

Clean your life of all negativity

If you are looking for ways to clear your love energy and to open your heart to love and positivity, the first thing you need to do is to clean your life of all negativity.

You might not be aware of it, but the people you are constantly with and the surroundings you are in have a huge impact on your life.

If you are surrounded by negative people, sooner or later, you’ll absorb their negative emotional energy, and it will become a part of you, whether you like it or not.

So the first thing you need to do is to physically stay away from all the people and situations which cause you harm, which annoy you and which make you nervous.

I know that sometimes cutting off people close to you appears to be mission impossible, but there are situations in which this is the only option you have if you want to achieve your goal.

Surround yourself with positive people

When you’ve finally gotten rid of all the negative people in your life, it’s time to surround yourself with positive ones.

Focus on the people who you see are optimistic and on the people who won’t spend all their time with you, burdening you with their own problems.

Focus on the people who believe in you and on the people who push you forward, inspiring you to become a better person, instead of surrounding yourself with those who hold you back.

Focus on the people who make you laugh and the ones who always remind you that tomorrow is a new day.

But most importantly, focus on those who make you feel better, on those who brighten up your day and your life by just being a part of it.

Because these are the only people who deserve to have you by their side.

The same way you absorb negative energy from someone negative, you also absorb positivity and optimism from someone who displays these types of energies.

And this is exactly what you need if you are looking for ways to clear your love energy.

Think positively

When you surround yourself with people who always think positively, after a while, you become just like them.

And although keeping your individuality is something you should always do, this change in your attitude towards life and the way these people affect you is actually more than amazing.

I am not going to lie to you—things won’t change overnight the moment you start thinking optimistically.

You’ll still have some stressful situations, as much as you try to avoid them. You’ll still live through some things you wish you could have avoided.

But after some time, changes will be noticeable.

After some time, you’ll start attracting more positive energy into your life because this will be a type of energy you are sending out to the world.

And after some time, you’ll learn to deal with all of this in a better and a more efficient way.

And this is the whole point—teaching yourself how to handle every challenge life puts in front of you.

Get in touch with nature

One of the ways to clean your mind and to attract positive love energy is to get in touch with the pureness of nature.

I know we all live busy lives and that getting in touch with nature usually seems like a pointless waste of time and energy.

But it is actually much more than this.

Nature is the best place for you to relax and to free your heart and mind. Getting in touch with nature is usually something that will help you get in touch with yourself.

And this is exactly what you need if you are looking for ways to clear your energy.

Love animals? Get a dog! And use every opportunity you can to walk him. Enjoy taking a run? Then, go run!

Do whatever it takes for you to visit nature every time you can, and changes in your energy levels will definitely follow.

Get in touch with your own body

After you get in touch with yourself emotionally and mentally, there comes a time when you need to get in touch with your body.

You might not be aware of the fact that your body health is one of the things which has the biggest impact on your mental health and on your energy.

Therefore, if you want to feel better and attract more positivity, it means you have to start taking better care of yourself.

It means that you have to listen to whatever your body is telling you and that your mental and physical body have to become one.

Are you thirsty or hungry? Are you cold? Too hot? Do you get enough sleep?

One of the best ways to take care of yourself is exercising. I am not saying that you have to get engaged in some serious heavy lifting, but going on a run a few times a week should be your habit.

This is one of the best ways to get rid of all the negative energy which has accumulated inside of you during a stressful day.

Trust me—it will automatically make you feel better and full of strength.

Create your own safe haven

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, you feel the need to run away from your problems and have some time by yourself to process all the negativity which consumed you.

This is why it’s necessary for you to find a private place, a safe haven.

This place can be a spot in the forest or somewhere in your room. Alternatively, your safe haven can also be a person who feels like home.

The only important thing is that this safe haven makes you calm and relaxed, that it is a stress-free zone and a place where you feel you can be your true self.

This will be a place in which you’ll recharge your battery and which will fill you with positivity.

Do whatever makes you happy

What most of us don’t know is that the first thing we have to do is to love ourselves before loving anyone else and before expecting love to come into our life.

You know how you feel more positive every time you do things which make you happy? How you feel better about yourself when you find time to do something that completes you?

Well, this is exactly what you should do to clear your energy.

I know you live a busy life and that you rarely have time for yourself but please, make an effort to find time. I know you always want to be there for everyone else, but it’s time to be there for yourself.

Make yourself a bubble bath or have a long, warm shower. This will wash away all of your troubles and will help you feel emotionally cleaner.

You need to spoil, pamper, and love yourself, before you can expect to find someone who will love you for who you really are.

Clean your space

One of the things which will help you clear your energy is to clear the space around you. Get rid of all the things you don’t need.

Clean all the dust and dirt. Clear your work space, your home and every place in which you spend your time.

You need to stay away from dark rooms and try to spend most of your time in bright areas. This will also lighten you up from the inside.

Trust me—a messy life and work environment will bring you a messy life, as well.


And last but definitely not least is meditation. You might not know it, but this is one of the most successful ways to cleanse your aura and to clear your energy.

Meditation will not help you right away, and you might even find it boring and unnecessary. But trust me—after a while, you’ll see its positive effects.

Meditation will reprogram your brain, and it will be the most effective relaxation method you’ve ever tried.

Besides, it has been scientifically proven that meditation increases your energy and happiness hormones.

Consequently, it makes you feel more positive. It recharges your battery and gives you the necessary fuel.

It also helps you absorb the positive energy around you and help you get rid of all the negativity. And this is exactly what you need if you are looking for ways to change your life.