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9 Things All Good Kissers Have In Common

9 Things All Good Kissers Have In Common

Kissing is one of the most important ways of connecting and we all want to be good at what we’re doing. I mean, no one likes to be called a bad kisser, right?

However, there are some misconceptions when it comes to this.

Many people think that there is some secret formula or pattern that we all should follow in order to proudly carry the title of being an awesome kisser.

But the truth is there are various kissing styles and techniques that are still evolving and there’s certainly not one right way to do it.

People who excel in the art of kissing all have different approaches but there are also some things they all have in common.

Check the list of 9 things all good kissers have in common to see if you’re one of them!

They don’t follow the rules

The most important aspect that all good kissers have in common is never following the rules during hot makeout sessions

And someone who refuses to obey the rules or follow the crowd is a lot more interesting than someone who is afraid to experiment a little.

All good kissers know that there’s no perfect recipe for a perfect kiss. They simply create their own rules and adapt in accordance with the situation.

They build tension little by little

Another important aspect that all good kissers are aware of is building of the tension.

I mean, no one likes to be kissed in a rush or to feel forced to kiss someone just because that other person cannot wait or doesn’t know how to go slowly.

Every good kisser knows that building the tension little by little is the key ingredient when it comes to the hottest make out.

They understand the importance of playing with their partner’s hair, touching subtly and whispering sweet words into their kissing partner’s ear.

They pay attention to their partner’s feelings

This one’s my favorite and I think is one of the crucial things when it comes to the kissing game.

Kissing, just like making love, is a game that demands reciprocity and understanding of other people’s feelings.

All good kissers know how to pay attention to their partner’s feelings instead of just thinking of themselves.

If their partner doesn’t feel really comfortable with something, they automatically notice it and start working on it.

Also, they know just the right words and actions that will make their partner feel better.

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They go with the flow

Another thing that all good kissers have in common is going with the flow.

This means being in the moment and not thinking too much about the perfect timing or if you’re doing something wrong.

Thinking too much about kissing will only result in stress and probably no kissing at all.

It’s all in your mind and it’s all about being comfortable with yourself and being relaxed.

They are patient

Good kissers never rush things, no matter how much they want to kiss their partner.

They know that if they show even a little sign of being impatient, their partner will feel pressured.

And they don’t want that. Their ultimate goal is to have a good time with their partner and slowly and casually getting closer to the kissing moment.

They are willing to step out of their comfort zone

They are willing to try different things and not only follow one kissing pattern.

They are willing to step out of their comfort zone and surprise their partner with some new moves. After all, spicing things up is the key to success.

No one likes to be stuck in a rut. We all enjoy diversity and we aren’t satisfied with mediocrity. And all good kissers know that.

They are always open to learning new things and surprising their partner with different kissing techniques.

They have impeccable oral hygiene

They always make sure to brush their teeth before jumping into the kissing action and they always make sure to have some mints in their pocket.

They also know that they shouldn’t consume certain foods before kissing (like onions) no matter how much they want to.

Even though they wouldn’t mind the onion flavor in their mouth while kissing, they know that their partner might not be really comfortable with it.

They are pros at always thinking forward and taking good care of their oral hygiene.

They’re all in

Many people think that kissing is all about the right movements of your tongue, your lips, etc. and many of us forget that kissing involves a lot more than just connecting your lips.

Good kissers know how to kiss with their whole body and not just one part.

They are all in, they feel the sensations of being connected with their partner and they enjoy every single moment of it.

They use their hands and have eye contact, they hug their partner, play with their hair and so on.

They see kissing as something that involves all of their body and soul and enjoy this ultimate connection more than anything in the world.

They know how to communicate

All good kissers know that communication is another key to success.

When their partner does something really good, they make sure to praise it and tell them that they really enjoyed it. They also expect the same from their partner as well.

You see, good kissers are actually never too confident and they never brag about their kissing skills.

They are humble and caring and this is what makes them really good at it. They are patient and they understand the real meaning of a kiss.

They don’t see it as something that should be done at a certain moment.

They go with the flow, they feel the moment, they kiss their partner with their whole body and mind and they enjoy every single second of it.