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A Letter To My Fuckboy: F*ck You

A Letter To My Fuckboy: F*ck You

If your only goal was to lead me on, congratulations, because you succeeded in it! I just can’t believe that you played this game so well. All those sweet words that you told me to make me go to bed with you. All those touches that made me shiver and all those nights in white cotton sheets that I will never forget. You are really something, you know? You knew a good way to deceive a girl who loved you with all her heart.

But you never loved me. You just loved my body and you thought how you would take advantage of me and move on to another girl. And that’s what you did. After sleeping with me, you moved on to another one, and another one. And you told all of us that you loved us. But what you felt was so far from love. You were justifying yourself for doing that by saying you were young and that you wanted to explore things. But you didn’t think about me and my feelings. You didn’t think that I would be devastated when I found out that you were cheating on me all this time. You won’t be sad because I suffer, crying myself to sleep or skipping meals. You won’t give a damn about me because that is who you are—just one more fuckboy in my life who thinks that he is special.

But you know what? Fuck you! I will get over you, even if it hurts like hell. I will somehow find a way to mend my broken heart and I will never again let a man treat me like you did. What I will never forgive of you is that you knew what kind of a person I really was. You knew that I was a naive, young girl who was shaking every time that you looked at me, because I was head over heels in love with you. I thought that you were my happily ever after and that I would grow old with you. I considered you to be the special man in my life but unfortunately you never thought that about me. I was just one more girl that you had sex with when you wanted it and that was all.

You just used me to have a good time with me, with no strings attached. And I was blind to see all that. I didn’t realize that you were playing mind games with me every time you saw that I might slip from your hands. Then you would reach out to me and grab me with your toxic hands, put me up against the wall and start making love to me wildly. And I would try to push you away so hard but I couldn’t. Every time I would surrender and no matter whether I wanted it or not, I was yours, with my entire body and soul. I gave you everything that I had and you didn’t even want to try to have something serious with me.

You just wanted to have fun and move from one girl to another one. You did the same thing to that cute girl from your college, the one with the great ass. Once you saw her, you told yourself that you had to have her. And you did. After her, you seduced that hot waitress, promising her eternal love. She fell for your lies but you didn’t sweat the small stuff after you hurt her. You didn’t want to make excuses because you already got what you wanted. And you had a proud smile on your face, thinking that you could have any girl that you wanted. I admit that you are a handsome and charming man. Any girl would fall for your sweet smile and your interesting stories.

But in the end, when you show your real face, you won’t be so appealing. In fact, women will run away from you because you are such an ugly man inside. You really don’t have anything to offer and you are more superficial than anyone thinks. And since karma is a bitch, you will suffer as well. You will suffer so hard, like all the women who suffered because of you. A woman will come into your life who will make you feel obsessed with her and your magic won’t work on her. She will be stronger than you and she will be the one who controls the game.

When she leaves you, all sucked dry and broken, you will know how every girl that you took advantage of felt. You will feel the same dose of pain and brokenness and there will be nothing that will make you feel better. And I just hope that this kind of scenario will make you think about the things you did in your past. I hope that you will realize that you made a mistake and that you will never lead on any other woman. There won’t be anyone else who will wonder why they are not enough for you and why you don’t love them like they love you.

The only one asking that question will be YOU!