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A Letter To Someone I Love And Hate At The Same Time

A Letter To Someone I Love And Hate At The Same Time

You are part of my life and I love you with all my heart. I love you for everything you’ve done for me.

I love how you make me smile and how loved I’ve felt since I met you. Can you imagine how big my love is?

Try imagining the highest mountain there is. Now, next to that mountain, imagine one exactly the same. The first one is my love for you. The other one is hatred.

You are my rock, my person, the one who is always there for me, the one who gave me everything I needed in life.

How could I not love you for all of this? You are my first love, my true love and I don’t want to live in this world without you.

Many people are not so lucky to meet their soulmate so early in their life.

I was lucky and I am grateful because of that. You seemed perfect for me in the beginning and as it turned out, you are.

We’ve been through many things together and we matured together. The more I got to know you, the more I loved you.

Also, in the process of getting to know you, I started hating you a little bit. That grew over time.

You knew how much you meant to me and you took advantage of it. You simply neglected my feelings.

We love each other and you think that because of that love I’ll always be with you no matter what.

Baby, that’s not how a relationship works. I love you for the feelings you gave me but hate you for not respecting them. I hate you for giving me thoughts of breaking up with you. But if you keep acting this way, I might have to.

You are angry because your job is not going well. Why do you have to take it out on me? You are frustrated because you are not at the stage of your life you’d want to be at.

Why do you have to take it out on me? Why don’t you hold my hand and let me help you with something that’s bothering you?

Why can’t you be calm and happy that we’re alive and together? It doesn’t take much to be truly happy but you don’t want to see the happiness that’s right in front of you.

I don’t need much in life, only a healthy you. That is my happiness. You are my home and my happy place. I need you to take care of my home and my happy place.

Don’t force yourself, don’t get frustrated at the things you can’t change. I know I am your rock now but you have to understand that even a rock can break.

Once I get to my limits, I’ll fall off of a cliff and you’ll see me broken into a thousand pieces. Is this what you want for someone you love with all your heart and soul?  

Please don’t make me worry about you so much. Don’t be reckless. When you’re leaving town, get ready, pack enough clothes and call me when you get a chance. When you’re at work, don’t get angry.

Simply take a deep breath and remember that I’m waiting for you at home and that at the end of the day, everything will be all right. Take care of your body.

Go to sleep on time. Eat your veggies and walk as much as you can. Make a list of priorities and put yourself as number one.

I don’t care which number I am on that list, as long as you stay number one.

You won’t be able to take care of me if you haven’t taken care of yourself. And I’m telling you this because I want you to take care of me, to be my one and only for the rest of our lives.

Be kind to yourself and be kind to me. Respect my love for you and respect the fact that I’m always thinking of you, so don’t make me worry. If you love me, you won’t make me worry about you ever again.

You will be good to yourself, you will respect your needs, your body and, of course, me.

I don’t want to keep up with you, I want us to have a path we could both walk on. Love should be the name of our path.

Respect could be our shoes and the sparkle in our eyes could be the signs on the path. I don’t want much from life, only health and you by my side.

I don’t understand why you would want anything more. We’ll have each other, be each other’s rock and we’ll get through anything in life.

Don’t ruin what has been built. For the past six years, you’ve been making me very happy. I am still head over heels in love with you.

But you also make me crazy from time to time. You live your life like there’s no tomorrow and consider material things as the only things worth fighting for. And have you noticed how tomorrow always comes?

Remember that I don’t need you. I want you. And I want you to take care of yourself so that I won’t have to take care of you. I want us to take care of our children together. Are you capable of doing that? If not, I’ll have to let you go.

No matter how much I love you, I don’t have the strength to deal with your temper.

And I hate your temper so badly. I’m sorry but sometimes love is not enough.

If I ever say goodbye to you, remember that you’ll always be my soulmate no matter what. I’ll love you till the end of time. Me leaving you will never mean I stopped loving you.

It just means that I respect myself more than you ever did. And, baby, love and respect go hand in hand.