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To Every Girl Who Can’t Decide Between What Her Heart Wants And What Her Mind Says

To Every Girl Who Can’t Decide Between What Her Heart Wants And What Her Mind Says

For as long as you can remember, your mind and heart were unable to find the middle ground.

The two could never reach a compromise and you were left in the middle to try and get them on the same page. Well, you’re not the only one.

Ever since the beginning of the world, people have been struggling with the same dilemma: Should they do the right thing or should they see where their emotions take them?

You’ve been asking yourself this question the most in terms of romantic love.

Who should you choose to be your life partner? Should you be with the man who gives you butterflies or with the one you’re compatible with? Is love enough and worth all the trouble, even when it gives you a ton of headaches?

To be honest, nobody has ever found a perfect solution. Some will advise you to go after your heart’s desires, to forget about the rules and to follow your gut.

They will tell you that it’s the only way not to regret your decisions because even if they’re wrong, at least you’ll always have the satisfaction that at one point, you were brave enough to do what you truly wanted.

Sounds quite romantic, doesn’t it? From one point of view, this really is the right attitude; after all, you only have one life and you certainly shouldn’t waste it by killing your desires and shutting off your emotions.

At the end of the day, that’s what happens in the movies and novels all the time, right?

The characters go against all possible laws of logic and society and blindly follow their heart’s desires, even if their lives depended on not doing so.

They end up living happily ever after each time but real life is quite different from a fairy tale.

What happens when the consequences of your actions come knocking on your door?

What happens when it turns out that your choices weren’t good for you and when they leave painful traces on your life and future?

That’s why some people will tell you to always be realistic; after all, that’s the only chance you have to prevent the pain.

God gave us our reasoning for a reason—to know better than just going after our instincts, to have the capacity to determine what’s right and wrong and to make wise and smart choices.

So, what’s the answer to this everlasting question: How can you stop being so torn apart between what your mind says and what your heart wants?

Well, the key is in balance. Yes, you heard it right; you’re the one who has to find a compromise between these two things and decide when it’s time to listen to each of them.

Your experience will teach you that neither of these two practices is perfect.

As much as you would like to, you can’t go through life doing whatever you want to in the moment and you can’t blindly follow your desires unless you’re ready to face severe consequences which will come sooner or later.

On the other hand, repressing your emotions and turning yourself into a mindless robot is not the thing to do either.

Yes, in this case, you might have a bigger chance of saving yourself from a lot of pain but on the other hand, you’re likely to end up breaking your own heart and condemning yourself to a loveless life.

Let me tell you a little secret about romantic love: It’s not the real deal as long as your mind and heart are fighting about it.

In fact, when you meet someone who is meant to be, both your brain and emotions will be on the same page.

You see, when you meet the perfect man, you will love him with all of your heart and mind and at the same time, you will know that he is right for you.

When this happens, there will be no more dilemmas or doubts; all the pieces of the puzzle called your life will fall into perfect order and you’ll see what true balance really means.

For the first time ever, you won’t be afraid. You’ll stop wandering between your reasoning and emotions and you’ll stop wondering if you chose wisely.

And that’s how you’ll know that you’ve found both your soulmate and your forever person—all in one.