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A Letter To The Girl Who Always Ends Up As A Second Choice

A Letter To The Girl Who Always Ends Up As A Second Choice

Hey gorgeous,

I know that you don’t like being here right now but your good heart brought you here. You were always the one who couldn’t say ‘no’ to people and if you did tell them that, you didn’t feel good. You would feel guilty for not helping them.

But let me ask you something: Have they ever helped you? Have they ever been there for you while your world was falling apart ?

I guess they haven’t because every memory of that brings tears to your eyes. And you know what the worst part is?

You are an amazing human being with a beautiful personality and a clean and pure heart, willing to help everyone.

And you know that you deserve to be someone’s priority but the thing is that you never are. You don’t know what to do or how to act anymore to get the respect you crave so much.

Because whatever you try, you always end up as a second choice, as a girl who others call only when it is convenient for them.

And the bad thing about that is that even he didn’t treat you differently. He was a man who kept you close just because it was convenient for him. Just think about it—did he call you yours that night when he slept with you?

Did he show you to the world because you wanted that? I know that he didn’t and I also know that it broke your heart.

I know that you pretended to be okay but your whole world was falling apart. You were dying inside, wondering why things like that always had to happen to you.

You didn’t know what you did to deserve treatment like that. Well, I will tell you. You were too good to him and he was just an asshole who took advantage of that.

He never called you his girlfriend but he always wanted boyfriend benefits. He would always call you when the rest of his friends had better things to do than to hang out with him.

You were always his second option, a girl who would always be there to make him feel good, to boost his ego and to tell him that he was perfect.

But you never got words like that from him. He always said that you were lucky for him being with you and that you should be thankful for that. And you agreed, thinking that you couldn’t find a better man.

All your hopes sank with his cold words that cut you like the sharpest sword. He was doing you harm but you were calm and patient.

You thought that maybe bit by bit he would change. But he never did. He knew a good way to deceive a girl who was madly in love with him and he took that chance. And you just let him take over you because of your soft and pure heart.

You were too good to him but bad to yourself. You believed in all that he said, you believed in every lie that came out of his mouth.

And that was your first mistake. The day you let him manipulate you, you gave him control over your life. Too bad that he was a bad man who took advantage of that and he led you in the wrong direction.

Instead of bringing love, happiness and harmony to your life, he brought tears, agony and suffering.

And he didn’t feel any remorse for doing that to you. He did all those nasty things to you because he knew that you didn’t give a damn about your life.

He knew that you had low self-esteem and that you would obey everything that he had to say. And that is what you did all this time.

You put up with him and his actions and you were convincing yourself that it was all love and that other couples had the same problems as you. But you know what? Love isn’t supposed to hurt but it’s meant to heal.

And in your case it brought you to the edge, to the place where you didn’t have a chance to save yourself.

And you were pushed into a chasm you couldn’t escape from. And he didn’t even give you his hand to help you out but he was smiling seeing you down, crawling and looking for an escape.

He was a sick bastard who just wanted to see you down, to see you suffering, just so he could feel better.

You expected that he would feel sorry for you but he didn’t. He never did. So now that you have hit rock bottom with him, it is time to move on.

It is finally time to put yourself first because you are a beautiful human being with a kick-ass personality but you just need to say ‘no’ to some people. Don’t ever say ‘yes’ to someone if that will mean saying ‘no’ to yourself.

Respect yourself so others will follow you. You need to show to the world that you actually give a damn about your life and that you will stand up for what you want.

You need to do the same with love relationships. A man who comes into your life needs to prove that he is worthy of you and then you two can develop something serious.

Please, don’t ever give your heart to someone just to avoid being alone. Let love come to you at its own pace and don’t push or hurry anything.

Just enjoy the moment, enjoy small things and never let yourself be sad because of some jerk who just wants to take advantage of you.

Because you deserve more than that. You deserve to be happy, to be loved and taken care of. You deserve a man who will put a smile on your face, telling you that he is so lucky to have you in his life.

You see, you don’t deserve someone who comes back. You deserve someone who never walks away.

You deserve a man who will give you all his love and be happy because he is giving it to the best woman he has ever met.

Baby, you deserve someone who will make you nothing less than a PRIORITY!