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A Letter To The Girl Who Doesn’t Believe In Love Anymore

A Letter To The Girl Who Doesn’t Believe In Love Anymore

Hey girl,

I know why you clicked on this article. You want to see that there is someone else who doesn’t believe in love anymore, just like you.

You want to see that you are not alone, that you are not weird and that others have had bad luck just like you.

Because even if it is so sad when love dies and when you stop believing in it, it somehow gets better when you see someone else going through everything that you went through.

Even if you are sorry for all those people who don’t believe in love, you feel better for not being alone in all of this.

I suppose something pretty bad happened to you and because of that, you stopped believing in love.

Maybe he was your first love, and he chose another woman. Maybe he was the apple of your eye, but he never put you first. Maybe the two of you were never meant to be together. Whatever the reason might be, you feel like you do right now.

You feel like you are completely broken and like no one can do anything to fix you.

You think that love won’t come into your life anymore and that you are just so unlovable.

You simply can’t shake off all those negative thoughts in your head, and they consume you in the way you never believed they could.

You feel that the way you think rules the life you run, and you can’t do anything about that. And it gets worse and worse from day to day.

But wait.

Just because you had one bad love experience doesn’t mean that all men are the same. Just because you ran into a jerk who broke your heart doesn’t mean that every other man who comes along will do the same thing.

Please bear in mind that good things don’t happen overnight. And be prepared that you will have to wait for the right one to come into your life and show you how love can be beautiful.

Don’t give up on love so easily.

Don’t make walls around your heart, so nobody can win you over. Don’t close your eyes in front of the blessings that heaven sends you. Maybe happiness is in front of your nose, but you don’t see it.

That’s why you need to change your perspective. You need to change your outlook on life because nothing is what it looks like.

I know that you have been hurt and that there are deep scars on your heart, but what is the point of having a heart if you won’t use it?

Are you going to live your life without love just because of one bad experience?

Are you going to miss all the mornings cuddled with the man of your life? Are you going to miss his kisses, hugs and words of love?

Are you going to miss every ‘I love you’ from his mouth when you are going through a rough period of your life? And the happy ones too?

Are you just going to give up so easily girl?

Give up on love,  on the moments of happiness and joy, on all those times you lose breath because of his words full of love and affection?

Tell me, is one wrong man worth not taking a chance on the right one?

Do you want to give pleasure to the wrong one to see you down? Does he deserve to see that you closed your heart for true love because of him?

Let me answer this question for you: He doesn’t!

Just because he broke you doesn’t mean that you can’t be glued together. Just because he hurt your feelings doesn’t mean you can’t find happiness again.

And just because he is an asshole doesn’t mean others will be like that, too.

That’s why I want to show you how much you will lose if you continue behaving like that.

Trust me, nobody wants to stay alone their whole life without love, without someone to make their days, and without someone who will love them unconditionally.

That’s why I want to tell you that you should wake up. Wake up from that depression you got stuck into.

Wake up and live—that is your purpose after all.

Just because others didn’t give you love doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it to someone else. Just because your heart has been broken doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it anymore.

And just because you failed the first time doesn’t mean you should give up on the next one.

I believe in you, and I know that behind that small and frightened little girl, there is a woman with the heart of a lioness who is ready to take full control of her life.

I know that you can do so much more than you think. And every time you stop believing in yourself, I will be here to give you that wind to your back. I will always be there to tell you that you should try and that you don’t have anything to lose.

I will be the strong one when you are weak, and I will never let you give up. Because love is too beautiful a thing to give up on.

You will realize that if you just open your heart a bit, You will see how blessed you can be with the right one. If you give a love a shot, you won’t feel like the last time.

This time you will see what real love looks like. When the right man comes along, he will bring back your faith in love. He will make you feel like you have never felt before.

And it will be the best feeling to you.

And when that happens, I hope you will remember my words while cuddling in his arms in the early morning, smiling with pleasure. I hope you will finally be happy and that you will feel the peace within because you gave yourself another shot.

Girl, I hope you will be proud of yourself for being strong enough to give love a second chance.

I know I am.

With love,

The one who once lost faith in love