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An Open Letter To Boyfriend Expressing Hurt Feelings

An Open Letter To Boyfriend Expressing Hurt Feelings

Is there anything worse than a broken heart? And the sad thing is that you never see it coming.

You think that the person in front of you will always give you the love you deserve.

After all, they’re YOUR person. You don’t doubt them.

And then, all of a sudden, they turn into a stranger who mercilessly tears you apart. You barely know what to do. You stand frozen… and all alone.

But, it’s okay to be lost. It’s okay to have relationship struggles, too. Their actions can never be justified, but I do hope you know that it’s not necessarily the end…

If you feel bad, let it out. Write a letter to boyfriend expressing hurt feelings.

If you’re doing it for the sake of your mental health, that’s fine. If you talk because you want to fix your problems, that’s also fine.

Whatever you feel is valid. But, if you’re not quite sure how to start expressing your feelings, take a look at the open letter below.

A Letter To Boyfriend Expressing Hurt Feelings

sad woman writing a letter in dark room

My loved one,

Where do I even begin? What I feel inside is too overwhelming for words, but I still believe they’re necessary.

If I don’t tell you how I feel, we’ll never move past this, and we’ll just keep falling apart… silently… surely…

You hurt me. You broke me to pieces. Not because of what you did but because it was YOU who did it. I never expected you to be the one to treat me that way.

You knew I was in a bad place, yet you said such awful things, things that might scare me forever. That was the first time I wanted to break up with you.

Your words keep echoing inside my head, destroying me over and over again. I wanted to put my mental health first and drive you out of my life.

I thought: ”How will I ever take care of myself properly when I have someone like this in my life? How will I ever become a better person if he keeps reminding me of everything I did wrong?”

I know what I’m guilty of. I’m not afraid to take responsibility for my actions. But, aren’t we all guilty? Does that mean I am less deserving of love?

That’s all I really wanted – for you to love me, for you to hug me tightly when my world was falling apart. Instead, you were the one to make it fall apart.

But that’s not all… From that moment, I felt abandoned and alone in the world. I thought you were the one person who understood me, the one who could pull me out of the darkness.

I didn’t think you’d ever judge me for having a hard time, nor that you would make me lose my self-worth.

You know how much I tried! You know that fighting depression hasn’t been easy for me, yet you weren’t there for me. You just threw your accusations around when all I wanted was for you to tell me that it’ll be okay.

You made me a promise. You told me you would always support me no matter what I was going through. Why couldn’t you honor those words?

I tried to pretend that I was okay, that you didn’t hurt my feelings. But, when we talked the next morning, I knew that wouldn’t be so easy.

I even doubted you for a moment. I said to myself: ”He’s not the love of my life. If he were, he wouldn’t treat me this way.”

But, the next moment, it all became clear – I knew I had to say everything that has been weighing me down.

I’m not writing you this letter to blame you for what you did. I just want you to know how much you hurt me because if I don’t let it out, it’ll ruin our relationship forever.

And, I don’t want that. I still think of you as my soulmate, the one I’m supposed to be with the rest of my life.

Do you feel that way, too? Don’t you think we deserve a second chance? Do you think that you will be more gentle with me next time?

I know things haven’t been perfect lately, but have you really forgotten all the good times?

Have you forgotten the years we spent making each other laugh and you loving me when I’m at my most unlovable?

We’ve always had great chemistry, and I know it sounds silly, but the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew I would love you forever.

And here I am, years later, and nothing has changed.

Yet… I miss you. It’s only been one fight, but it tore me apart. It’s like we created a space between us, but neither of us has the guts to admit it even exists, let alone cross it.

That’s why I made this decision… writing a love letter to boyfriend expressing hurt feelings and heartbreak. After all, I’ve always been a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve.

I believe we can work it out. The last thing I want is to lose you.

For God’s sake, I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you. And, I know you love me, too. We can solve any problem that comes between us because it’s not stronger than our bond.

I’ve never been very good at letting go. I’m someone who remembers every single bad thing anyone has ever done to me. But, this is you…

You’re the one person I would forgive anything, the one person I could look at only with loving eyes. You’re my one true love.

But, I know I have hurt you, too. In a moment of rage, I’ve said things I’m not proud of. Maybe you started the fight, but that’s still no excuse. We are both to blame.

Do you think you could forgive me, too? Do you think we can put this behind us?

After all, we are only human beings. We can’t be flawless. Making mistakes is what we do. Otherwise, how can we learn?

I believe that these trials and tribulations are necessary. I believe they’ll make our connection even stronger. I just believe… in us.

I can’t lose my best friend in the whole world. Who would I share my silly thoughts with then? Who else would understand my weird sense of humor?

Please… can we go back to how we used to be? It’s only been a few days, but it feels like an eternity.

I kept trying to tell you how I felt. I would sit down, start typing a message, and then thoughts would creep in… ”Oh, come on, he hurt you. He should be the one to apologize,” or ”Oh my God, you sound so desperate!”

But, here I am! Why? Because I don’t see this as desperation. I see it as fighting for the man I love.

I don’t care that you haven’t said anything yet. I get it. I know it’s hard for you to be emotionally vulnerable. It’s been hard for me, too.

But, I had a moment of clarity last night – someone has to take the first step. I don’t mind that being me because this isn’t about that at all. This is about keeping our relationship alive.

This may be a letter to boyfriend expressing hurt feelings, but I also want to say that I’m sorry.

Truly, not even a thousand apologies could express how awful I feel.

It wasn’t my intention to make you feel unworthy. And I know your intentions weren’t bad either.

We may have said things we didn’t mean, but let’s not ruin the beautiful thing we have over a bad day.

We’ll just make sure to treat each other with love and respect in the future. But, we can’t do that unless we talk about the past.

Hell, why don’t we recreate that evening, erase it from our memories entirely?

I’ll talk about my troubles, and you won’t try to encourage me.

You’ll just take me by the hand and carefully listen to what I have to say. No judgment. No words at all, for that matter.

Just a soft, empathetic look and a gentle smile that says, ”I’m always here for you.”

Do you think we can do that? Do you feel the same way I do? As hurt as I am, you’re a man I don’t want to let go of. I believe our love is so strong that it can withstand any storm.

People say that love isn’t enough, but they’re wrong.

It’s love that’s kept us together all these years. It’s love that made me write this open letter. It’s a million little things that always make me find my way back to you.

We may have lost our way, but we won’t be lost forever. You still have my heart, even though it’s been bruised.

Besides, bruises heal. We can heal it… with our love.

So, my darling, what do you say? Is it you and me still? Shall we forgive each other? Shall we love each other even more fiercely in the new year to come?

If your answer is yes, you know where to find me.


Your baby girl

How To Write A Letter To Boyfriend Expressing Hurt Feelings

unhappy woman writing a letter

If you’ve reached your breaking point and want to write your own letter to your boyfriend, try answering the next questions first:

• In what way did your boyfriend hurt you?

• How did you want him to treat you?

• How does it all make you feel?

• Do you think your relationship is worth saving?

• If yes, what can you do to fix your problems.

Since you intend to write a letter to boyfriend expressing hurt feelings, it may be better to answer these questions on paper.

Think about each one carefully. And then, just let your emotions do the rest.

Trust me, you will write the best letter when you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by what you feel.

Final Thoughts

woman in yellow shirt reading a letter

I hope that this letter to boyfriend expressing hurt feelings will help you create one of your own.

Nobody should bottle up their grief. You deserve to be heard, and it’s always best to talk directly to the person who hurt you.

I believe you can fix things. But, even if it all goes wrong, you will know you have tried, and you won’t look back with regret wishing you did more.

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