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A Man Like Him Is Not Worth Your Tears

A Man Like Him Is Not Worth Your Tears

Trust me. A man like him is not worth your tears because if he was, he would have never made you cry in the first place.

Don’t give him the satisfaction of watching you cry or seeing you sad because that is exactly what he wants to see.

He wants to be sure that you’re still crying over your bad decision to be with him, that you’re still the same innocent girl crying for his love and attention, that you’re still the same girl who would do anything for him to come back to you.

But, you’re not!

Don’t give him the satisfaction to think that you are. You’re no longer the same girl you used to be, and that is more than okay.

People change, and change is what makes us become stronger and wiser in our future decisions. It is an inevitable force that opens your eyes and makes you see the things you were unable to see all of this time.

It makes you realize that a man like him is not worth your time.

And he will never be. If he weren’t there for you when you needed him most, you most certainly don’t need him now to comfort you in the pain that he has created himself.

You don’t need a man who is unwilling to work on himself and realize the consequences of his actions.

You don’t need a man to make you feel good about yourself because he is not even capable of making himself happy.

And such man is not worth your time. He doesn’t deserve to be in your life because he didn’t do anything to prove that he’s worthy of it.

Don’t hold on to something that was never meant to stay.

He was just a random stranger who accidentally knocked on your door, seduced you into believing that you know him and then walked away. He never meant to stay in the first place.

A man who is determined to stay will do anything to make it possible.

He didn’t know how to treat you with respect, appreciation and admiration because these are all the traits of a real man and not a man like him.

And that is why he’s not worth being in your memory. He belongs to your past which you should let go of.

Devote yourself to the present.

Think about all the good things you have in life, and be thankful for them.

Don’t cry over a man who was a mistake because mistakes will always happen, and you can’t do anything about that. But what you can do is to collect your thoughts, and devote yourself to living in the present.

Delete all of the bad moments from your past, live in the present and look forward to the future. The present will bring you relief, and the future will bring you hope.

Don’t give up now when you’re halfway there! Breathe in, gather your courage and spend time with people you love and with people that love you.

Remember that it will pass.

No matter how hard it may seem now, remember that you will not feel this way forever. It is just a temporary transformation of your soul that is necessary in order to make you ten times stronger and bolder for the future things that are about to come.

And believe me, magical things will happen when you decide to let go of your past and a man who is not worth your love.

When you decide to live a life you deserve living. When you don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

Great things happen when you’re open to the future and to the man who will know how to take care of your heart.