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10 Things Every Woman Who Knows Her Worth Expects From A Relationship

10 Things Every Woman Who Knows Her Worth Expects From A Relationship

Before you find the relationship you need and deserve, firstly you have to be aware of your own worth.

You need to know exactly what you are looking for and should never even think of settling for less.

There are some things you’ll expect from a relationship the moment you acknowledge your worth, and here are 10 of them.


Every woman knows that respect is one of the most important foundations of every healthy relationship.

She knows that a man can never love you for real if he doesn’t respect you.

A woman who knows her worth will never settle for a guy who shows her even the tiniest signs of disrespect.

Instead, she will look for a man who will respect her as an individual, as a woman and as his partner.


One of the qualities of a strong woman who knows her true worth is her independence.

This girl has been an individual person before she entered the relationship, and she doesn’t plan on losing that individuality just because she fell in love.

Don’t get me wrong—she knows how to act as part of a couple, but that doesn’t mean that she’ll allow any man to deprive her from being the independent and self-sufficient woman she’s always been.


A woman who knows her worth will never act in a needy or clingy manner in a relationship, no matter how much she loves her boyfriend.

And she will never accept to be with a man who is trying to make her the prisoner of his jealous and possessive behavior.

If you are a guy who wants to be with this type of woman, you need to be ready to give her enough space because she doesn’t want to feel caged by the relationship.

She had a life before you, and she doesn’t plan on forgetting about everyone and everything just because you’ve become a part of it.

She needs time for her friends and family and for things which make her happy.

But most of all, she needs time for herself, and she expects to have that.


Another thing this woman expects from her partner is appreciation.

No, she doesn’t need him returning every single favor she did for him or being grateful all the time, but she doesn’t want to be with someone who won’t know how to appreciate all of her sacrifices and efforts.

She doesn’t need a man who will take her for granted, thinking that it is her duty to put all the effort into a relationship without him doing anything.

When she gives her entire self to someone, she wants to know that she is completely appreciated.


One of the things this girl will never do is beg for your love. When in a relationship, she demands her partner’s undivided attention.

It doesn’t mean that she wants him to disregard his life completely for her sake.

She just wants a man who will dedicate his time and energy to her, without her having to ask for it.

This girl will never be in a one-way relationship in which she feels like she has to force her man to be with her.

Equality and partnership

A woman who knows her worth also knows that every successful relationship has to be a two-way street.

It means that both partners have to be ready to make compromises for the sake of making it work and that they are completely equal in every aspect of the relationship.

She’ll never agree to being beneath her loved one because she doesn’t want just any relationship—she wants a partnership in every sense of that word.

That means she won’t put up with a man who tries to act like he is above her in any way.


This girl won’t be with a man who doesn’t have the decency to put her first when she has done nothing but prioritize him.

And she definitely won’t be the only one trying.

What she wants is for her partner is to show that he cares for her and for this relationship. She will give him exactly the same amount of effort he is ready to put in.

Healthy communication

There cannot exist a healthy relationship without healthy communication.

This girl expects to have a completely honest partner with whom she can talk about everything.

This doesn’t mean that she hopes of having an argument-free relationship because something like that would be impossible.

Instead, she expects a mature man who has the ability to engage in productive dialogue.

She wants someone who won’t be scared to speak his mind and a man who won’t have trouble expressing his feelings.


A woman who values herself values her body, as well. She is passionate, and she has embraced her sexuality.

This means that she won’t settle for a man who doesn’t put an effort into pleasing her in bed.

Instead, she wants passion, fire and chemistry. She wants a man with whom she’ll get along both inside and outside the bedroom.


The last but most certainly not the least important thing every woman who has seen her worth expects from a relationship is real love.

This girl knows what true love is not, and this is not something she will bargain about.

She won’t be with someone who is incapable of loving or with a man who isn’t ready to love her the way she deserves.

Instead, she expects unconditional and everlasting love, and she knows she’ll find it sooner or later.