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A Strong Woman Won’t Chase You – She Will Replace You

A Strong Woman Won’t Chase You – She Will Replace You

Whether someone wants to admit it or not, the truth is that most girls follow a similar pattern when they have the misfortune to run into a douchebag who is trying to play them.

Instead of getting away from him as soon as possible and sparing themselves all the pain that is inevitably coming in the future in time, they do completely the opposite.

It’s the same with serial cheaters, narcissists and all other toxic types of guys—instead of running away from them, some girls run after them.

And let’s be honest—who can blame them?

It is not that these women enjoy being hurt or that they like wasting years of their life on a relationship that is doomed to fail. 

It’s just that these assholes manage to convince them that they’re the ones who could change them.

They manipulate each one of these girls into believing that she’ll be that special lady who’ll force this jerk into getting his shit together and that she’ll be the only one who’ll succeed in transforming his lifestyle.

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Bad boys represent a challenge to most girls and instead of saving themselves, these women choose to try and save them.

Of course, each one ends up disappointed and heartbroken after this type of guy is done with her.

However, this girl is in no way like the rest.

She is completely different and one of a kind so if you plan on attracting her with your mind games, you couldn’t be more wrong.

You see, this woman is strong.

She can be madly in love with you but if she sees that you’re not right for her, she’ll kick you out of her life in the blink of an eye, even though it means she’ll have to break her own heart.

She knows who she is and knows what and who she deserves and she definitely won’t lower her standards just because you made her heart tremble.

She has dignity, so she’ll never settle for crumbs of your love she needs to beg for.

She appreciates herself too much not to sit around and patiently wait for you to get your shit together.

She won’t put her life on hold until you choose her and she certainly won’t let you drag her into your sick and immature emotional games.

The main difference between her and everyone else lies in the fact that she would never chase you.

Instead, she will replace you before you know it, if you prove to be unworthy of her time and energy.

Don’t get me wrong—she is not the type of girl who jumps from one relationship to the next and definitely not the type who can’t be single.

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However, she will walk away from you and go in search of a man who deserves her and who can give her everything she wants and needs the second you even come to think about mistreating her.

She won’t spend years trying to win you back over or waiting for you to come back every time you decide to dump her.

She won’t spend sleepless nights in her bedroom overthinking your behavior and analyzing every word you said, trying to get to the bottom of your intentions and feelings.

She won’t waste her energy on a man who puts her second, on a man who is not putting any effort into his relationship with her or on a man who isn’t sure about her.

She won’t settle for a guy who isn’t consistent in his behavior and whose words don’t match his actions.

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Instead of being trapped in an endless circle of love and hate and of break-ups and make-ups, she would rather move on to someone else once she sees that you two have no future together.

Instead of giving you second chances and trying to fix your relationship which is broken beyond repair, she will look for a guy who will never do her wrong in the first place.

It is actually pretty simple—as harsh as this might sound, if you show her that you’re wrong for her, she will replace you with a more suitable man.

For a man who will love her in all the ways she wants and deserves to be loved and for a man‎ who won’t use her as an ego boost.

Yes, this woman will love you like no other girl ever did.

Yes, she will forgive you many times but once she is finally done, you won’t be able to do anything to win her heart back over.

A Strong Woman Won’t Chase You - She Will Replace You