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I’m Sorry, But She’s Too Tired To Waste Her Life On You

I’m Sorry, But She’s Too Tired To Waste Her Life On You

There is nothing greater than a woman’s true love. When a woman loves, she loves with all of her heart.

When a woman loves, she puts her life on hold and focuses only on you. She opens up her heart to you and lets you in. She trusts you with her soul, and she’s not afraid to be vulnerable.

When a woman loves you, it’s a blessing.

She will keep you safe from the pain. She’ll do anything that is in her power to protect you because she loves you.

She can’t stand seeing you sad and alone. Your pain is her own. That’s how much she loves you.

Nothing feels warmer than her strong hug when you reach your breaking point, when you don’t know where to go next. Nothing feels safer than her holding you in her arms.

A woman like this will give you shelter.

She will be the rock you lean on when you have no more strength. She will be the voice of conscience telling you to move on when you feel like you’re stuck. She will be your guardian angel who’ll show you the light on the darkest of days.

Having her by your side is something you can’t put a price on. It’s something you can’t thank God enough for having.

You have to realize that you’re one hell of a lucky person to have this woman by your side.

When you’re lost, she’ll help you find your way. She won’t judge and yell to get it together because she knows that you try.

She knows that losing ourselves can happen to anyone, and she’ll give you enough time and support to get back on the right path.

But, don’t think you can take advantage of that. Don’t think she’ll wait for you forever.

She has her boundaries and believe me, you don’t want to cross them.

She won’t give you infinite chances. She will run out of patience if you decide to stop trying.

You’ll be at peace by her side. You’ll feel safe and loved. Her touch will will make your whole body tingle. Her touch will make everything better.

Her breathing will assure you that everything is fine. Right there, when you’re lying next to each other.

Just the movement of her chest and the warm breath she releases will be the only things you need.

You could have had it all, but you blew it. See how many beautiful things she was willing to do for you? See how lucky you were to have her by your side? Why was that not enough for you?

You blew it, and now she’s gone.

She won’t waste her life on you. She can give you her trust, and she can hope for the best, but if you take that for granted, she will be out of your life before you know it.

She is strong enough to live on her own. Just like when she loved you, she loved you with all of her heart, but now that she’s left you, you’re probably never going to lay your eyes on her.

She is not scared to take life by its horns and wrestle it. She is not scared to take responsibility for everything that happens to her. She is not a coward to walk away when it gets tough.

She realized you’re making a fool out of her and taking advantage of the kindness of her heart. You turned her into a naive fool she doesn’t want to be.

So she walked out of the door and closed it shut behind her, with the intention of never letting you back in her life.

She won’t cry many tears for you. She’ll be sad. She’ll feel betrayed, but her life will go on. She’ll never give up on herself. This time, she only gave up on you.

You made her feel replaceable, like she’s nothing special, nothing much. But, sadly for you, you misjudged her.

She is something. She is special. You were an idiot for not seeing it sooner.

She refuses to be ‘nothing much’ to anyone. She refuses to be a backup plan, something along the way.

Now stay far away and watch her bravery as she walks out on you. Watch her strength, and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two because honey, she won’t waste her life on you.

Who says it’s easy? Who says she doesn’t love you still?

Can you imagine the amount of pain that is going through her whole body because she has to walk out on someone whom she still loves.

She has to leave you because there is no other solution. It is either that or destroying her life by living in the constant hope that you’ll notice her, that you’ll appreciate her.

Sorry, but she’s better than that.