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A Thank You Letter To My Big Sister

A Thank You Letter To My Big Sister

Dear Sister,

There are so many things I admire about you and have to thank you for.

Let me just start with saying thank you for just being you. You are everything I aspire to be.

You are confident, strong, determined, loving, kind and generous. You don’t have a bad bone in your body and you never do anything to compromise your kind heart and tender soul.

You have always been the best role model, and you bravely paved the way for me and made sure I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

I am really blessed to have you as both a sister and a friend, and I can honestly say I have learned so much from you. I am blessed to have you, and I hope you will never change.

Thank you for always having time for me. I really appreciate how you never make me feel like a burden.

Whenever I need to talk, you’re there. Through my every heartbreak, every tear and every fear of not being good enough, there you were, wiping away my tears and making sure I knew my worth.

Thank you for putting up with my stubborn head. I know I’m not always easy to be around and that I can talk your ear off, but you never resent me for it.

You know how I am deep inside, so you know I never mean anything to come off as rude or mean, and you never hold grudges.

Thank you for always making me feel included. As we were growing up, I know it wasn’t the coolest thing to bring your little sister everywhere, and you probably weren’t happy about it at the time, but I really appreciate you making time for me even when you would rather have been with your friends.

I will never forget all those times you let me tag along with you to the mall, going on long rides with you and your friends or letting me join you for coffee dates. It really made my day.

Thank you for always being my best friend. I know it sounds like such a cliché, but there really is no friend like a sister. I can tell you literally anything.

I can share with you my deepest, darkest insecurities that I wouldn’t dream of telling anyone else.

And I won’t even feel weird about. It feels completely normal to share with you the most insane parts of myself. Thank you for that.

Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on too many times to count. Thank you for dropping everything every time I was in need, and coming to my aid.

It made me feel so much better. Thank you for never making me feel like I’m burdening you with anything.

I know it can be too much sometimes, but you could never tell because you do everything with the best intentions and I truly admire you for it.

I consider myself very lucky that I got to share everything in life with you.

We were side by side through absolutely everything in life and I wouldn’t be able to imagine it any other way.

Thank you for being my partner in crime in every adventure I went on.

Thank you for never questioning it, but rather just joining me along for the ride, and hoping for the best.

I’m so glad we can be so honest with each other without anyone feeling offended.

There is nothing I can’t tell you and vice versa. I could never imagine sharing with anyone else the things I can share with you.

People would probably think I was a freak at times, but you’d always understand, and that’s what’s important to me.

Thank you for always telling me how it is, and never sugarcoating anything.

If my hair’s a mess, you’ll be the first to tell me. If my face looks swollen and I look like a zombie, you’ll tell me with no hesitation.

Nobody else would dare, but you always would, and thank God for that. If not for your brutal honesty, God only knows where I’d be.

Thank you for being on the same wavelength as me! I feel like we can communicate without words and we’d understand each other better than anyone ever.

You can read my mind, and know exactly when something is bothering me, regardless of how hard I’m trying to hide it.

You always sense when I’m down and come to talk it over with me. I feel so much better, without even knowing I needed it.

I don’t even have to use words with you, we know exactly what the other one is thinking, just by looking at each other. It really comes in handy when we’re with a bunch of people.

Just one look and we know exactly what the other one is feeling and what she wants to say. How freaking awesome is that?

Thank you for knowing me better than I know myself. Thank you for always knowing exactly what I need without me having to say it.

You know what makes me happy and you know what makes me sad, and I never have to say it out loud.

When I’m annoyed at someone, you’re the first person to know and you’d never tell anyone. I think that’s so awesome. I swear we’re like twins!

Thank you for being my biggest supporter. You have always believed in me, more than I ever believed in myself, and helped me see my worth and my potential when I failed to.

You always encouraged me to follow my dreams, reassuring me if I ever had any doubts, and God knows I did!

Thank you for pushing me to be a better person. I always strive to do what I feel you would do in every situation, and if I get the sense that you wouldn’t approve, I’ll probably never do that thing.

You’re my moral compass, and one of the rare people whose opinion is of utmost importance to me.

I never want to let you down, so I make sure you’re always proud of my choices.

I really appreciate how you always let me be myself. You never make me change and you encourage me to stay exactly the way I am. If people can’t accept that, they aren’t meant to be in my life.

I see that now. And I promise I will never change for anyone. I am always going to be unapologetically me, and who doesn’t like it – their problem. I feel no need to justify myself to anyone, which I learned from you.

And lastly, thank you for making me laugh so much. There I nobody who gets my sense of humor like you.

We could literally die of laughter at stuff only you and I would find funny!

I cried laughing so  many times with you, and people probably think we’re lunatics, but I think it’s so awesome to be able to laugh at the exact same things and know exactly what the other one is going to find beyond funny!

That is really important to me. Laughing is my favorite thing to do, and there is no one who can make me cry from laughter like you.

You are one of the funniest people I’ve ever known, and the amount of laughter that happens when we’re in the same room is beyond any measure and I absolutely love it.

I really appreciate you as a person, sister, friend, daughter and any other function that you hold in your life!

You are one special lady, and I’m so thankful for you! I hope we get a hundred more years of laughing at the stupidest things. Nothing would make me happier.

All the love,

Your little Sis