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14 Surprising Yet Adorable Signs He Is Afraid To Fall For You

14 Surprising Yet Adorable Signs He Is Afraid To Fall For You

Are you interested in finding out if he is afraid to fall for you? Have you already noticed some signs that might reveal that you are his crush?

Well, to be honest, men are usually thrilled about falling in love, but none of them will admit it.

They all, deep inside, crave love and affection like we do. The only difference is that we are willing to talk about it, while they will act uninterested even when they actually really, really want to have someone by their side to love.

Sometimes, his fear of commitment can lead you on the wrong path. You may just give up on him because you think he is not that into you.

He isn’t showing emotions; he’s probably even very nervous around you.

Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t have the hots for you. It can be the complete opposite.

He does have the hots, but he is scared of how much he likes you.

Here is how you’ll definitely know he is just chickening out and needs a little nudge because he likes you, but is afraid to admit it.

He’ll send you all kinds of mixed signals

You’ll go crazy trying to interpret his messages. You see, he himself doesn’t know how to act and that’s why he is being so weird.

One moment he is into you and the next he is nowhere to be found.

He is confused because he likes you, but for some reason, he is scared to act on it.

Maybe he’s been hurt before. Maybe he was never lucky in a relationship and now he doesn’t want the same old story to repeat itself, so he is acting that way.

You haven’t met his parents

He’s keeping you in the dark because he doesn’t know what he wants.

Usually, when a guy is in love, he will introduce his new girlfriend – the love of his life – to all the important people in his world, including his friends and, of course, family.

They are the most important part of his life and if you want approval, you have to go through his family.

It isn’t that he is ashamed of you or anything like that, and that’s why he hasn’t introduced you to them yet; it’s just that he knows it’s a big step to take. He knows there is no going back from there.

What would happen if you broke up is that his parents would drive him crazy with questions like, “Where did that nice girl disappear to? Why aren’t you together anymore? What did you do?” and so on.

Since he is still overwhelmed with everything new going on in his life, you, he needs a bit of time to process things and get rid of his fear.

He is in no hurry

He wants to take things slow and practically keep it light. Well, this means he likes you, but (and there is always a but) he is probably not ready to be with you for real.

He definitely has some unresolved issues that life has thrown at him and he needs to deal with them.

Don’t assume right away that he doesn’t like you if he spends time with you and enjoys your company yet he keeps you at arm’s length. Leave him be and go on living your life.

If he realizes later on that he has loved you all this time, great! If not, you’ll get by fine without him.

He is there when you need him

Although you’re not together, he will always be there for you when you need a helping hand.

He will be there as a friend when you need to move out, to have someone help you carry your stuff, or when you’re in trouble and you need someone to bail you out.

He will always be there to give you his support. Real friends do that, but men who secretly love you do that too.

He’ll stick around when there is no one else left. That’s how you’ll know he likes you but is scared to fall for you. That’s one of the biggest signs he has strong feelings for you

He remembers the small stuff

Does he memorize all those little things that mean the world to you? Only people who deeply care for someone will remember the small stuff, stuff that no one else cares about.

He is one of those people. He will keep tabs on your cat’s name, where your sister goes to school, and all those other trivial things that no one remembers.

When you’re sick, he’ll come over and bring you soup. This shows that he is interested in you, as these small details that no one notices is what separates him from the rest.

He gets a bit jealous when you talk about other guys

He doesn’t have to show you exactly what he is jealous about – he’ll never tell you that – but you’ll see from the way he behaves.

You’ll see that he’ll change the subject if you’re talking about your guy friends, or he’ll get nervous and won’t be able to control his feelings or reactions.

This is kind of cute as long as it’s harmless and doesn’t put you in danger.

Jealousy can be a bitch and it’s hard to get rid of, but if the guy you’re hanging out with starts getting just a bit jealous only because you’re talking about other guys, then you have to be aware that he likes you and is afraid of losing you, but just doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Maybe he has been hurt before and he doesn’t want the same thing to happen again.

So, please don’t be too harsh on him because he is facing some new emotions as well.

He is overprotective

He’ll go out of his way to keep you safe. You know how some things in life are really logical?

For example, it would be more than logical to let you walk a tiny distance to your car alone rather than walk you to it. Well, when a man is in love, logic disappears.

He will do things spontaneously, the way his heart tells him and not his mind.

All rationality will fly out the window. He will walk you to your car even though there is nothing that could possibly harm you in such a small distance.

But a man in love only sees you, fears you might get hurt, and wants to be there to protect you.

He has “that” look

You know that shy look he gets when he wants to say something but doesn’t have enough courage to do it?

Yeah, that one! Well, a guy who likes you will definitely make eye contact with you, but he’ll avert his eyes the moment you return the gaze.

This is a proven sign that he is falling for you but that he is scared to make the first move.

It is clear that he is not interested in other women and that he just wants to be with you.

He loves you for all that you are and what you represent, and he wants his new relationship to be perfect this time.

You will notice that every time he looks at you, he grins and has that mysterious look that proves he is head over heels in love with you.

Even if someone else tries to hit on him, he will refuse to start anything with them, knowing that you are the woman to love and he wants to have only you in his life.

He will even speak about you with his best friend and admit to him that he is facing some new emotions.

That is a sure sign he is ready for a relationship and that he just wants to feel true love.

He will be shy at first

A guy like this will barely make the first eye contact because he is so shy.

But the catch is that he doesn’t behave like that in front of other women.

In fact, with them, he is totally different and he has no problem to open up to them.

That is a sure sign that he doesn’t consider them potential partners but rather those he will just hang out with.

But when he is with you, he has a hard time talking about anything because he doesn’t want to make a fool out of himself.

He does it for various reasons and you should try to understand that. Maybe his love life has never been what he’s been hoping for.

Or maybe someone else hurt him in the past and now he can’t relax. But it is obvious that he loves you the way you are and that he wants to try to develop a stable and healthy relationship with you.

His body language is screaming he likes you

If you want to know whether he likes you or is scared, just pay more attention to his body language.

Is he trying to sit next to you all the time? Is he always paying attention to what you say, turning his body toward you when you speak? Does he automatically always position himself that he’s facing you?

If your answer is positive, then all these things are signs he likes you.

He wants to be with you all the time and even if it is a problem for him to make the first move, he will do anything to win you over.

That is a clear sign that he likes you more than a friend and wants a new relationship with you and you only.

He thinks you are a perfect woman and believes he will find true love with you.

He even told his guy friends about you and they could see how head over heels in love he is with you.

He wants you to be the next person he will open up to and his best friend all in one.

Trust me, a man who makes this effort is worthy of your love and affection.

He had an ugly heartbreak in the past

If a guy had a bad heartbreak in his previous relationship, chances are that he will be afraid to fall for you.

And that is completely normal. You should try to understand that he’s had a hard time and you shouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

Don’t talk about it if he refuses to share it with you. Instead, talk about some positive things that will help you to get to know each other much better.

If he is the shy one, be the first one to make eye contact and break the ice.

Every time you are with him, try to make him feel good and relaxed. He will really appreciate that.

Show him that his love life doesn’t have to be bad just because of past relationships.

Let him know that falling for you is something that should make him happy and that if he doesn’t feel that way, he can leave anytime.

If you treat him well, he will reciprocate and show you that he loves you just the way you are. And that’s what matters most, right?

All the boys he hangs out with know about you

If he talks about you to others, it is definitely a good sign. He is ready for a relationship and he wants others to know about it.

He still doesn’t know if you will be the perfect woman for him, but he is willing to give you a chance.

That is an obvious sign that he loves you for who you are and he accepts you completely.

He wants to put some effort to build the perfect relationship with you.

He couldn’t stand to end up losing you because he has already been there.

He wants to enjoy falling for you because you make him feel so good. He had a strange feeling that you might be the one and he wants to share his luck with others.

He wants to forget all about his past relationships and focus on doing all those little things that could make you happy.

That is a clear sign that he caught some feelings for you and wants to make a stable relationship with you in the future.

He thinks he doesn’t deserve you

If a guy believes he doesn’t deserve you, it will be hard to develop any kind of a relationship with him.

He will have problems falling for you and all those little things couples do to make each other feel good will be too much to him.

The most important thing you should do in a situation like this is to give him time to organize his thoughts.

Once he reaches the point where he’s ready for an emotional relationship, he will try something with you.

Now, it is up to you whether you are willing to wait for him to get his act together or continue with your life.

But, if I were you, I would simply rely on my gut. If it tells me that I should wait, I would do so.

You never know who the right one is for you. Waiting a little bit won’t do you any harm, but when you look in the long-term, it can shower you with emotions you didn’t know existed.

He doesn’t want to open up to you

Some guys are simply reserved and are shy to talk to a girl they like. They need some extra time to pluck up the courage to approach someone.

If your crush does the same, it is a sign that he likes you but he is afraid to fall for you.

He doesn’t know what kind of woman you are and if you will hurt him. He’s not sure if you will provide him with the amount of love he craves so much.

And what is most important, he doesn’t know if you are his soulmate.All these things can have an enormous impact on the future of your relationship.

The sooner you accept this, the easier it will be for you to behave in front of him.

If you are very interested in him, you can use some subtle tricks that will encourage him to talk to you.

You can ask him something first or you can show interest in things he does.

In that way, you will let him know that you feel comfortable in his company and would like to hang out with him.

Remember, this is only the first step and once he sees that you are interested in him, he might feel good about it and try something more with you.

Bear in mind that some guys just need a little push – after that, incredible things can happen.