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All The Ways Your Body Lets You Know He’s The One For You

All The Ways Your Body Lets You Know He’s The One For You

Do you remember those exquisite feelings of adrenaline and euphoria you feel when you meet someone who immediately makes you bloom from the inside out?

Sometimes you will meet a person who at the time is a virtual stranger but one who makes you feel all sorts of things and the touch of his skin upon yours gives you that frisky feeling that creates goosebumps all over your body.

It’s as if you’ve known this person for years but you’re seeing them for the very first time.

Up until that moment, you have been merely living but from then on, it is like you have found what you’ve been aching for and he’s standing right in front of you, unaware of the rush you’re feeling through your entire body right now.

But how do you know for sure that he is the one for you?

Sure, he’s making your entire world shake (in the best way possible) but how can you be sure that it’s not just a crazy infatuation with a time limit stamped on it?

By listening to your gut!

It’s important to pay attention to all the signals your body is giving out and learn to recognize what they are trying to show you.

Always listen to what your head is telling you but if your body is giving out these signs, he just might be the one you’ve been searching for.

Being with him feels like a genuine blessing

Every time you look in his eyes, you feel this incredible sense of happiness and peace.

You cannot believe that you got so lucky and found your missing puzzle piece.

He has opened your eyes to a whole new world and you feel incredibly lucky and grateful to experience it all with him.

There is no one else in your heart but him and you know he feels the same way. You are living your best life together.

You feel like there is nothing you can’t achieve with him by your side

This is not a matter of being dependent on him but rather knowing that with his eternal support and encouragement, you are motivated to achieve any ambition you feel in your bones.

You don’t feel constrained and you have never felt more motivated to go after the things you are passionate about.

He makes you feel like you can almost fly and your optimism and abilities to act on your passions have been through the roof ever since you met him.

A sense of serenity takes over when you are with him

He is your safe zone and your safety blanket. Knowing you have him to come home to is the most secure feeling in the world that you will never take for granted.

You are overcome with joy and peace, knowing that his loving embrace is what waits for you after a long day at work. He makes you feel at ease and instantly better.

And you value that more than anything. A sense of serenity and peace is all you can strive for in this unpredictable life you’re living.

You are drawn to his natural scent

He doesn’t even have to wear deodorant or aftershave.

When he gets out of the shower and curls up next to you on the couch, you could just ravish him then and there.

You are consumed by his alluring smell and there is nothing sexier than his exact natural scent.

You are wildly attracted to it and nothing really compares.

Thinking about your memories brings out a glowing smile on your face

You have shared so many amazing, fulfilling moments with each other and just thinking about what you’ve been through and the things that await you makes you smile from ear to ear.

When you automatically form a smile on your face, by just thinking about that person, you know that you are in the right relationship .

This is a connection only a few are lucky enough to share, so do your best to preserve it and never let it fade away.

Listen to what your body is telling you when your thoughts get doubtful and you will always feel reassured that you have truly found your one and only.