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Amor Fati: The Beauty Of Accepting What Is Given To You

Amor Fati: The Beauty Of Accepting What Is Given To You

For all of you who don’t know what amor fati is, I will try to give a simple explanation. It is simply accepting all that happens to you during your life.

It means that even when bad things happen, like losing a family member or going through some bad things in your business or love life, you calmly accept and embrace it all. It means knowing that you can’t affect some things and that by accepting them, you bring the peace you need into your life.

Amor fati was made popular by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, whose studies made an enormous impact on western philosophy. Also, this term was often repeated in the work of Marcus Aurelius, so it is known worldwide.

But today, I would love to show you what happens when you finally accept all that is happening to you. I want you to know what happens when the universe’s guiding force takes you to the places you never thought you would ever go.

In the Stoic mindset, amor fati means handling all the bad things that happen to you firmly and never complaining about them. It is like life slaps you over and over again and every time that happens, you turn the other cheek.

That is what they say is a formula for greatness and in that way, they are showing that they always conceal it from others.

And even if this mindset is pretty extremist, some people still follow it. They don’t want others to know that something bad has happened to them because they don’t want to make their loved ones sad. They don’t want others to think they are victims or for them to feel sorry for them.

There are a lot of examples that can show you how amor fati is similar to some things in your life. For example, when you get married and when you plan to have kids, you know in advance that it won’t be easy but that it will be worth it.

It’s the same with amor fati. If you accept it as a blessing and as something that can help you grow and become a better person, it will be much easier to accept all those negative and bad things that happen to you.

And people who live by these rules often say that this way of living always brings some excitement to their life and that it is not boring, no matter what happens.

They always have something to talk about and problems to solve. They look at every bad thing that happens like a message, or a challenge. And every time the situation gets complicated, it gets even better because you will find out how much you are capable of, when reacting to a situation like that.

The worst thing you can do is complain about your bad destiny because in that way, you won’t change anything. You will just make things worse and in the end, you will end up frustrated and depressed.

Instead, you should accept what happens to you but not in a way like it is nice that it happened. You should embrace it as something great, like the most positive news you could have expected.

Only then will you feel that you are totally free from all your problems. They won’t be problems anymore, they will just be messages that will help you see your future clearly.

Once you start looking at your life as a challenge that you need to handle, you will see the real beauty of it.

You will finally understand that all that worrying about things you couldn’t affect was in vain and that you just did yourself harm by bothering your head with it.

I know that it sounds a bit strange to embrace things that you didn’t want to happen but you never know why God gives you something you don’t want in your life. Maybe that is a lesson He is trying to teach you.

Maybe it is some kind of a test that you need to pass to be stronger. It can mean a lot of things, so never decline what comes into your life, no matter how bad it is. Things like that often prepare us for something better and we get out of those kinds of experiences stronger and smarter.

Also, if you take a moment and look back, you will see that when you were younger you weren’t so brave, whereas now you don’t put up with any shit and you always stand up for yourself.

That happens thanks to all those bad things that happened to you and taught you to handle problems as they appeared. If it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t know how to defend yourself in bad situations. You wouldn’t feel good because you couldn’t do anything good for yourself and you would start being depressed.

And you will realize that amor fati is a real thing for you because in that way, you are accepting things that you can’t change. It is something that teaches you to be a better person and to work on yourself.

You will realize that the problems in your life aren’t long-term and something that bothers you now won’t probably bother you in a year or two. When you figure that out, you won’t sweat the small stuff anymore and it will be easier to live your life in a quality way.

Because to be honest, you don’t have any other option. You can cry or scream but the pain won’t go away. Problems won’t go away. They will just be bigger because you don’t know how to handle them.

But if you accept them and wait to see what the future will bring you, then you are doing the right thing.

Trust me because I know what I am saying. I went through these things and I know how I behaved in those situations. I know that I was freaking out in front of every small problem that happened to me and that was affecting me pretty badly.

That process lasted a long time and I saw the consequences of me losing my confidence. I wasn’t happy anymore and I was thinking about my problems all the time. I couldn’t focus on anything else and I realized I couldn’t continue living like that.

Then I just gave up. I gave up on worrying. And the moment I started doing that, I felt I was born again. I was breaking free from the rock I had been living under for such a long time. And it was a great feeling to be able to live with full lungs again.

I remember at first, the people around me were looking at me strangely since I behaved like I didn’t have problems, even if I didn’t know what to do with them. I saw that I couldn’t do anything about that and I started being indifferent. And that was the best thing I did in my life.

I became a person without problems because I embraced every one of them as a blessing and a message. I was always trying to find the hidden meaning in them and that made me a smarter and stronger person. It made me bulletproof for things like anxiety regarding my business life and my love life.

I was patient enough to wait for the problems to be solved and I was always listening to what Heaven had to say. And in most cases, it replied positively to all of my prayers.