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The Brutally Honest Truth About Why You Never Get The Guy

The Brutally Honest Truth About Why You Never Get The Guy

You always wonder why you somehow always end up single. Whenever you meet a potential new love interest, the flame burns down before it even got the chance to fire up. You can never hold on to a guy long enough to call him your boyfriend and you always accept whatever lame excuse he has for leaving you.

Even when you meet a guy with whom you have so much in common and the conversations are unbelievably stimulating, your textual chemistry is off the charts and you are so sexually drawn to him, it never seems to be enough to last. Why oh why does it always turn out that way?

You’re baffled and annoyed! It’s not like you’re not a catch! You’re good-looking, you’re ambitious and you are not superficial. You have good values and you’re kind to the people around you. So, what gives?

You’re too serious.

Think about it. You may still feel too young for marriage and kids but you’re also too old for meaningless conversations and superficial values.

At this point in your life, you’re serious. Serious about your intentions with a significant other and serious about commitment. You no longer crave trivial chats through text but want a phone call from him asking how your day went.

You don’t want someone who’s going to call you at 2 AM, drunk off his ass, screaming into your ear, very clearly wasted but rather a guy who’s going to call at that ungodly hour to tell you he misses you and he can’t wait to get home.

You no longer seek anything feeble or vague, now you want the real deal. A commitment. And guys can sense that.

Unfortunately, some men are intimidated as soon as they sense it and they’re gone before you know it.

You ask for too much.

You have standards. You have needs. You no longer settle for anything half-assed. You are perfectly capable of dealing with their wants and needs but they can’t seem to handle yours.

You ask for their time. You know it is important to spend time together to be able to grow and connect as a couple. You demand interest. They need to be able to ask you about your day, without you needing to remind them.

You demand trust. You want to be able to trust them when they’re off doing their thing, the same way they know they can trust you. But they can’t seem to return the favor.

Never feel bad about needing commitment from a guy. A real relationship has to check all those boxes. If it doesn’t, keep searching. A good guy has to exist out there somewhere.

You need to be their priority.

You don’t ask for the moon and the stars. You don’t ask for them to have eyes only for you. All you want and deserve is a guy who is never going to make you feel like you come second.

He can still have his life. He can still hang out with his buddies. But you need to be high up on that priority list as well. You’re not here to beg for anyone’s attention.

Some guys just can’t deal with that. They feel like going off the radar for a few days without checking in is okay and then they make you the crazy one for asking why they didn’t at least text that everything was all right.

The right guy will always check on you. He will never make you feel crazy for needing a healthy amount of communication. So don’t give up due to immature jerks. A real man is going to find you when you stop searching for him.

Meaningless flings don’t interest you.

You want a real conversation. You want to be able to confide in him and seek solace in his arms. You don’t need a boy who’s just going to nod at whatever you say and then go play video games.

You want a relationship. A partnership. And some men simply want a hot body for when they feel lonely. If you keep running into those guys, start looking elsewhere.

There are guys out there capable of giving you what you need out of a relationship. Just because you keep running into immature assholes doesn’t mean a relationship is not meant for you.

We all have our journey to follow and yours is still in progress. Be patient and wait for a man who sees all of you and knows your worth. Nothing else is worth your time.