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This Is Why She Gets Attached So Easily Even Though She’s Strong

This Is Why She Gets Attached So Easily Even Though She’s Strong

She’s not an idiot. She is definitely not shallow. She fell for you because she couldn’t help herself.

She didn’t fall for you because of your incredible eyes or godlike posture. She’s not that kind of girl.

She became attached because she saw something in you. She saw your future together. She had a glimpse of what it was like to be truly happy.

This girl is strong because she has learned her lesson. She has been hurt before, but she came out as a winner. It took her time to heal. She went through that crying-your-eyes-out phase and she survived the not-wanting-to-get-out-of-bed phase. She did all that.

Now, she is strong and she knows what she wants, but she can’t run away from her feelings.

She knows she will run into a number of idiots. She knows she can’t avoid that. She is aware that the world is full of rotten and evil people and that she might run into one of them. But despite that, she didn’t lose faith in people.

That’s why she gets attached so easily. She hopes that you are the one who is worth her love. She believes in you. She believes that you are a good person with a sincere heart.

She hopes that that person is you.

She hopes that the boy who opened the door for her and who texted her every morning is the boy who will not break her heart. She hopes he treats her kind because he genuinely likes her. She hopes he’s not only doing it to get into her pants.

Many men are scared of women who want to jump into a relationship right away. You shouldn’t be scared of them. You should look at it from a different perspective. You should try to realize that it’s just that the girl likes you so much. You should realize that she cares for you and she trusts you.

If the two of you don’t work out, she will get hurt, too. Her heart is at stake as well.

Bear in mind that she didn’t choose to fall for you so easily. The thing is that when she sees you, she gets a glimpse into your future together. She genuinely thinks that the two of you will work. That’s why she rushes—she doesn’t want to waste any more time.

This may appear as clingy, but it’s not. It’s genuine love. It’s the way she is. She can’t help it.

She got attached so easily because you gave her attention like no one else. She became attached because of your kiss on her forehead. She became attached because you held her hand so tight and gazed into her eyes like she was the only woman on the face of the earth.

She wants to feel you. She did. She fell in love.

She gets attached so easily because she knows one day she will find someone who will be there for her always. She will find someone who will make her forget about all of her ‘mistakes’, her attempts before him at finding the one.