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Behind Every Strong Woman, There Was A Weak Girl Who Swore To Herself ‘Never Again’

Behind Every Strong Woman, There Was A Weak Girl Who Swore To Herself ‘Never Again’

Never again.

Every time she chose to be silent instead of speaking up.

Every time she felt her eyes welling up because she was in a difficult situation.

Every time she felt completely invisible in a crowd.

Every time she was wrongly accused, but didn’t do anything about it.

Every time someone knocked her down to make room to rise.

Every time she sacrificed her happiness and well-being for someone who, in the end, didn’t even care for her.

Every time she apologized for something she didn’t do.

Every time someone left her hanging without even texting they won’t come.

Every time she believed the lies while she was telling the truth.

Every time she gave herself wholly and received nothing in return.

Every time she went to bed troubled and sad because no one would commit to her.

Every time she played by the book and still lost.  

Every time the odds were against her.

Every time he pointed out one of her flaws and she spent hours staring at the mirror looking at things that she hates about herself the most.

Every time she did any of these things, she was crawling into the big hole of insecurity where she felt safe.

She didn’t want her life to just go by being safe but boring.

She didn’t want to be the girl no one rememberedhe weak, poor one who was always keeping her mouth shut. So she swore, ‘never again!’

Every situation she was in ended with her crying she isn’t good enough. Well, she got fed up of choking in her own bitter tears.

She got tired of pitying herself. And for all those times someone hurt her or someone shushed her, she swore to herself, ‘never again!’

She finds her strength in that promise she made to herself.

She hasn’t changed that much. She’s still a bit insecure.

She’s still scared, but she hides it from everyone else. That’s exactly what makes her strong.

Facing your biggest fears every day, getting up and going through the day as though nothing in the world troubles you, is the biggest battle you can win.

It’s the strongest someone can get.  

She is alone because she has learned her lesson.

She has decided she doesn’t need anyone disturbing the peace and balance she’s created in her life.

She won’t risk it, especially not for someone who isn’t serious about her. For true love, she is ready to take a risk.

She made a promise to her younger self, ‘never again’ and she isn’t planning on breaking it.

She doesn’t want to let anyone imprison her in their web of lies. She doesn’t want to get manipulated and she’s not allowing it.

That scared little girl promised to herself she won’t be scared or weak anymore.

Don’t feel sorry for her. She is not sad or disappointed.

She is happy beyond comprehension because she has found the road she has to take.

She has found the way to grow into a beautiful, strong, and smart woman – a woman who won’t take bullshit from anyone.

The girl who has been humiliated, mocked, and embarrassed has grown to be a woman aware that she will never settle again.