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You Broke Her Heart Even Though She Was Never Really Yours

You Broke Her Heart Even Though She Was Never Really Yours

You were never together, but still, you broke her heart.

You broke her heart every time you gave her that look only you know how to give.

You broke her heart every time you called her on the phone.

You broke her heart every time you touched her.

You made her feel special around you. You made her love you although she wasn’t supposed to. You made her love you but you knew you couldn’t love her back. You made her feel wanted.
She took your every gesture and your every word and she thought they were meant for her.

And if they were meant for her, you changed your mind. You decided it was better not to love her. But, it was already too late. You’d already broken her heart.

You gave her a lot of your time. You gave her a reason to love you. You enjoyed her company as well, but something drove you away from the idea of loving her.

That’s when you broke her heart.

You broke her heart when you saw her at her lowest point. You betrayed her when you gave the impression that she could tell you all of her secrets.

You broke her heart when she thought she could trust you.

The first time you kissed and the first time you slept together weren’t the same for her as they were for you. You used her. You needed someone to be with, but just for that brief moment when you were feeling lonely.

She needed you for the rest of her life. She had put everything she had at stake. She wanted to take a risk—you.

You gave her the idea that the two of you would be together in the future. But that future never came. You have to accept that you are responsible for the pain of her heartbreak. No matter what your motives were, no matter whether you did it on purpose or not, you have to accept that you are the one who broke her heart.

If you didn’t want to be in this situation, you shouldn’t have let her so close to you. You shouldn’t have texted her. You shouldn’t have hung out with her. You shouldn’t have let her fall in love with you.

That’s why you have to man up and own up to your mistakes. You have to give her an explanation. No matter how hard it is for you to come up with a few cohesive sentences explaining why you did what you did, you have to explain yourself.

Otherwise, she will doubt every single second you spent together. She will repeat your conversations in her head, over and over. She will overanalyze every little thing you’ve ever done or said.

She will even doubt that you ever liked her at all.

She is not an idiot. She will see you with another girl. She deserves to know why she wasn’t the one who was holding your hand.

She did once. What happened?

She has the right to know.