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4 Things You Should’ve Remembered Before You Broke Her Heart

4 Things You Should’ve Remembered Before You Broke Her Heart

When you hurt someone, you don’t think of the consequences of your actions.

You don’t think about whether it’s the right thing to do and whether you should be a little more considerate in your words and deeds.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying you should remain in a loveless relationship just for the sake of the other person.

However, there is a huge difference between breaking up with your partner and breaking their hearts.

And that’s exactly what you did to your ex-girlfriend: you crushed her heart into a million pieces.

You chose to be a selfish jerk who doesn’t give a damn about her feelings and only looks after his own well-being.

Basically, you planned that you’ll get out of all of this unharmed while her pain was none of your business.

Well, that was where you were wrong.

1. It won’t make you feel any better

One of the first things you should have kept in mind before you decided to hurt this girl is that causing someone else pain doesn’t heal yours.

It doesn’t make you a badass or a player, and it’s definitely not something you should be proud of.

Humiliating someone else won’t wipe out your insecurities and it won’t boost your fragile ego.

Thinking that you’re above this girl won’t make you think more of yourself and it certainly won’t give you the self-confidence you desperately try to build in all the wrong ways.

It won’t make you more appealing to other girls, nor will it cause envy in other guys.

Instead, everyone will see you for the douchebag you really are.

Most importantly – sooner or later, you’ll start seeing yourself as a selfish person who doesn’t care about other people’s feelings.

Before you know it, you’ll regret the fact that you were a jerk toward the last person who deserved it.

2. It’s your loss

When you abandoned this girl, she thought that losing you was the worst thing that could ever happen to her.

She was convinced she’d never recover and the devastating pain would haunt her for as long as she breathes.

Nevertheless, you both obviously forgot that you were actually the one who lost everything, while she gained a whole lot.

After all, she lost a man who never cared for her for real – a man who didn’t deserve her unconditional love. 

However, you lost your best friend and lover, all in one.

You’re sentenced to a life without the only person you could trust, the only woman who was ready to make sacrifices for your sake, and the girl who loved you more than she loved herself.

So, who is the real loser here?

Who has more chance of spending the rest of their days regretting their choices and who is more likely to find their happily ever after?

A man without scruple who is incapable of loving?

Or a girl with a selfless heart who knows how to fight for what she loves?

3. You won’t break her

Despite all odds, when you crushed this girl’s heart, you didn’t manage to crush her entire being as well.

Instead, you only made her stronger and tougher.

You see, this girl succeeded in rebuilding herself and gluing her shattered heart back together.

She managed to come out of this pain more powerful than ever and used it to her own advantage.

I know you hoped that she’d spend the rest of her life missing you and begging you to come back.

That she’d forever remain hurt, in tears, and never really get over you.

Well, you thought wrong. Obviously, you forgot everything she’s capable of and how much she can take.

And that is your biggest defeat: the fact that you’re completely forgotten and that you haven’t left a permanent mark on this girl, despite giving her a massive heartache.

4. Karma is a bitch

The last thing this girl has in mind is revenge.

No matter what you might expect, she doesn’t plan on getting even with you.

However, this doesn’t mean your sins are pardoned.

It doesn’t mean you’re absolved and forgiven or that you won’t pay for all of your misdeeds.

This girl isn’t a bitch, but karma is. And that is something you should’ve remembered before acting like a jerk. 

I assure you that life will make you go through the same heartbreak you caused this girl.

You’ll feel all the humiliation, all the trauma, and all the pain she felt.

And only then will you see the magnitude of your actions.

Only then will  you realize how bad of a person you actually are and regret everything you did.