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12 Ways To Celebrate Yourself Every Day The Way You Deserve

12 Ways To Celebrate Yourself Every Day The Way You Deserve

When I first stumbled upon the term “celebrate yourself”, I thought it had something to do with drinking wine before going to sleep and giving yourself a pat on the back for surviving another day like a boss.

My idea of “celebrating yourself” was pretty much as close to the real meaning of it as possible – reflecting on your accomplishments, being grateful, and rewarding yourself!

We’re all aware of the fact that we are living in a hectic world, where shifting from one task to another while drinking gallons of coffee is considered the norm. 

By constantly being in a race against time, we have forgotten the importance of self-love and self-care

We have forgotten to stop for a moment and celebrate ourselves because we sure as hell deserve it!

Every single one of us has gone through our own ups and downs, moments of intense laugh and incessant tears. We’ve fought like warriors for things we believe in, and for our dreams and goals. 

We’ve felt abandoned and heartbroken and blamed the universe for not being in our favor, but we never give up – no matter what! 

And that’s why we deserve to celebrate ourselves not only today, but every day, right? Right!

Honor & Celebrate Yourself In These 12 Ways

Take time out

If you can’t remember the last time you took some time out from your chores, daily tasks and job, it’s high time you do something about it! 

Go on vacation, a roadtrip with your partner/best friends, or just take time out and chill wherever you are at the moment. 

Taking a break is crucial for your well-being and it’s an essential part of self-celebration. It gives you enough time to reflect on everything you’ve done so far and to simply enjoy and celebrate life.

Acknowledge your daily accomplishments

Washing dishes, making lunch, going to your work, and all the other small things deserve to be acknowledged as accomplishments at the end of the day. 

A lot of people don’t pay attention to “trivial” tasks like cooking, but every single task should be equally praised and celebrated.

Write a gratitude letter

Write a letter expressing how grateful you are for everything you already have – your family, friends, job, and all of your accomplishments. 

Keep in mind that the more you’re grateful, the more positivity you’ll receive into your life. It’s one of the best ways to honor yourself like a boss!

Celebrate both big and small wins

Celebrate your new hobby, new skills you’ve mastered recently, acquiring new languages, buying a new car, finding a new job and so on. 

Don’t focus only on the wins that require lots of your time and effort. Celebrate each victory equally.

Nourish your inner child

Go for a walk in the rain (or kiss in the rain), explore the hidden alleys of your town, go for a run, laugh uncontrollably, eat tons of ice cream. 

In one sentence: Unleash and nourish your inner child! Why? Because you deserve it.

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Indulge in a daily/weekly/monthly ritual

This could be a bubble bath, going to the movies, getting a massage, reading, drawing, dancing, exercising. You cannot go wrong with this one. 

The only criteria is that you choose something you ENJOY doing and then plenty of fun and a good time will be guaranteed!

Reward yourself with extra time

Get up earlier in the morning so that you have some extra time for your daily ritual(s). It can be a morning coffee ritual, going for a walk, watching an episode of your fave TV show, or similar. 

This will boost your mood and prepare you for all the upcoming challenges during the day. You will feel unstoppable!

Practice positive visualization 

Put photos of the things you want to accomplish and the places you want to visit on a wall (of your bedroom or it can be your wallpaper on your laptop or phone). 

These photos will be your reminders to visualize those things on a daily basis. (The more you visualize, the closer you are to achieving them).

Make yourself an inspiring playlist

I literally can’t imagine doing chores without music. It is an important part of my daily life because it helps boost my mood and it is a great stress relief. 

So, make yourself a playlist filled with awesome songs that you love and that make you cheerful. And remember to listen to them often!

Reward yourself for your accomplishments

Reflect on your last week or last month and reward yourself for all of your accomplishments (big or small). 

This can be a physical reward (those high heels or sneakers you’ve been dying to buy), or it can be a binge-watching night, a mini road trip, or whatever your heart desires.

Live in the moment

If you’re wondering about how to celebrate yourself, one of the best ways is deciding to live in the moment.

Take some time off from the biggest pollutant of society aka social media, take a deep breath, and enjoy the little things. Absorb those sunrays, go for a walk, explore nature, and just BE.

Make a list of the things you like about yourself

We, human beings, like to focus only on our imperfections, thus neglecting all the other positive things about ourselves. 

That is why it’s high time you praise yourself by making a list of all the things you like about yourself. It can be your appearance, your personality, quirks, silly habits and so on.

Instead of being hard on yourself, nourish self-kindness and self-love! As a result, you’ll ooze with confidence and positive vibes.

Why Is It Important To Celebrate Yourself Every Day?

It reminds us to enjoy the process instead of only worrying about the destination

“I need to finish college. I need to find another job. Oh my, I need to buy that car. I need to fall in love?” (Hmm…is this one even possible?) and the list goes on and on.

Our wishes and goals are piling up and the only thing we’re thinking about is the final outcome of our effort and invested time. But, is life really about achieving everything we ever wanted? 

There’s nothing wrong with being determined and ambitious as long as we’re focused on the process as well. Because life is not a destination, it is a process that should be enjoyed (as much as possible).

Celebrating yourself means giving yourself credit for everything you’ve done so far and reminding yourself to live in the moment. Trust me, you are exactly where you need to be at the moment, so what’s the rush? 

You will finish college, find another job, or buy that car but you will not be able to bring back time. 

So, enjoy every second of it and remind yourself to celebrate the process and small wins instead of only the big ones.

It reminds us to practice gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful things in life, but we often forget that. 

We work hard to achieve things, we receive countless blessings in every form and we still don’t pause for a moment and simply say: Thank you. 

We don’t show appreciation for everything we already have, we’re only focused on achieving more. 

Did you know that celebrating yourself and practicing gratitude on a daily basis is what brings you more blessings, positive energy, and great things into your life? 

Yup. Celebrating yourself means being grateful for everything, which can have a huge impact on every aspect of your life.

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It boosts our self-confidence

The majority of us are struggling with self-confidence in some or all of the aspects of our lives. We think that we’re not competent, smart or brave enough to accomplish something and because of that we feel less worthy.

And that is another legitimate reason why you should practice self-celebration every day! By doing that, you’ll start feeling more confident and unstoppable. Your self-worth will significantly increase. 

Do you know that feeling when someone compliments your work or ability? I know for sure that I instantly transform into a superwoman thinking that I can achieve anything in the world if I only want to. 

That’s the same feeling you’ll get by celebrating yourself because you’ll tell yourself: 

“I’m proud of who I am and I’m proud of all of my achievements. I’m brave, smart, and powerful and I can do anything I set my mind to!”

And that’s one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself!

Celebrate yourself every day the way you deserve because life is more than just one big hamster wheel of goals and those tiring to-do lists! Life is beautiful and so are YOU! 

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