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Certain Things Have To Go Wrong, So Better Things Can Go Right

Certain Things Have To Go Wrong, So Better Things Can Go Right

Whenever something you didn’t wish for happens in your life, you see it as the worst thing in the world.

You see it as failure and misery. After all, you’ve always tried to be a good person.

You’ve played by the rules and done your best not to hurt anyone along the way.

So, why exactly do you have to face all of these hardships?

Isn’t there a thing called karma that should repay you for all of your good deeds?

It’s like this with everything bad you experience in life.

You feel as if everything is pointless when a guy you cared for dumps you, when you lose a friend you trusted, or when you don’t get that promotion you worked so hard for.

You can’t help but get the impression that life is simply unfair.

Bad things happen to good people and vice versa and you don’t have the power required to fight it.

After all, who could blame you for feeling like this? In fact, it’s perfectly natural for you to be shaken by the world’s injustice.

However, I’m here to ask you to reconsider your point of view.

I’m here to beg you to look at the bigger picture and bear in mind that everything happens for a reason.

You see, sometimes, certain things have to go wrong so better things can go right.

A man who doesn’t deserve you has to walk away from you in order to clear the way for the right one.

He has to show you what you don’t want and need so you are able to recognize true love when you see it.

Maybe you didn’t get that job you applied for because your dream career is waiting for you.

Or it would only have ended up being a distraction from something greater?

It’s possible that your best friend stabbed you in the back because it was the only way for you to see her true colors.

The only way for you to finally kick her out of your life and to realize that you shouldn’t trust everybody.

Sometimes, you have to go through darkness to see the true colors of the stars.

You have to lose something unworthy of you so you can get much more valuable things.

Besides, all of this provides a lesson and a new experience.

Every storm you go through is there to prepare you for the sunshine that’s about to come.

Every challenge is an opportunity to be better and every battle a chance to become stronger.

It’s there to build you into a mature, self-sufficient woman. There to show you that you can make it without anyone’s help.

It’s there to test your faith. To help you believe and always hope for the best, even when everything looks hopeless.

So the next time you think that you’ve had it rough, remember that every curse can actually be a blessing.

It’s simply up to you how you perceive it. Sometimes the things you see as the worst turn out to be the best.

You just have to be patient enough to let time work its magic and make you see everything for yourself.

I promise you one thing: every tear you cry will be rewarded with tons of smiles.

Sadness will be replaced with so much happiness you can’t even imagine it. You just have to be ready for it.

The timing has to be right and everything will fall into place. Sooner or later, good things will start happening.

Once they do, you’ll finally understand my words – that you probably don’t believe right now.

When you get everything you deserve, you’ll understand that this was the only way to acquire happiness.

You’ll realize why you had to go through all of your hardships and why you had to experience so much pain.

Finally, you’ll perceive that your entire life was actually a sequence of events that were meant to bring you exactly to the point you are at now.

You’ll figure out that all the bad things you went through happened for a reason.

Just like that, in one instant, everything will make perfect sense.