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If You’re Going To Love – Love With Intention

If You’re Going To Love – Love With Intention

If you’re going to love, make sure that you love with intention.

The worst thing you can do to another human being is to love them without intention.

It is really a sin to awaken somebody’s love without intention to stay and pour all of your love into them.

So love them. Love them as if you mean it. Make your feelings known. Show them just how much they mean to you.

Don’t mess with their emotions. Be honest. If you are going to love, then give all of your love.

Don’t hold back. Don’t give bits and pieces to someone who deserves everything.

If you can’t, don’t love at all. Almost loves, half commitments and casual relationships are not what true love is about.

Such relationships break your heart and play with your feelings. They give crumbs and take everything. They exhaust your feelings and leave you broken.

If you are going to love, toss away all your fears.

Love like your heart was never ripped from your chest. Like pain never consumed you and made you numb. Like tears never rolled down your face.

Love like you have never been betrayed or hurt by someone you could never imagine would cause you harm. Love and leave the past in the past.

If you are going to love, love like you are falling for someone for the first and last time.

Enjoy everything about the person you are with. Kiss hard. Hug tightly. Let their smell intoxicate you.

Feel their touch. Pick their mind. Listen. Breathe. Live in the moment.

Set aside all the negative thoughts. Forget all that was, and don’t fear that which is coming. The past is not something we can change, and the future is not ours to see.

If you are going to love, love like they are the one and only person in this World.

Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t let your doubts drive you apart. Don’t humiliate them by flirting with someone else.

Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Don’t make mistakes you can’t redeem.

Make them feel beautiful. Make them feel unique. Make them see that you wouldn’t change anything about them. That they are perfect in their imperfections.

If you are going to love, love even when the times get hard.

Love is not all rainbows, butterflies and happy times. There will be ups and downs and more than a few bumps in the road.

But the important thing is that you keep on going.

Not giving up on each other is what makes the love last.

Staying together when all odds are against you and when everything indicates that you will fail is what makes love stronger.

If you are going to love, do it right.