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If I Have To Chase You, Then You’re Not Worth It

If I Have To Chase You, Then You’re Not Worth It

Out of all things I want in life, the last one is to chase after you. I don’t want to force anything, let alone love.

If I have to run after you so you notice me, if I have to bend over backwards to show you I’m worthy, then I’m sorry, but it’s you who is not worth it.

I’m worthy of your love just the way I am.

Isn’t love about accepting the person just the way she is? I don’t have to pretend to be someone who I’m not just so you’ll like me.

I don’t have to disregard everything I want and believe in just so I’ll be a fit for you. If I have to make major changes physically or any other way, then it’s not me who’s wrong, it’s you.

And know that I know I’m enough.

If you’re unable to see how enough I am, I’m sure there will be someone else who will. I’m perfectly aware of the person I am.

I know how hard I try each day to be a better version of myself. I know that and that’s why I won’t ever settle for a man who doesn’t see me as worthy.

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I’ve worked so hard to build myself up, so if you think I’m just gonna give that up so easily, you’re mistaken.

I’m not just gonna let you ruin my confidence. I’m not gonna allow anyone to treat me less than I deserve. Because I know how much I deserve.

And I don’t deserve to chase anyone. You might not see me as someone special, but I’m sure there will be a man who’ll see me as the greatest treasure of this world.

I know love is full of mutual efforts and that sometimes I will be the one who will need to put in extra effort and then sometimes it will be you who’ll need to try harder and I’m perfectly okay with it.

But what I’m not okay with, and I’ll never be okay with, is chasing after someone who isn’t ready to man up and choose a single woman.

What I’ll never get used to and what I’ll never accept is that a person needs to prove to someone her worth.

I just can’t allow myself to ever become such a person because if I do, I know that I’d start hating myself at some point.

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Truth be told, there is nothing that complicated when it comes to relationships. If you want me, show me.

If you want to be with me, choose me and stick with me. This is something that should come naturally.

Because, honey, if I need to fight tooth and nail just so you notice me, then it was never meant to be.

I’ve learned the hard way what love is not. I’ve already allowed myself to chase after someone who never planned to be with me to begin with.

And there isn’t anything uglier in this world than to be a part of an ‘almost’ relationship.

Because you know you’re the only one trying and yet you manage to convince yourself that the truth is different.

Well, I’ll never deceive myself again. I’m through seeing people better than they are. I don’t believe in fairy tales anymore.

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And nobody will convince me that what’s going on between us is love. Love should never feel this hard.

If you want someone in your life, you’re going to make a spot for them. If you truly love someone, you won’t ever second-guess yourself.

You’ll do everything in your power to prove to that person your feelings.

The person you love will know she’s loved and she won’t ever need to wonder where she stands in your life because you’ll tell her loud and clear where she belongs.

Everything else is just a poor excuse for love. And I’m through with that. I deserve more.

If I Have To Chase You, Then You’re Not Worth It