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30 Best Christmas Gifts For Girlfriend To Wow Her In 2020

30 Best Christmas Gifts For Girlfriend To Wow Her In 2020

If you’re a guy, diving into the sea of the best Christmas gifts for girlfriend might feel overwhelming to you, regardless of whether you’ve been together for two months or a few years.

Finding the perfect gift for your loved one can be a really challenging task, especially if your girl is the mysterious type and you’re not really sure what would be the best gift for her. Well, let me tell you one thing:

The best gift is a unique and thoughtful gift!

In order to find the perfect gift for her, you don’t need to break the bank because what matters is your effort and willingness to make her feel special and loved.

Men often forget that women don’t need expensive gifts but they want to be spoiled with loyalty, compassion and special treatment. There are so many different ways to say I love you and so many ways to express your feelings without using words.

Choosing a special Christmas gift for your loved one is one of the best ways to convert your feelings into something tangible.

And that’s where my feminine advice and gift ideas come to the rescue! To help you surprise her and make her feel truly special this Christmas, I’ve created the ultimate list of the best Christmas gifts for your girlfriend, so let’s see them:


1. Dokotoo Fuzzy Casual Loose Sweatshirt

[lasso ref=”dokotoo-womens-fleece-hoodies-cozy-winter-casual-sweater” id=”103762″]

If there’s one thing girls love more than anything, it is feeling comfy and warm (just like kitties). This oversized sweatshirt will make her feel just like that!

It is practical, cozy and soft. It is basically everything a girl would want to have in her wardrobe (trust me on that one because I’m a girl).

This comfy and cute Christmas gift for girlfriend is ideal for Netflix and chill on a cold winter night or for a walk outside. It is both casual and sporty so she won’t have a problem matching it with other items of clothes.

And best replica watches of all, whenever she wears it, you won’t be able to stop hugging and cuddling with her because you’ll feel like you have a furry pet.

This sweatshirt will bring so much love and cozy vibes into your life and the fact that it is a Christmas gift from you will make it all the more special!

2. 100% Organic Merino Wool T-shirt And Merino Wool Hiking Socks

[lasso ref=”organic-merino-wool-lightweight-womens-base-layer-thermal-short-sleeve-t-shirt” id=”103763″]

Whenever I’m looking for a gift for my loved ones, I always make sure that I find something versatile. In other words, I make sure to find something they can use or wear on every occasion.

This T-shirt is exactly one of those things. Gifting her a T-shirt that is lightweight, odor-resistant and moisture-wicking is definitely a smart choice (especially if she likes being active).

This T-shirt is made of organic merino wool and special technology which makes it extra lightweight and helps regulate your body temperature. You can be sure that in this T-shirt, she will feel comfy and fresh all day long, no matter the intensity of her activities.

Remember that showing that you care about how she feels is one of the sweetest tricks to make your bae feel loved up!

3. Esquki Women Christmas Costume – Ms. Santa Party Outfit With Hat

[lasso ref=”esquki-women-sexy-christmas-costume-miss-santa-outfit” id=”103765″]

If you want to surprise your bae with something special and, let’s say, naughty, a Ms. Santa outfit is your best bet! It is perfect for spicing things up in the bedroom (or to wear to a party) and adding that special touch to your Christmas romance.

This attractive Ms. Santa dress comes with stockings, gloves and a hat. It doesn’t only look stylish and appealing but it also feels that way. After all, you want your lady to feel comfy while seducing you, right? Right.

The more comfy she feels, the steamier the night will be. Of course, I’m speaking from experience because I’m a sucker for wearing these sweet costumes and I bet every boyfriend loves them too!

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4. PajamaGram Soft And Comfy Pajama Set

[lasso ref=”pajamagram-fun-womens-pajama-set” id=”103768″]

Pajamas are always perfect for Christmas gift-giving occasions because they offer softness, warmth and comfort. One of my friends has these pajamas and almost every time I visit her, she’s wearing them.

When I started teasing her and saying something like: Are those pajamas the only clothing item you have left in your wardrobe? She said: I would be happy if that were true!

She’s always had a great sense of humor and great taste in choosing soft and comfy clothes as well! If you want your lady to feel the magic of exquisite softness this winter, this pajama set will be the only thing she needs in her wardrobe!

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5. Custom-Made Silver Monogram Necklace

[lasso ref=”monogram-necklace-silver-personalized-initial-necklace” id=”103770″]

I bet there isn’t a better way to surprise your bae than with a personalized gift. Just like birthstone jewelry, monogrammed gifts are always trending and they are suitable for any occasion.

You can personalize this silver necklace with your girlfriend’s initials and voilà – you get one of the cutest Christmas presents for the girlfriend and an excellent stocking stuffer.

This handmade monogram necklace is made of 925 sterling silver, which means it is high quality, hypoallergenic and safe, unlike other inexpensive metals.

Just like my grandma, I always say that safe and stylish is the way to go!

6. UGG Women’s Classic Short II Boot

[lasso ref=”ugg-womens-classic-short-ii-boot” id=”103771″]

Winter is a magical time of the year but it also has its disadvantages and that is low temperatures. But no matter how cold it is, these UGG boots will make sure to keep your girlfriend warm and cozy all day and night long!

It’s not a surprise why they have been popular for some time now. They are everything a woman would want in shoes.

These furry boots are stain and water resistant even though they probably look to you (and to the rest of the male species) as something you would only wear in the house.

Well, they can also be worn in the house as well, if someone so wishes. I have a brown pair of these for that purpose and they are a true life-saver when it comes to surviving winter challenges.

7. Anne Klein Diamond Dial Mesh Bracelet Watch

[lasso ref=”anne-klein-womens-quartz-metal-and-stainless-steel-dress-watch” id=”103773″]

If you’re having difficulties deciding whether you would want to give her a bracelet or a watch, well, you can do both by giving her this gem!

This bracelet watch in rose gold is one of the best gifts for girlfriend for Christmas because it’s made of stainless steel and it’s stylish, elegant and beautiful.

I’m not really a fan of watches but this one truly amazes me. If it succeeded in capturing my attention, then you know it’s really one of the most stylish watches out there.

Remember: A girl can never have too many watches or shoes. (I just invented this saying but I’m sure it will become popular in the near future.)

The most amazing feature of all is the fact that this watch goes well with both casual and elegant style. In other words, she will be able to wear it anywhere and anytime!

8. 925 Sterling Silver Heart Locket Necklace

[lasso ref=”925-sterling-silver-personalized-locket-necklace-that-holds-pictures” id=”103779″]

Keychains are awesome but do you know what’s even more awesome? Personalized custom necklaces! You can personalize this silver heart locket necklace by adding a picture of the two of you together.

This will be the most romantic keepsake she’ll ever receive from anyone. If you ask me, this is a perfect Christmas gift for every girl out there because it’s romantic, cute and stylish and it’s built to last.

Christmas is a perfect time to remind her of your ultimate love for her and this locket will definitely help you with that!

9. Gypsy Earth Yoga Carry Bag Set

[lasso ref=”gypsy-earth-yoga-carry-bag-with-yoga-mat” id=”103780″]

I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned the words practical or multi-practical in this article but I definitely have the urge to highlight it again.

This BAG (I wrote that in capital letters on purpose) can be used as a yoga bag, gym bag, beach tote bag, carrier or however your beloved wants to use it!

The design is more than appealing (it reminds me of my abstract art endeavors). This set includes a yoga travel bag, yoga waterproof mat, water bottle (with an insulated design) and a microfiber towel.

Your girl will be more than pleased to carry this bag set to wherever she’s headed because it’s stylish and (I’ll say it again) multi-purpose.


10. SEPHORA COLLECTION Igloo Palace Blockbuster Set

[lasso ref=”sephora-collection-igloo-palace-blockbuster-set” id=”103781″]

Every girl loves great beauty products and especially playing with make-up, so this SEPHORA make-up collection makes one of the best Christmas gifts for girlfriend!

If you’re a guy reading this, I know the following terms will sound like quantum physics to you so I’ll explain it to you next:

For girls: This set contains a wide array of eyeshadows, highlighters, bronzers, blushes, powders and so on.

For guys: It is EVERYTHING a girl would want and need in her make-up routine!

So, if you want to make your girl happy, this make-up set will definitely make her smile for days! Also, she will be impressed by this igloo palace design. I must admit that whoever thought of this is a true genius.

11. A Relaxing Bath Spa Gift Basket Set

[lasso ref=”bath-gift-basket-set-for-women” id=”103783″]

In case you didn’t know: Girls LOVE gift sets! And what makes them so practical is the fact that they are a perfect gift for all occasions.

Whether you’re looking for good gifts for girlfriend’s birthday, Christmas gifts for girl best friend or a gift for Valentine’s Day, you cannot go wrong with a gift set.

This relaxing bath spa kit scented with lavender and jasmine includes everything you need for a luxuriously soothing bath. It comes with body butter lotion, bath bombs, shower gel, salts; you name it.

It is a perfect gift for self-care rituals. And do I need to mention that it also comes with body massage oil? Oh yes, I’ve just given you another idea on how you can make her feel even more special. (You’re welcome!)

12. Organic Bath Bombs Gift Set

[lasso ref=”organic-bath-bombs-gift-set” id=”103784″]

One of the best Christmas gifts for girlfriends is definitely something healthy, nourishing and organic. Since I’m a huge fan of organic products, I can say for sure that these products are simply the best.

They don’t contain harmful chemicals and they are a perfect addition to skincare rituals. This gift set comes with different types of bath bombs made of organic essential oils and they can even diffuse color bubbles.

This gift set is both FUN AND CARING. In case you would want to add something else to the equation, you can always get your Amazon gift card here. 


13. Apple Watch Series 5

[lasso ref=”apple-watch-series-5″ id=”103787″]

The best birthday gifts are the ones that are practical because that means making the daily life of your beloved easier.

This Apple Watch is one of those gifts! It provides heart rate notifications, personalized coaching and monthly challenges and the opportunity to share activities with friends and so on. And yes, it is water resistant!

There are so many other features and improvements that make this watch better than the previous series.

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that these watches have become extremely popular because they are compact and offer so many advanced features.

And whenever she looks at the watch, she will instantly start thinking of you. I daresay that she will be thinking of you 24/7 which is beyond CUTE!

14. Cooper Desk PRO Adjustable Folding Laptop Desk

[lasso ref=”cooper-desk-pro-xl-adjustable-folding-laptop-desk” id=”103788″]

Here’s one practical gadget! This adjustable folding laptop desk is one of the best Christmas gifts for college girls. Okay, let’s be realistic; it is a great gift for any girl who has a laptop or any other electronic device.

One of my friends got this for her birthday and what she loves about it most is its adjustable height, bookstand and storage drawer. Yup, it is a MULTI-PURPOSE desk perfect for a home office, for studying, reading, watching a movie, etc.

The most fascinating thing of all is the fact that you can even use it as a bed tray table for eating.

Here’s another romantic idea on how to surprise your loved one! You can write some romantic words or messages on a piece of paper and stick it on the desk before wrapping the gift. I’m sure this will melt her heart and make her feel extra special!

15. Native Union Dock Wireless Charger Stand

[lasso ref=”native-union-dock-wireless-charger-stand” id=”103790″]

I’m wondering if there’s anyone in the whole wide world who doesn’t get annoyed by cords on electronic devices? We all hate them, so praise the man/woman who came up with the wireless idea!

No matter whether your girlfriend’s phone is an iPhone 8 or a newer smartphone, this wireless charger will work perfectly. It is compatible with plenty of devices, so no need to worry about that (but still make sure to check it out first).

This wireless charger stand has a thermal protection sensor and it also detects foreign objects. It is practical and safe to use and it comes in different colors and patterns which makes it a perfect piece of home decor as well.

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16. Set Of 2 Friendship Lamps

[lasso ref=”set-of-2-friendship-lamps-by-filimin-classic-design” id=”103791″]

Imagine that you have a lamp that is connected to your loved one’s lamp so whenever you touch your lamp, theirs immediately lights the same color as yours.

When I first heard of this concept, I thought someone was pulling my leg but it is actually true (in case you aren’t familiar with how friendship lamps work).

If you don’t live together and if you’re in a long-distance relationship, this is exactly what you need in order to stay connected and feel as if you’re next to each other even when you’re not.

As a matter of fact, I bet every gift guide out there lists this as the most romantic gift for Christmas.

Quick Tip: If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can also surprise your loved one by sending them these inspiring long-distance relationship quotes.

17. ECBuddy Intelligent Neck Massager

[lasso ref=”ecbuddy-intelligent-neck-massager” id=”103793″]

If my boyfriend was given a dime every time I asked him to give me a massage, I’m sure he would be richer than Oprah by now.

I’m sure almost every girl (and human being) on the planet agrees with me on this one; we love a good massage more than anything in the world because it is great for stress-relief, is soothing and feels awesome!

If you want your girlfriend to feel awesome 24/7 (even when you’re not there to give her a massage), this massager for neck and back with heat will be your and her savior.

Actually, this massager pillow is multi-practical because you can massage your whole body with it and also adjust the heat and stimulation to your preference. It can be used while working, resting, traveling and in any other setting.

I daresay that this is one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for the girlfriend on Amazon.

18. Nintendo Switch 32GB Video Games Console

[lasso ref=”nintendo-switch-32gb-console-video-games-w-32gb-memory-card” id=”103798″]

Regardless of whether your girl is a hardcore or casual gamer, she will love this console! As a matter of fact, she doesn’t even need to be into gaming to start loving this thing.

This will be your favorite couples activity because it’s so much FUN! It has a lot of fun games to choose from and a powerful processor that provides breathtaking graphical performance in your living room.

And because it has a small portable monitor, you can easily carry it wherever you want, from the toilet seat to your work (okay, maybe not there but you get the idea). Once your lady starts playing it, Nintendo Switch and her will be inseparable.

Lord knows that there aren’t many activities to choose from during winter, so this will be a worthy alternative.

Seven words: drinks and snacks, Nintendo Switch, your girlfriend. When you combine it all, you get a fun night full of laughter and pure fun during a magical time of year!

19. Echo Show Premium (HD Smart Display With Alexa)

[lasso ref=”echo-show-2nd-gen-premium-10-1-hd-smart-display-with-alexa” id=”103800″]

This Echo Show Premium is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for so many reasons. It has so many features that it basically becomes your life-saver and faithful assistant.

Making video calls, checking weather forecasts, streaming books and music are just some of its features. Alexa will definitely make your girlfriend’s life easier because it has more skills than you can think of and it’s still evolving.

All you need to do is say: “Alexa, show me the front door camera” and it will be done. I’m sorry male population, Alexa can’t bring you a beer from the fridge but I’m sure that this might be one of the features in the near future.

20. Apple AirPods With Charging Case

[lasso ref=”apple-airpods-with-charging-case” id=”101858″]

Regardless of whether your girl is jogging, going for a walk or simply enjoys listening to music or other things, these AirPods will be her best friend (in case she doesn’t already have them).

My best friend has them and she told me that her life has become much easier ever since she got them. They come with a charging case and you can listen for up to five hours on one charge.

My friend cannot stop talking about the quality of the sound. It is really magnificent and once you try it, you will refuse to listen to music on any other device.

I tried my friend’s a few times and I can confirm that they are truly magical, which makes them one of the best Christmas gifts for girlfriend.

21. Kyvol Cybovac E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

[lasso ref=”kyvol-cybovac-e20-robot-vacuum-cleaner” id=”103801″]

If you want to make your girlfriend’s life much easier, then this is one of the ways to do so. This ultra-powerful robot vacuum cleaner will make her the happiest woman on earth (and I’m not even exaggerating).

Let’s face it. This vacuum cleaner has everything everyone would want (and not only girls). It comes with three cleaning modes, you can control it via a smart app or by voice commands (e.g. Alexa) and it is self-charging.

It is so smart that it automatically goes to recharge itself when needed. This compact device will be your girlfriend’s savior and she will be amazed by how thoughtful you truly are for giving her something like this.

And honestly, who wouldn’t be?

22. LifePro Vitalize Foot Massager

[lasso ref=”lifepro-vitalize-foot-massager-machine” id=”103802″]

Did you know that our feet are connected with our entire body? I guess that’s why a foot massage feels SO GOOD and why I always beg my boyfriend to treat me to one.

If your girlfriend has been asking the same of you, this foot massager is the solution for both of you! Healing massaging vibrations will help her relax and feel better instantly.

This massager comes with twenty speeds and five preset modes and best of all is that it is easy to use, carry and store anywhere you want. What really caught my eye is the fact that it has a lifetime guarantee. Yup.

I’m sure she deserves Christmas gifts for the best girlfriend because she is the best and this massager will remind her of that!

23. Vitamix 5200 Blender

[lasso ref=”vitamix-5200-blender-professional-grade” id=”103804″]

A hectic lifestyle has made it hard for us to implement a healthy routine into our life. But imagine if you had only one device that could do wonders for you and your loved ones on that aspect.

Well, that device is this amazing blender! I’ll just say five words: grind, emulsify, heat, chop, blend. This blender does all that and it does it amazingly. (I’m so sure of it because my aunt has one of these and she’s more than satisfied with it).

Your girlfriend will be able to heat her food, prepare food faster with the chop and grind feature and drink delicious protein shakes and smoothies. It will not only make her life easier but it will also improve her health.

So, if you ask me, this blender should belong to the category of a holistic lifestyle since it is one of the simplest ways to live a healthy, happy life.


24. Luxurious Bed Sheets And Pillowcases Made Of 100% Pure Cotton

[lasso ref=”400-thread-count-100-pure-cotton-sheets-for-bed” id=”103824″]

I don’t know about you but whenever I think of the feeling of freshness, I instantly imagine hotel sheets because they are always so luxurious and SO SOFT.

For a long time, I’ve been searching for that feeling to bring home to my place and that is how I stumbled upon these amazing bed sheets and pillowcases.

With a 400 thread count, these cotton sheets give you a feeling that is out of this world. When I’m about to go to sleep, I get fuelled with excitement and can’t wait to intoxicate myself with the ultimate softness.

If you want your girlfriend to feel the same way every evening, then these bed sheets and pillowcases are your best friend! (Well, if you live together, the pleasure will be double.)

25. Luxurious Plush And Fluffy Microfiber Blanket

[lasso ref=”lbro2m-sherpa-fleece-bed-blanket” id=”103826″]

Blankets are always a great girlfriend gift for the winter holiday season. As already said, girls (just like cats) love fluffy things and they can’t help themselves but melt when they see a thing like this fluffy microfiber blanket.

It will not only keep her warm (when you’re not there) but it will also keep her soft and snuggly. This plush blanket will also be one of the reasons to cuddle as often and as much as you can.

That is exactly why this blanket belongs to the list of good gifts for a girlfriend! It’s heartwarming, fluffy and it will show her how much you care!

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26. Triple Insulated Travel Mug With Handle And Lid

[lasso ref=”swig-life-18oz-triple-insulated-travel-mug-with-handle-and-lid” id=”103827″]

I don’t know about you but I’ve given up counting how many times I have spilled my coffee, tea and whatnot. When I thought that all hope was lost, one of my friends introduced me to these mugs with lids!

Yup, you heard it right. In case you’re not familiar with this invention sent by the gods themselves (for people like me), you and your girlfriend will be more than happy with this discovery.

This travel mug is double-walled and vacuum-sealed with stainless steel. It keeps cold for nine hours and warm for three hours (which is truly impressive).

These mugs are perfect for commuting to work because you don’t need to worry about spilling anything or that it will get cold once you get there.

Best of all is that these travel mugs can be used for different food and drinks, from protein shakes to coffee and soup. Basically, she can pack her whole lunch into one of these mugs!

So, yes, that’s what makes it one of the best Christmas gifts for a girlfriend (and I’m sure she would agree with me).

27. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Cabernet Red Wine Glass (Set Of 6)

[lasso ref=”schott-zwiesel-tritan-crystal-glass-pure-stemware-collection” id=”103828″]

It took me a while to realize that it doesn’t only matter what type of wine you are drinking but it also matters what you’re pouring it into. These beautiful Cabernet red wine glasses made of Tritan crystal will make your girlfriend feel like a true queen.

They have one of the most beautifully elegant designs I’ve ever seen and trust me, I’ve seen a lot of wine glasses during my humble life. These glasses are ideal for parties, dinners or casual gatherings.

If you want her to think of you and brag about her Christmas gift while she’s drinking with her besties, then this is a real gem.


28. Sofa Sack – Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair

[lasso ref=”sofa-sack-plush-ultra-soft-bean-bags-chairs” id=”103829″]

Looking for something that will make her extra comfy? This bean bag chair will not only make her comfy but will also serve as beautiful decor in her living room, bedroom or wherever she puts it.

They are made of memory foam, so I don’t think there’s any need to accentuate the ultimate comfort that this material provides. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting on a chair that is filled with memory foam and all I can say is that my butt and back have never been happier.

You can choose from many different colors which means you can pick her favorite one. In case you’re not sure which color to choose, I would recommend this dark gray one because it’s the safest choice and it’s sure to complement any room.

29. Complete DIY Candle Making Kit Supplies

[lasso ref=”complete-diy-candle-making-kit-supplies-by-craftzee” id=”103832″]

If you’re looking for a DIY gift, this candle making set might interest you! This is a unique gift that encompasses all aspects of DIY, from creativity to mood-boosting.

Your girl will enjoy creating divine scents with the help of a melting pot, dye blocks, different fragrances and so much more! And you can help her with that!

This candle making kit will evoke the child spirit in you because it is so much FUN. It will be one of the most fun couples activities!

The candles you make will be ideal for a romantic date night idea. Made of top-quality ingredients, they will help you to create a relaxing atmosphere and spice up your cuddle sessions.

30. Custom Map Wall Art

[lasso ref=”custom-map-wall-art-print-poster-set-of-3-city-map-street-black-white” id=”103834″]

If you’ve been traveling together, if she lives far away from her hometown or if she has that one (or a few) special place(s) in her heart, a custom map wall art is a brilliant gift idea!

​All you need to do is choose three city maps that you think she will like most and that’s about it.

These maps are great for a wide variety of settings from offices to living rooms. They are an awesome way of bringing all those beautiful memories back to life. Whenever she sees that one special place on a map, it will instantly warm her heart.

Wrapping It Up!

Whichever one you choose of the above Christmas gifts for girlfriend, know that she will be more than happy and pleasantly surprised! You will show her what a thoughtful and caring boyfriend you are.

To make the present even more meaningful, I suggest adding one (or a few) of the following messages on a gift card: 90 Romantic Words & Messages For Your Loved One To Melt Their Heart.

That would be it. I hope you found my assistance helpful and may the holiday season bring happiness and joy to you and your loved ones!