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Date Someone Who Doesn’t Give A Damn About You

Date Someone Who Doesn’t Give A Damn About You

And I mean it. Forget about everything you’ve read so far. Stop waiting for the right man to come along. Who knows if he’s even coming?

If you don’t believe me, keep on reading. I know but I’m dead serious.

Date someone who treats you like shit, someone who doesn’t give a damn about you. Date a complete d-bag!

Don’t look for a man who will take care of you and worship the ground you walk on.

Don’t date a man who will love you at your most unlovable. Forget about that! Don’t live in denial.

If you still don’t believe me… juuuust keep on reading!

You should date someone all of your friends hate. Someone who’s so not for you.

Shock everyone with your choice. Make them think that you’ve gone insane.

Find someone who’ll never call to say he misses you. Someone who couldn’t care less whether you’re seeing him or not.

Find someone who won’t care that you’re crying because of him and actually won’t even care what he says in front of you or if it hurts your feelings.

Date someone who will never try for the two of you to make it, someone who is totally indifferent.

Find a man who will make you feel like a worthless piece of shit. Someone who will make you doubt yourself and your sanity.

Date a man who will never apologize for the things he has done to you. Someone who has no interest in your life and takes you for granted.

Trust me, date a man like this.

Fall head over heels in love with him. Pretend you’re blind to everything he does to you and make excuses for him because you don’t want to admit that he is nothing but a piece of shit.

Try to change him and pretend it’s working even though you know that he will never really become someone else.

Stay by his side and sacrifice your own needs and your own life for his.

Believe that he is going to turn his life around and one day he will thank you and love you for the rest of his life. Be in complete denial, it’s great!

Love him even when he is at his worst. Show him you care when he is the biggest a-hole on the planet.

After you’ve done everything, fall apart. Take as long as you need to grieve and cry as many tears as you like. Break up with him and take care of your broken heart.

Blame yourself for being an idiot and not seeing what a manipulative asshole he is. Blame yourself for falling for his tricks.

Hate yourself if you have to, for believing his false promises. Imagine and wonder about what would have happened if you had done things differently.

Hate and blame yourself for letting him not give a damn about you.

But… and this is why you had to keep on reading to understand…

One day, nothing will hurt anymore. You’ll find the strength to move on. You’ll pick up your broken pieces and you’ll put them back together.

You’re going to be as good as new except for one little thing. Memories of him will haunt you. You will remember all the things he did to you.

But they won’t hurt as much. They will remind you of what you’ve been through and you will not do it ever again. They’ll remind you of everything you don’t deserve.

You have to date someone who doesn’t care about you because when you date someone who treats you poorly, you’ll realize that is not how you deserve to be treated.

You’ll see what you want and what kind of a man you need by your side. You’ll know exactly what to look for and whom to date.

You won’t waste any more of your time on fuckboys, manipulators, and players because you’ll know how to recognize them, first-hand.

You won’t be scared anymore of the little girl inside who wants to make everyone feel good.

You’ll turn into a stronger person who wants to take care of herself. Someone who knows what she wants and how she’ll get it.

Date someone who doesn’t give a damn about you, because when you see what it’s like, you’ll never let anyone like that get near you again. You’ll never settle for less than you deserve.