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Dating A Girl With An Anxious Mind: What You Need To Know And Do

Dating A Girl With An Anxious Mind: What You Need To Know And Do

What if he doesn’t like me as much as I like him? What if he’s hiding something from me? What if he doesn’t text me back?

If you’re dating a girl with an anxious mind, this is exactly what’s going on inside her head. Overthinking, trust issues, anticipating disasters are a part of her everyday life.

A girl with an anxious mind spends a lot of time worrying and overthinking everything. Those anxious thoughts are as intense as her love for you.

She is a girl with a big heart, but her anxiety often makes it hard for her to show that.

Sometimes, she might look indifferent, bitchy, or reserved, but this is not her. It’s her anxiety entrapping her mind and making her a prisoner of her own thoughts.

Dating a girl with an anxious mind is both a challenging endeavor and the best thing that can ever happen to you!

She’s not like any other girl you’ve dated before.

If you ever fall in love with an anxious girl, the first thing you need to know about her is that she’s not like any other girl out there.

Her world is a magical place full of intense emotions, ups and downs, fantasizing, overthinking, loving.

If you ever fall in love with such a girl, know that she’s the most beautiful and fragile human being in the world.

Know that most of the time, she’s worried about everything and anything from the things you’ve said to her to things you might say.

But most of the time, she’s thinking about bad things that might happen in the future. She’s afraid of liking you so much because her anxious thoughts make her feel insecure.

Every morning when she wakes up, she thinks about you, and she wonders if you’re thinking about her too.

Every time she sends you a novel-lengthy text and you reply with a one-word text, she becomes worried, confused, and starts anticipating the worst.

She’s not like any other girl you’ve dated before because she’s gone through a lot.

Her anxiety has made her life a living hell, but she found a way to live with it. It wasn’t easy, but somehow she found a way to live with her anxious thoughts.

When a girl with an anxious mind likes someone, she likes them with all her body and heart. She doesn’t know how to love partially or selfishly. Loving completely and wholeheartedly is her style.

Even though her anxious thoughts constantly make her worry about bad things that might happen in the future, she still chooses to love no matter what.

That’s what makes her strong, beautiful, and unique. A girl with an anxious mind is not like any other girl you’ve dated before because she over worries but also overloves.

Every day of her life, she has to deal with these questions:

  • What if he likes someone else better?
  • What if my anxiety ruins my relationship?
  • What if I’m always the one initiating conversation?
  • What if he ghosts me?
  • What if…

The world of a girl with an anxious mind consists of too many ‘what ifs.’ If you give her a reason to be suspicious of your faithfulness, she will enter the overthinking zone.

If she’s always the one texting you first, she’ll start thinking that you don’t or that you never even liked her in the first place.

Falling in love with an emotional girl with an anxious heart is not easy, but it’s totally worth it!

Aside from being overly worried and confused, she’s also too emotional and sensitive. She sees the world in a different light than the rest of us. She experiences everything on a deeper level:

  • She finds joy in little things.
  • Her perception of the world is pure and innocent.
  • She’s genuine.
  • She’s both scared and excited about life.
  • She’s not afraid to love with all of her heart.

Before dating a girl with an outgoing personality but an anxious mind, know that even though she’s laughing, she’s still worrying in the background.

Know that she will notice every single detail about you, and she will worry over stupid things.

She will call you at 3 am only to tell you how much she loves you because she will worry about you forgetting that.

She will tell you that she’s feeling great even when her world is collapsing.

She will always be afraid of losing you because of her anxiety.

It takes a strong man to date a girl with an anxious mind. It takes a strong man to make her feel loved and alleviate her anxious thoughts. If you ever date a girl with an anxious mind, remember this:

DON’T ever make her question your intentions, loyalty, and affection.

An anxious girl has thousands of tabs opened in her mind that are designed explicitly for overthinking.

This means that she’ll always have plenty of material to overthink without you ever needing to give her more.

So, don’t ever make her question your intentions, loyalty, and affection because if you do, she will worry even more. Don’t make her jealous, don’t play mind games, and don’t play hard to get.

Be open and honest with her because that will help her establish trust with you. If you disappoint her once, she’ll need plenty of time before she can trust you again.

Don’t accuse her of being anxious.

She’s perfectly aware that her anxiety is like a boring roommate that she can’t get rid of.

She knows that her anxiety sometimes forces her to make impulsive decisions, say something she doesn’t mean, or worry about things normal people never would.

She knows all that, and she accepts it as it is because there’s nothing she can do about it.

If you really like her and care about her, don’t EVER accuse her of being anxious because if you do, she’ll feel even more anxious.

Know that she wakes up every morning wanting to be carefree and at ease like every other person.

She often hates herself for not being able to shut her anxious thoughts off for good. So, don’t accuse her of being anxious because she’s already accusing herself every day of her life.

Don’t try to change her.

Don’t judge her for overreacting, overthinking, or sometimes acting silly. Don’t tell her that you wish she were different. Don’t make her feel even more guilty about her anxiety.

Most importantly, don’t try to change her because you’ll make her even more confused. Accept the fact that anxiety is a part of her life.

You can help her deal with it, but don’t try to change it because you won’t succeed.

Anxiety isn’t something that goes away, but it’s something you learn to control. It’s something you learn to live with.

When she’s feeling upset, hug her and tell her that she’s not alone.

When she has a panic attack, hold her hand and tell her that it will pass.

When she tells you that she’s a mess, tell her how beautiful she is.

Love her for who she is.

Embrace her imperfections, shower her with affection, make her feel beautiful and appreciated. Instead of trying to change her, love her for who she is.

Let her show you how her world operates. Let her introduce you to her fears, dreams, and goals. Remind her of how strong she is and that she can achieve anything only if she wants to.

Hold her hand and let her know that she can trust you. Hug her tight and never stop hugging her. Kiss her like you really mean it.

Love her every day a little bit more than yesterday.

Surprise her with a beautiful flower, make her laugh, send her a good night text to remind her that you’re thinking about her.

Don’t let her wait, don’t let her question your actions, and don’t make her feel insecure. Be patient, understanding, and gentle.

Show her that you’re on her side, and you’ll never leave her no matter what. Don’t break an anxious girl’s heart because if you do, she’ll never be able to love again.