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These Are The Compliments Your Partner Would Like To Hear More Often

These Are The Compliments Your Partner Would Like To Hear More Often

“Pretty.” “Beautiful!” “You look handsome!”

In the sea of unique and witty compliments, the above three are the most boring and worn out ones in the world (no offense to those who still use them).

Given that we’re living in modern times where there is so much space for creativity and new ways of expressing ourselves, don’t you think that it would be a shame if we didn’t use that potential? I certainly think so.

I’ll be straightforward with you. If a guy told me or commented on my photo, something like You’re beautiful. or “Beautiful.” I wouldn’t be impressed AT ALL.

As a matter of fact, I would be offended in a way because of his low effort or, better said, unwillingness (or incapability) to come up with something more original.

The thing about compliments is that they tell you a lot about someone’s effort, creativity, and overall personality.

Regardless if you’re a man or a woman, paying your partner or the person you’re dating boring, and cliché compliments will give them the impression that you’re unoriginal, unimaginative, and generic.

Even though society puts all the pressure on guys when it comes to giving compliments, both women and men should master the art of paying their partners/lovers creative and thoughtful compliments.

By doing so, you’ll succeed in making them feel truly special.

Ladies, guys like to be complimented too.

As a female, I feel a little bit ashamed that we don’t pay that much attention to complimenting our men as we should. We often forget that guys like to be complimented too.

We think that they don’t really care about us noticing their new haircut or a new T-shirt, but they actually DO. They do care about it, but, of course, they won’t tell us that so that they don’t appear “needy.”

We shouldn’t forget that men are pressured to always appear tough and masculine, and because of that, we get the wrong impression of them not giving a damn about compliments.

The truth is, they care about being complimented just as much as women do.

Just because they don’t wear makeup or other fancy clothes doesn’t mean the only time you should compliment men is when they get a new haircut.

If you’re running out of ideas to compliment your male partner (or some random guy you’re dating), here are some great ideas:

  • You can compliment his skills.
  • Compliment his dedication to work or hobbies.
  • You can compliment a guy on his personality.
  • Compliment his style.
  • Compliment his originality (especially when he goes out of his way to make you feel special).

These are the compliments that men would love to hear more often.

If you ask any guy out of there, he would probably tell you that he’s sick of women not noticing his efforts, not praising his skills, or not paying attention to his style (especially when they spend a lot of time matching different colors and patterns).

Ladies, here’s the secret to attracting any man out there and motivating him to court you: The more you compliment them (especially their effort), the more they will want to impress you.

I’m sure the male species will agree with me on this one. Men also like to see that a woman is taking the initiative in making them feel special for a change.

With that being said, here are some compliments for guys to make them feel desirable and truly special:

  • I always feel protected when I’m with you.
  • You’re so strong.
  • It’s so fun to be with you.
  • It’s amazing to me how you always say the right thing.
  • You’re such a great listener.
  • You’re such a sharp dresser.
  • Your strength during hard times is impressive.

If I learned anything during my humble, romantic endeavors with men, it’s two things:

1. They like to feel strong.

2. They like to make you laugh.

Complimenting him on these two things is a great way to make your man feel desirable, so keep that in mind.

Gentlemen, thoughtful and unique compliments are a surefire way to get (and keep) her attention.

When it comes to compliments for girls, there is a wide array of boring compliments that have become cliché. Simply telling her that she’s beautiful is just not enough.

Let me help you understand girls and this complimenting thing.

What we’re looking for in a compliment is the amount of effort you put in, the details you paid attention to, and you being different from the rest of the (generic) male species.

If you want to win a girl’s heart and show her how imaginative and original you are, you need to behave like that in every aspect of your life and not just compliments.

The last time I received a generic compliment from a guy I really liked (read: I used to like), I told him openly and honestly: You could be more creative in your complimenting endeavors.

The moment he started to shower me with those worn out compliments, I instantly became uninterested in getting to know him better. The same thing applies to relationships.

If you have a girlfriend, it would be weird to repeat the same compliments over and over again, right? Over time, she would get bored of it, and she’d lose interest in you mainly because of your shallow effort.

These are the compliments that women would love to hear more often.

Instead of only complimenting their physical appearance, focus on complimenting their personality as well.

Also, pay attention to details!

If you want to compliment a beautiful girl’s picture like a boss, you need to compliment her on what makes her stand out from the crowd.

Ask yourself the following questions: What is she doing in this picture? What are the things about her that make her special?

There are so many other things you can compliment a girl on besides her looks. You can compliment her lifestyle, aura, photography skills, talents, passions, sense of humor, you name it!

Instead of saying something like: I love your outfit! be more detailed by saying: The color/the design of your T-shirt/ring/skirt is truly magnificent.

Regardless if you’re complimenting her in person or on social media, remember that it’s all about the DETAILS.

If you’re running out of ideas to make your girl feel special, here are some compliments for women that will melt their hearts:

  • With your charming smile, your mesmerizing laugh, and the little mannerisms you have, you’re impossible not to love.
  • Your eyes are beautiful because they are filled with kindness and intelligence.
  • I love that when you smile, you smile with your eyes.
  • I adore your sense of humor.
  • You inspire me in every possible way.
  • You always find something special in the most ordinary things.
  • You are well-grounded, always humble, and down to earth.

It’s true that we women can never get enough compliments about our hair and makeup (especially when we spend hours and hours adjusting it).

However, we would still love to hear more often how passionate we are about things, how funny or inspiring we are.

Here’s some more humble advice for guys: Don’t overdo it.

If you think that giving a girl as many compliments as you can is a surefire way to get her attention and win her heart, you’re wrong. As with everything, be modest.

“Sometimes just a little compliment can make someone’s entire day.” – Unknown

Never underestimate the power of compliments. Sometimes, just a few nice words can brighten someone’s entire day.

If you want to make your loved one’s day, remember to notice all those little things that make them special and different from everyone else.

Besides their physical appearance, remember to acknowledge their effort, personality, and their beautiful aura.

Let them know that they are noticed and appreciated. Let them know that they are desired and magnificent.