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Dating A Nice Guy Will Make You Realize These 7 Things About Love

Dating A Nice Guy Will Make You Realize These 7 Things About Love

We are all looking for our soulmate, the one we’ll spend the rest of our life with.

And it is a difficult quest. You’ll have to date a few wrong men until you find the right one.

It’s okay. Your heart needs to be broken several times before it finds someone who will fix it.

Someone who will make you feel safe and loved.

Someone who makes you forget your heart was ever broken.

There are plenty more fish in the sea and the options are endless.

Don’t settle for a man who doesn’t appreciate you.

Maybe the thought of a great guy seems like a miracle to you right now but trust me, as when you least expect it, that miracle will show up.

Then you’ll understand what true love means.

He will make you fall in love with yourself

This is the most important lesson you’ll learn from dating a nice guy; to love and respect yourself!

Like any relationship, your relationship with yourself goes up and down and sideways and requires a daily feed.

You’ll never be able to fully love someone if you don’t love yourself.

The ability to love yourself affects other relationships in your life.

You’ll have many insecurities and they will make you doubt other people’s intentions.

Maybe falling in love with yourself is one of the hardest things to do, but with a nice guy, it will be much easier.

He will be there for you every day, reminding you how beautiful you are and that you deserve all the love this world can offer you… and even more.

You can be loved without feeling the need to always work up to something

You don’t always have to fight for the relationship.

You don’t have to prove your love to your partner every day.

Yes, you have to invest a lot into a relationship to make it work. But you should never fight for it.

A relationship you have to fight for isn’t worth saving.

A nice guy will be your wake-up call.

He will show you that you can be loved for who you are.

He will love you through all your imperfections, inspiring you to embrace them.

He’ll support you through hard times

We all experience some tough times in our lives.

The important thing is that you shouldn’t go through it alone.

Your significant other should know how to make you feel better and he’ll always be there for you.

A nice guy will put your needs first and show you that he feels your pain.

He’ll try to cheer you up and he’ll stand beside you whenever you need him.

He committed to you ‘for better or worse’ and he sticks to it.

You can relax, he is only yours

A nice guy doesn’t play any games and he will not play hard to get either.

If he likes you, he’ll tell you and ask you out.

You won’t have to wonder where he is.

You’ll know because he will tell you himself and slowly, you’ll understand that you can trust him.

He won’t have eyes for other women and you will become the most important woman in his life.

He will even stop hanging out with his girlfriends if he sees that it bothers you.

He thinks that fidelity represents the most important basis for a relationship and that’s why he would never even try to cheat on you.

He will teach you that actions speak louder than words

Are you tired of people who make promises that they have no intention of keeping?

Don’t worry. A nice guy won’t ever promise more than he can keep.

Also, he knows that promises mean nothing without proof.

Guys can apologize for their mistakes over and over but if their actions do not change, the words become meaningless.

A nice guy will teach you that true love is shown in actions, not in words.

He’ll try to find a way to surprise you every day with small things and you’ll find true happiness in it.

There is no room for jealousy in your relationship

Jealousy is the silent killer of many relationships.

It leads us to focus only on the negative sides of our relationship and our partner.

If your partner is constantly lying to you, of course, you have every reason to doubt his fidelity.

You’ll feel that you are just a backup plan for him and that can leave significant consequences on you and you’ll be left with trust issues.

A nice guy will show you that he is trustworthy.

He will be there always to listen to you and to make you sure that you have nothing to worry about.

He knows that communication is an essential key for every relationship and that one of the most effective communication skills is listening.

Open up to him and tell him everything that bothers you.

Love understands and accepts differences

God made us all different and that’s perfectly perfect.

It would be boring if we were all the same.

Even though you have some traits that he doesn’t like, a nice guy will always accept you as you are.

He will never ask you to change but admit it yourself, you are so tired of changing for someone you love.

A nice guy believes that opposites do attract and that’s why he’ll think that differences are important.

And they truly are. They will keep your relationship exciting and healthy.

‘Bad boys’ can be passionate and entertaining but you’ll soon get tired of it.

You’ll understand that love is the only thing that gives life its real meaning.

Only a nice guy can offer you a real, faithful and lasting love.

He’ll make sure you know how much you are worth.

He’ll let you know that you deserve the kind of love that’s deeper than the ocean.

He’ll be your biggest cheerleader.

These kinds of men are becoming a rarity today and if you are lucky enough to find a nice guy, stick to him and never let him go.