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7 Warning Signs You’re Dealing With A ‘Nice’ Fuckboy

7 Warning Signs You’re Dealing With A ‘Nice’ Fuckboy

Recognizing the good guys from the bad guys has become mission impossible nowadays.

You can’t tell them apart anymore. At least before, you knew that when a guy was a jerk, he acted like one so you knew he was one.

It was really as simple as that. If you felt like you could walk on the wild side for a while, you would take the bait on purpose, just to see what it was like.

And after you got your heart broken, okay, you were not that sad because you basically knew it was coming.

It was just another experience and another lesson you had to learn.

But today, you can’t afford that ‘luxury’. You can’t willingly choose to date a fuckboy just to see what it’s like.

Today, fuckboys are disguised as nice boys. Today, innocent women get played by manipulative jerks because they pretend to be something they aren’t.

Just read on and be careful because at least once in your life, you’ll meet a ‘nice’ fuckboy:

1. He pretends to be a good guy

Of course, this is the first clue but probably the last one you will figure out.

Usually, they are so good at acting that you simply can’t figure out what they are really like.

They will do things your way and try to fulfill your every wish. They will be kind and considerate but on the other hand, they will play completely the opposite game when you’re not looking.

2. He is too good of a friend

His friends adore him. He is the true hero in their eyes. Why? Well, not because he is a selfless and caring friend, not because he is always there for them when they need him, but because they are the same as him.

He is their role model because he has dated so many different women, or because he managed to seduce one that none of them did. But essentially, they are the same sort of scumbag that he is.

3. He is completely different when he is around you

When you are together, he is so considerate, caring. He is just too perfect. Well, that’s a load of BS!

The moment you turn your back on him, the moment you stop looking in his direction, he turns into something else completely.

Usually, women find comfort in lying to themselves that he is actually the guy he pretends to be when he is with you and not the guy he is when he is with someone else.

Usually, we don’t want to admit that we are dating an actual legit psycho. This goes in their favor because they can go on with their plan.

4. He won’t make you angry

He won’t irritate you or do anything directly to you to make you angry. You’ll be happy with him but only for a certain amount of time.

That period in the beginning when the promises are huge and while you’re waiting for them to come true, your life will be more than perfect.

But when you slowly start to realize that none of the things he said to you will come true, your bubble suddenly bursts and you realize he is just another fuckboy.

5. He will never formally reject you

He will stack things in his favor. Although he has never told you that he doesn’t want anything serious but somehow his actions show you that and when he later on actually tells you that he never wanted anything serious, you can’t be angry because you were expecting that and he just walks away with no guilt whatsoever.

6. Maybe he won’t hurt you on purpose

Maybe he has had a shitty past, maybe he has commitment issues, maybe he has been brutally hurt.

Maybe all of these things are true but that doesn’t give him an excuse for hurting you.

Maybe he isn’t doing it on purpose but that doesn’t change the fact you’ve been hurt.

If he doesn’t know how to deal with his ghosts from the past, he shouldn’t be with anyone in the first place because that is just acting selfishly.

7. He has cute nicknames for you

Isn’t this cute? He must be the right one. Well, he’s not because these nicknames are generic, they are not special.

He doesn’t call you that because you mean something more to him.

He calls you that because he knows you want to hear it. It’s a perfect solution for him.

He calls you cute nicknames, you melt and he gets what he wants—you thinking he loves you more than the world itself, when actually you’re just a passing hook-up.