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Do These 6 Flirty Things To Help Him Make The First Move

Do These 6 Flirty Things To Help Him Make The First Move

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been in numerous situations where I was crushing on a guy so badly that I just wanted him to finally get my hint and make the first move already!

But unfortunately, guys don’t read minds… (if only, right?), so I had to muster up the courage and give him a hint or two that I was more than open to him making a move on me and that usually did the trick!

So let’s go back to the guy you’re trying to win over.

Are you sure he’s interested?

There’s always a possibility that maybe you’re not on his radar yet but that can all be easily changed, no worries.

There are many potential reasons why he still hasn’t made a move, so there’s no reason to be alarmed just yet!

Let’s see some possible explanations:

He takes his time. This guy doesn’t like to rush things and believes that everything that’s worth a damn is worth waiting for.

He fears you might reject him.  Don’t we all? Show him how wrong he is and give him a reason to win you over.

He’s just not sure how to make his move.  Some guys are more than eager but simply clueless as to how exactly to make their move. Help him figure it out!

He wants you to take the wheel.  Which is not a bad thing. When you show some initiative, he’ll be hooked and more often than not—reciprocate.

He doesn’t know you’re into him.  Some guys are just oblivious to what’s in front of them. But it’s a good thing you’re about to learn how to make him swoon.

Now that we’ve covered some potential reasons why he still hasn’t made his move, hopefully you’ve managed to find your possible explanation and now you’re ready to embark on a mission to flirtatiously let him know you’re hooked and ready to be swept off your feet!

Engage in some hot flirting!

This is pretty obvious but always worth a mention!

It all starts with a little flirty fun. I mean… how else is he supposed to know you’re even interested?

Give him something to work with and he’ll find the courage to win you over. 

Maybe ask some flirty questions? Or you can use the power of flirty jokes

Don’t forget about the sensual power of touch!

And I’m not talking about being aggressively straightforward or groping him in public.

What I mean is a light, innocent touch on his arm as you’re passing him by… followed by a smile and a perhaps a friendly wink? Totally up to you!

Maybe brush against him while trying to walk toward something in a crowded room and pretend to be sorry (but we both know you’re really not…)

Drop an obvious hint while chatting!

You could be talking about anything really, all you need to do is divert the subject slightly to something that can be connected with relationships and the pursuit of love.

Then casually mention you believe guys should always make the first move and that you’re always more than happy to be wooed.

He’ll take the hint unless he’s totally oblivious (let’s hope he isn’t).

Make gazing eye contact as much as possible! (But don’t overdo it).

Occasionally, while you’re in his company, focus your gaze on his eyes and don’t let up for a few seconds minimum.

Deep eye contact is one of the hottest things you can do while flirting.

Be focused, with a subtle, mysterious look on your face and after those few seconds have passed, lower your face, release a soft sigh with a coy smile and keep talking about whatever you were in the middle of, as interested as you possibly can be.

He’ll be thinking about that smile while trying to remember what the hell he was even talking about.

Don’t be afraid to get close to him!

Stand close to him while you’re talking, sit next to him on nights out, no matter how many people there are and always find an excuse to whisper something in his ear.

Like when you’re in a crowded bar and you can’t hear each other over all the noise.

Be in close proximity, let your bodies touch and always look at him as if he’s the only person there.

Who wouldn’t be able to decipher those signals?

You could be seconds away from him finally kissing you, so just keep being close.

Unless he’s made of steel, his guard will let up.

Mention a movie you really want to go see!

This is a great way to encourage him to finally ask you out!

You’re being more than upfront with your subtle suggestion and all he needs to do is say you should totally go see that movie and there you go!

All he needs is a slight nudge in the right direction and to know he’s not going to be faced with rejection and he’ll be making all sorts of moves on you.

After all, first dates are more often than not exactly that—going to the movies.

So there’s nothing really to decipher there, just a guy who’s about to figure out he’s being asked out in a subtle, clever way where he just needs to put a dot on that ‘i’ and seal the deal!