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Do You Have Textual Chemistry With Him? Here’s How To Tell

Do You Have Textual Chemistry With Him? Here’s How To Tell

It seems that in our era of modern dating, textual chemistry is just as important as the sexual kind—if not even more so because the initial phases of a relationship are more about texting.

Textual chemistry is the way you feel and connect with somebody while texting.

It’s much more than a simple conversation between two people. It’s about understanding each other on a deeper level and forming bonds.

If you and the man you are texting with have strong textual chemistry, that’s a good precondition for forming a real relationship, as well as an indicator that you are already in one.

Here’s how to tell that you and he share incredible textual chemistry:

1. Time flies when you are texting

Conversation is not forced; it simply flows. You are able to jump from topic to topic and say whatever crosses your mind.

More often than not, you get lost in the conversation. Hours feel like minutes because it’s so easy and fun to talk to him.

2. Bad texting days are rare

He hardly ever sends you short, effortless replies. But he has his days (as you do your own) when he is not in the mood for texting.

He might have a hard day at work or some personal issues to address that have drained his energy. It’s only natural that not every day will be the same, and that’s OK, too.

3. You can hardly wait for his next text

It’s not just that you are looking forward to your next texting session; it’s that you are happy with every text he sends back, no matter what it is.

If you have great, engaging and fun communication, you will feel like this almost all the time. You will always be enthusiastic about his replies.

4. You are more interested in quality than quantity

Texting 24/7 and retelling your every move doesn’t qualify as good textual chemistry.

It’s more along the lines of forcing texts and prolonging the conversation.

Textual chemistry is about quality. It’s about having one long and amazing conversation during the whole day or every few days.

It’s about keeping things real and meaningful, not about the amount of text you exchange in one day.

Of course, you should expect at least one text a day to keep in touch. But not every day will be the same.

5. He doesn’t always answer right away, but you are not panicking

If you are not involved with someone who has nothing better to do than text the whole day long, it’s understandable that not every response will arrive immediately.

You know he will answer when he gets the chance. There are a lot of good reasons not to answer immediately like work, sleep, socializing in real life, etc.

You don’t answer every text he sends immediately either. You have a life. That’s why you are calm.

6. You formed a texting flirtationship

You get each others flirting styles. You are able to read between the lines and respond to his provocative remarks. He never sends anything offensive or awkward.

His flirting style makes you feel comfortable, and you easily respond to it.

You have a radiant smile that stays on your face while you are texting and even later when you remember certain flirty texts.

7. He is not all about sexts

It’s a thin line between flirting and sexting. A conversation can easily turn into something more hot and steamy, and that’s ok.

The wrong thing is if your every conversation revolves around sex, and his texts are reserved for late nights.

By doing that, he is openly saying that he is only after one thing.

8. You have ‘your own’ emojis

Texting is almost unimaginable without emojis. They help to breach the lack of face to face contact and verbal signs during texting. It’s just easier to understand each other when they are there.

You have some emojis that you use just when you are texting him, and he is texting the same ones back.

Who would have known that a simple thing like this could make you feel so warm inside?

9. Texting isn’t used as a way to kill time

It’s easy to text when you are not doing anything special, when you’re slightly bored and have nothing better to do. But both of you text regardless of your current situations.

Textual chemistry is a small text in the middle of a busy day just to let you know that he is missing you or a good night text when you are completely exhausted.

It’s texting or sending pics when you are having a great time to share your happiness with that special someone.

It’s making time when you have none to spare because somebody means a lot to you.

10. Both of you initiate contact

I saved best for the last. This is one of the main indicators of good textual chemistry.

If one is trying too much and initiating the contact for the best part of time, textual chemistry is nonexistent.

But if there is a balance, if both of you can’t imagine the day passing without hearing from each other, then there is definitely something worth your efforts there.