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Don’t Be Afraid To Live Your Life Without A Man

Don’t Be Afraid To Live Your Life Without A Man

How does an amazing woman like you end up believing that a life without a man by her side is miserable?

How does your strength and the way you look at independence make you believe that there is no other way to live your life but with a partner?

We should all ask ourself these questions and when we begin to realize that we do not need a man, that is when we will rise above all the stereotypes and everything we have been taught.

You have found yourself in relationships that are never good enough because you want to be treated right!

You want to look at someone and know that they are right for you but because of that, you have remained alone for most of your life.

Let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with that!

We have been raised believing that living our life without a man in it is worthless and that we have failed as a woman.

And as harsh as it sounds, it really is the truth. No one taught us to find the worthiness and love within ourself.

People expect you to get married and have kids by a certain age, always initiating the conversation and always trying to find a way to convince you that it’s the right way to go.

They tell you that as a woman you are a ‘vessel for life’ because you bring another human being into this world and you really are that but only if you choose to be.

Your entire life whenever you were hurt and heartbroken, when you got home there wasn’t a man waiting for you but you still had yourself!

You had your own back, you were there to have those long conversations with yourself, when you were wondering whether you were doing the right thing or not.

But there wasn’t anyone needed to give you that pep talk to help you keep moving on, there wasn’t anyone there to help you through the tough times!

And you want to know why? Because you do not need anyone for those things!

Know that it is fine to live your life without a man in it!

If you truly do find someone who loves you just the way you deserve and with whom you fall in love with as well, then more power to you!

Go for that love of your life and don’t let them vanish.

But if you think that you will be devastated and miserable simply because you are single, then you have to be more confident in yourself and in your life.

There is really nothing to be afraid of! You won’t ‘die alone’, you won’t have a boring and pitiful life just because you are single.

There are so many amazing things out there that are way more fun to do by yourself than to do them with someone.

There so many amazing places to see and people to meet, all of them will inspire you in many different ways that you even thought to be impossible.

It’s your own responsibility to take control over your life and turn it into something worth living for.

It’s your own responsibility to take care of yourself and show yourself that you are loved. No man can do that for you.

Take on the challenge of showing the world what a woman can do with her own two hands, with no need for the help of a man.

Learn that it’s not a bad thing to be selfish and dedicate all your time and energy to creating the best life possible.

It’s not a bad thing to decide on your own if you want to share your life with someone else, because there are so many pros and cons people don’t think about.

Just remember all those amazing women out there who have regretted their decision. They have found men who never touched them gently and never showed them any love.

You don’t need that!

If you fall in love then that is something you should be proud of but you can’t force yourself simply because someone told you that it is the right choice.

The only thing that is right for you right now (and I can say this with complete confidence) is to love yourself. Purely. Unconditionally.