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He Only Misses You Because He Can’t Replace You

He Only Misses You Because He Can’t Replace You

Having to lose someone in order to realize just how special and invaluable they were to you is one of the most unfortunate (yet very common) things to happen after a difficult breakup.

We are all unique in our own way, which basically means that we’re all irreplaceable, and no matter how much somebody wishes to find our exact copy in another person, it is simply not possible.

When a romantic relationship falls through, it’s inevitable that both partners will eventually move on to other people and seek adequate replacement for their respective exes.

So when you get that unexpected text at an ungodly hour from your ex who it took you so long to get over, just know that he finally realized what he foolishly let go.

The only thing is, it’s a little too late now. Yeah, he misses you and he might even really want you back.

But what kind of a prick do you have to be to break a girl’s heart, leave her to her own devices, move on to someone new like she never existed, and then expect her to forgive you because it took losing her to realize just how precious she was?

No, sir, you don’t get to do that.

You do not get to shatter her world by deciding she simply isn’t enough anymore and abandon her as if she meant nothing to you, then in her absence realize how good you really had it and hope she’d be naïve enough to forgive and forget.

When you left, her entire world fell apart.

The rock she had in you was suddenly gone. Her best friend she could share anything with was no longer by her side.

And her lover who knew every bit of her body by heart was suddenly sleeping in another woman’s bed.

She had to learn to find a way to cope with all of that without losing her damn mind, all the while feeling as if the ground beneath her was crumbling and slipping further and further away from her grasp.

And you simply moved on to a newer model, hoping to find something new and exciting, but what you ultimately realized was that no woman could ever replace the warmth of her soft lips on yours.

No woman holds a candle to her unbelievable capacity to love without judging.

And when you tried to find solace in another woman’s arms, you realized that nothing could match her tight embrace that made you immediately calm and serene, as if it was telling you that everything was going to be okay, and somehow… it always was.

But guess what?

She is no longer that naive girl you secretly hoped she still was. She is no longer the type of person who accepts bits and pieces.

She now knows that she deserves someone who will appreciate her while he has her.

You thought you could take the easy way out, have your fun in the sun, and then come back as if you never left a devastating void in her world.

But you were wrong. She knows better than to believe anything you have to say now.

You see, she went through a lot since you went away. It took her a minute, but she finally has her priorities straight.

And now you can crawl and you can beg, but all you’ll get from her is a confident smile in your direction, which will show you just how badass and strong she is now.

She will look at you, but she won’t see the man she once loved so deeply.

What she will see now is a man that she pities.

And that is going to feel so empowering for her. She waited for this moment and she prayed to be able to keep her cool around you and not fall for your old tricks.

And she finally did it. She can finally look at you without falling apart .

Yeah, you miss her now, but you had your chance with her. She was all yours.

She gave you her heart and soul, and in turn all she wanted was your dedication and a little effort.

And you couldn’t even give her that. So don’t be surprised when she’s all out of second chances.

She knows that she’s irreplaceable. She knows how unique and special she is.

And it gives her joy knowing that she can finally say it proudly while showing you the door to where you belong.

And that is out of her life.

Maybe next time you’ll be able to realize the value of what you have before you gamble it away.

Whoever you end up spending your life with, hopefully you’ve learned your lesson.

If you can’t appreciate her while she’s by your side, you don’t deserve her when you change your mind!

She is now living her best life, and she is never again letting a man chew her up and spit her out the way you did.

Those days are gone.

She doesn’t hate you though. She simply doesn’t think about you anymore.

And now, while you’re dealing with the consequences of your actions, you will finally feel exactly what she felt when you put her through all that hell.

So good luck getting over her. God knows you’ll need it.