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Libra Sun Aries Moon: Contradictory And Specific Personality

Libra Sun Aries Moon: Contradictory And Specific Personality

Libra Sun and Aries Moon create a very special combination of the moon signs and sun signs.

This blend creates an extremely unique reading because this personality is reasonable and impulsive at the same time.

Therefore, it’s considered very rare and contradictory. Yet somehow this combination works. 

Personality Traits Of Libra Sun Aries Moon

Libra Sun and Aries Moon is a personality that is at war with itself. Their outside shell represents them as troubled and kind of nervous, while they’re something completely different on the inside.

If you get a sneak peek to their soul, you’ll be introduced to a very gentle and nice person. 

The Aries side to them is the restless side that obeys urges and reacts by instinct. On the other hand, the Libra side to them wants to achieve a peaceful balance, holding the moral high ground.

The two sides are constantly at war – they can’t go very well with each other. One side is always longing to prevail.

Despite that fact, people with this personality are definitely going to succeed in everything they’re planning to accomplish.

Born under a full moon, they are extroverted and open. Ther social skills are to be admired.

When they’re surrounded by people, all eyes are on them because they’re interesting and fun to listen to.

Their addictive behavior leads to creating all sorts of relationships, especially romantic ones.

These people are extremely magnetic and lovable. The catch is, they’re the ones who refuse to commit at the early stages. Eventually, they all do. 

The Aries in them can make the Libra go crazy. Aries always wants attention, which creates tension.

This puts Libra out of balance, which is the one thing they can’t stand.

Aries tries to avoid boredom at any cost. That’s the reason why they always start discussions and argue with anyone who opposes their opinion.

Libra, on the other hand, wants to find the middle ground in conversation as is in life. 

People of this personality are great in crisis situations. When no one else has any idea what to do, they appear with a plan.

They are spontaneous and assertive at the same time, which powers their good judgment in times of need.

Also, the fact that they love being in control is the reason why they’re often the ones to save the day. 

Libra brings the imaginary world into the picture. Now you have wild Aries running around in their world of make believe.

To keep them under control and not let them run too deep into their imagination, it’s crucial they keep in touch with friends and this “earthly life.” It’s important they keep both feet firmly on the ground. 

The most interesting thing about Libra Sun Aries Moon is how opposite these two signs are and yet they create a perfect combination.

They are shy and open. They are happy and sad. Their mood changes from one minute to another, but somehow all of it works. 

Sun Sign

Natal charts are the treasure map to your horoscope. A natal chart is basically a snapshot of heaven at the moment you were born.

So naturally, planets (all bodies are called planets in astrology) play a major role in reading your chart and your destiny, including the sun

The sun plays an important role because it affects the shaping of your personality. 

The sun is associated with the element of fire and it rules the sign of Leo. The reason why this element is so important is because it represents your ego, your consciousness.

It affects the formation of who you really are from the inside – your core. Everything else just forms the details of your personality. 

The sun has always been associated with divinity, so the characteristics of a zodiac sign born in sun are more than positive.

It is said that people born in the sun are noble, generous, kind, gallant, and ambitious. They are destined to do great things.

However, your destiny can go the other way. It’s not impossible.

Instead of nobility, a person can become too favorable of themselves and deeply insecure about who they are, which usually turns them into an unbearably bad person. 

Sun In Libra

Libras are very peaceful. They’re convinced they can approach every problem in a calm matter.

They keep a positive attitude, no matter what. That’s actually their key to a happy and anti-stress life.

They’re convinced that everything can be resolved if you go with a calm and understanding approach. They hate fighting and raising voices, so they avoid fights altogether. It’s part of their personality. 

Their way of life makes it easier to schedule their time. Somehow they have the time to work hard, be lazy, and make their social life flourish. 

Libras are driven by their reason but with a small exception.

Most zodiac signs are either one or the other, but Libra is rational yet in perfect balance with their emotional side as well.

The most common trait all Libras share is indecisiveness.

Although this is a very annoying trait, especially to people who live in the moment, like for example, Aries,  Leo, or Scorpio – people who don’t have the time to spend – Libra‘s indecisiveness evolves from other reasons.

They are objective and want to make a fair decision. They’re not insecure and most definitely not doubting themselves.

Libras want to have the whole picture before they make a decision. In other words, they want to strike the perfect balance.  

Another interesting and noble thing about Libras that the sun brings to their personality is their fight for justice. When they believe in something, they won’t let it go. Fairness is a quality they demand everyone to have.

But the thing is, they’ll never force someone to be fair, but always be more than polite. 

Moon Sign

The sun and moon are bound together. They can’t go one without the other.

The sun shapes your personality, but the moon affects what you feel. The moon represents your emotional nature and it governs how you react to emotions happening inside.

The moon travels fast and changes positions often, so it impacts everyone’s zodiac. In fact, we are all moon people as we are sun people. They are connected.  

Moon In Aries

The moon is not usually connected to Aries. It’s more common for Water signs, but in this case, we’re talking about a Fire sign, ruled by the planet Mars – Aries.

Unlike Libra sun, Aries moon doesn’t have the time to calm the situation down.

They react on the spot and immediately say what’s on their mind. They almost never think before they speak, which can sometimes cause them great trouble. 

One of the noblest characteristics of Moon Aries is their courage. They are brave and will never hesitate to say something or stand up to someone just because it might hurt them.

At that moment, they are completely unselfish and the only thing that matters is making their goal come true. Even if that means they have to take a risk. 

They’re not quite warm when it comes to giving consolation. They aren’t touchy-feely.

So, if you have a problem, you can be sure they will give you the most honest advice out there.

Libra Sun Aries Moon Man In A Nutshell

Easy-going Libra and wild Aries are in a constant battle with each other.

In other words, if a man with this personality wants to have a happy life, he must be prepared for it to be a struggle from one day to the next. He has to deal with mixed emotions in his own way.

On the other hand, he’s very charming. This type of man can have any girl he wants, which makes him a bit dangerous.

Actually, it can make him a player. Women can’t resist him because he’s so persuasive and almost addictive, it’s hard to say no.

When you fall hard for him and your relationship is ready to level up, he usually leaves and moves onto another woman.

That’s why these types of men can be dangerous. You know they’re not good for you, yet you can’t resist them. 

Libra Sun Aries Moon Woman In A Nutshell

A Libra Sun Aries Moon woman is a bit of a daredevil. She’s into some strange things and doesn’t lack the courage to try whatever draws her attention.

She is the type of woman who loves romance and relationships, but her restless spirit and indecisiveness turn her away from committing to one person.

Even if she committed in the past, she will either come to regret it or has already regretted it and ended it disastrously.

From the outside, this woman seems to be very gentle – her feminine side shines through. She is very considerate and lovely.

Although, at the same time, she has a masculine side to her – she likes to take the reins and make decisions when everyone else is too scared to make a move.

This woman is very difficult to deal with. She doesn’t accept authority of any kind.

No one can tell her what to do. But because of that, she’ll do everything possible to become her own boss and make her own decisions.  She doesn’t want to depend on anyone. 

Positive Traits

•  Talented and driven to succeed

•  Balanced and calm (they are calm most of the time because of the sun in Libra)

•  Gifted in the humanitarian field

Bad Traits

•  Indecisive and sometimes loses direction

•  Makes hasty decisions

•  Starts too many projects – sometimes doesn’t end any of them

Libra Sun Aries Moon In A Relationship

Libra Sun Aries Moon needs to be engaged with their partner. They need to know what they’re doing and when.

When you think about it, it can look like a possessive behavior, but actually it’s not.

When in a relationship, they need their freedom, but at the same time, they are very tied to their partner.

They trust the person they love and expect the same treatment in return.

These types of people are looking for someone who is nothing like them, someone different, because that represents a challenge to them and they can’t resist getting caught up in something they can’t easily resolve.

They can’t stand a lack of passion and interest between two people in a relationship.

That passionate side comes from Aries and their fierce eagerness to do things right away.

Also, they won’t extend their love to someone who doesn’t prove worthy and special.

Libra Sun Aries Moon Best Match

The best match is someone who will accept them exactly for who they are.

They need someone who is relaxed and easygoing -– at least most of the time. Hence, the perfect candidate is Gemini.

Geminis love to flirt and are very open about their sexuality. They are also very communicative, which makes them a perfect match for Libra Sun Aries Moon.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these people have a fascinating personality. They are positive people, but scared of failure.

Their persistence has taught them never to give up, so even if they fail, they take the best from that experience, learn from their mistakes, and move on.